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Back dated to August...

Characters: Uchiha Itachi and Namikaze Minato
When: August 31, 0600
Where: Minato's shiny new office
Rating: PG
Summary: Itachi sits through an interview with Minato


Minato:Minato's office had been split into two completely separate rooms-one for Grun, his secretary, and the other for him as an actual office. Grun wasn't in yet, but she would be momentarily. As it was, he had positioned himself so that he could watch the sunrise out the window in the back of the office. The view had nothing on the tower but was nice enough. He was wondering how he would be dealing with the man coming in the door. He had heard what the Itachi of this world had done and while this one professed no harm, it was a delicate situation. The Council had a clear tilt of how they wanted things to go. He needed to know whether or not siding with them was the right thing to do. He would never condem a man without knowing him first.

Itachi: Itachi had rose early as he always did, though it was still strange to him to traverse the empty streets as the sun rose over the Hokage mountain. At least he had other things to think about today rather than dwelling on the ANBU eyes that followed him everywhere, and that he had no steel to comfort him, not even a kunai to rest in his pocket and calm his nerves. The train of thought drifted further as he strode towards the administrative building, and his mood soured further when he thought of the fate that had befallen his katana: cracked into jagged pieces by a lucky hit from the adopted Uchiha.

He shook his head slowly and entered, breathing deeply of the stale air of the office building to draw himself back to the present. His crimson eyes scanned the hallways before him, but there were not many people around, fortunately. He knew to what room he was going, and it was not long before he reached it. Three sharp raps on the door, and he swept inside, wind from the door opening catching his crimson jacket and making it flutter.
Minato (10:03:36 PM):Minato turned towards him, a thin smile on his face. While this was not Rin-chan's Uchiha, this was a Uchiha. He moved towards the other, fighting war instincts that told him the other man was dangerous and not necessarily an ally. The office was safer than just about anywhere else in the entire village and he knew it. But even the best seals had ways of being broken. The only thing he was really sure of was that not even a Hyuuga was capable of seeing anything that was going on in the room. Minato was a man enjoyed his privacy and he wanted people to be honest with him. The best way to do that was to make sure the environment was conductive to it. "A pleasure to meet you, Uchiha-san," he offered with a smile bow. Formalities made clan people more at ease he had found.

 Itachi:Itachi dipped his head in a half-bow, formal but with enough restraint to show that he had become a citizen as well and would not act subserviant unless he had to. "Likewise, Namikaze-san." His eyes were still crimson as they swept over the office, taking in it all and making certain that there was nothing within that would harm him. Escape routes were catolouged before he glanced back at the golden-haired shinobi, slightly uncomfortable in the presence that reminded him of his childhood. "...How does this work?"

Minato:"It all depends on you really," Minato told him motioning to the chair in the second section of the room. "Would you like some tea? It's Earl Grey, as I find green too light in the morning." The tea said in a kettle on his desk, along with two tea cups and a file folder with the other man's name on it. "The room is sealed against prying eyes and proof against sound escaping. My poor secretary claims that it is unwise to do such a thing," yes, he was telling him a lot. More than he would likely tell others who came in. But he also recognized that he would get very little if Uchiha-san felt like everyone and their grandmother would know what went on in this room. He poured himself a cup of tea and inhaled it, happily. "Nothing that is said here will leave this room except in sealed files. I personally hold the key to your file and as such, will not divugle anything without a direct order from Hokage-sama herself. Minato."

"........Hn." With that little sound, Itachi sunk into the provided couch and stared ahead at the wall opposite him. "Tea would be fine."

Minato:Minato poured him a glass and closed the door between the two sections. He sat in his own chair and opened the file on the desk. "You'll forgive me for asking questions that were likely in your interogation," the way he said the word made it clear just how little he thought of the word, "but the reports filed were quite...slanted. So if I could have your name, age and date of birth for confirmation

Itachi:His motions seemed idle and almost careless as he snagged the glass of tea and took a sip, but he was anything but. All he could remember was the pedestal his clan had put him on and then feared him when he surpassed their expectations, practicing the fireball jutsu day after day while the Fourth Hokage drew his shadow over the village in times of trouble... and then the Kyuubi attack. It made him want to run away, to go far far away from the bundle of emotions remembering that time brought on. But he held them back, just like always, and tilted his head slightly to pretend he was more interested than he was. "Uchiha Itachi. 24. Born on the 9th of June."

Minato:He made notes with a pencil, an odd instrument for a shinobi, but one that a seal maker had learned to use in the planning of seals and such. His next question was a practical if personal one. They had to know the differences between the native and non-native people living in this world. "Do you have any identifying birthmarks, scars, or tattoos? Anything you can think of that would allow someone to tell you appart from this world's version of you at a glance?"

"...Many." To begin, he pointed to the burn mark that traveled from his right cheekbone to chin. It had faded over the years, but was still visible. Then he raised his right hand to reveal a single kanji. , carved into his palm. And he even managed to sound bored and professional as he continued, not an ounce of bitterness in the next question. "I would have to take off my shirt to show you the others. Should I?"

Minato:Minato chuckled as he as shook his head and checked the box to have a medic take pictures. "That won't be required," he said as he also noted the ones he had been presented with. He had more than one battle scar and the signal tattoo carved into his body was not something he would dare let anyone look at lightly. " You're Uchiha, so I have to ask this next question, Uchiha-san.What's the highest Sharigan you can manifest?"

"What are the options?" He asked, relieved despite himself. Beyond the ordinary battle scars, every tattoo and wound on his body held a personal meaning... and he would not want to show them to anyone they did not involve if he could avoid it.

Minato:He lifted eyes the color of summer skies run through by an electric current to look at the man across from him. He recognized the half-evasion, but was not really willing to pursue it. He wouldn't really answer if someone asked him the distance on his Flying Thunder God Techinque, either. "The first three stages and Mangekyo," he answered before looking down at the paper again and sipping his tea.

Itachi:He nodded, snagging his tea and taking a sip. The answer was obvious enough, shared by all but one of his alternates that he had ever known. It was not worth trying to deny it, especially since his files undoubtably mentioned it. "The Mangekyo."

He just left out the very important detail that it was the Eternal Mangekyo...

Minato:He checked the box before sliding the pencil behind his ear. The movement was obviously habit. "Have you had a briefing on what this world's Uchiha Itachi has done?"

Itachi:"No." He had made very well educated assumptions, based on past experience and the characteristics of this world and how he was treated in Konoha... but he had few absolute details. He knew that the Sasuke of this world had defected, and that he was considered a traitor. Enough. But he did not know all. "If I may ask, why is it so important to know what my Sharingan is?"

 Minato:"Ah," Minato said his eyes unfocusing a second in thought. He saw no reason to keep this information from him. If he was really who he claimed to be then he would be more likely to help if he knew. "It was actually a question the Council," there was a twist to the word to let him know that he did not think highly of them, even if they were elders. He would respect them, but he had gotten a distinct feeling that what they wanted out of these two Uchiha would not be good. "Had me ask." He didn't have to say that he should watch out for them.

"Ah." His voice was cool and professional, only the slightest twitch of his fingers said I know, they are not to be trusted. 

"Where you supposed to tell me what my native self has done?" He raised an eyebrow, directing them back to the conversation at hand.

Minato:Minato's mouth lifted in one corner in a kind of half-smile. Well, at least Rin-chan had some brains in who she chosen to get entangled with. If Sasuke was as smart as his brother, that was. "I'm supposed to disertain what the differences are between the two of you and decide whether or not the presence of the ANBU is required. The methodology has been left to me," he explained as he wrapped both hands around the tea for the warmth.

He nodded. "Then it would have been counterproductive for them to give me a briefing that would inform me of those differences. If I do not know, it is easier for you to tell."

Minato:"True," he said with a nod and sipping his own tea. "But there is always a chance that you would get curious and find out on your own," he leaned back into his chair and put the cup back on his desk. "But I'll just have to take that chance, Uchiha-san, won't I?" Minato reached up and pulled the pencil out from behind his ear and posed it to take notes. "A brief rundown of your history, if you will, Uchiha-san."

He leaned back against the couch, sipping his tea leisurely then cupping it in his hands. "I graduated from the Academy at 7, was promoted to Chunnin at 10, then ANBU at 13. Not very long after my induction in ANBU, I was given a mission by the elders. It is top secret, but if you have the clearance, I can tell you. This mission resulted in my having to leave the village and join the organization Akatsuki under the orders to communicate back information on them."

 Minato:"I have clearance to know and learn everyhing about the non-natives. Afterall, if there is a chance to switch you with this world's version the Council may jump on it," Minato explained simply. Final decisions about rank and whether or not Itachi ended up on active duty was the domain of the Council after all.

Itachi:"...Very well then." He stared into the half-empty mug of tea, regret seeping into the features of his face. Feigned regret, of course, but expertly placed there by the student of perhaps the best actor in the history if shinobi. It would not be seen through, of that much he was certain. "My mission was the destruction of the Uchiha, taking out the leaders of a potential coup'de'tat that the Council had learned of."

Minato:And that, Minato decided had to be one of the worst things he had ever heard in his life. He didn't doubt it, though. He lived through a war, hell, part of him was still fighting it. But of all the sick things that he had seen or heard ordered under the disguise of the "good of the village" that had to be the cake topper. He flipped through the pages in the file to what he had on this world's Itachi. Part of it was to see if the same had happened here. The rest of it was to help hide the anger the rested in his soul at the thought of such a thing. "Ah," Minato said as he let the pages fall through his fingers. "A shinobi so loyal as to kill his own clan is an exellent tool for any village," he was forcing himself into the cold place he went he had to kill. "I don't think the ANBU are needed. Not unless that regret has festered into something else?" he let the question linger between them.

He looked up, forcing his face to fade back into professionalism. The face of a perfect soldier. "Not at all, sir. I regret what I had to do, but I understand why it was necessary. And even if I did not... it was my duty."

Minato:His mouth thinned in memory of his own crimes, reasons that he had a gennin team and a break. They were not on par with this, but he still knew what it meant to put your morals on the back burner, to reduce the 'enemy' to less than human. "Hai," Minato agreed making note of what he had been told on the record. "And don't call me sir. Bad enough half the people in this place slip up and call me Yondaime," he said trying to lighten things up a bit. But they still had a little bit more to push through. "You were an ANBU captain, then? Would you like to reclaim the title?"

Had Minato known the absoulte lack of morals Itachi had, and how very pleasurable for him it was to destroy his hated family members, he would have reconsidered that decision. But Itachi would never let that slip, not when his acting was so important to his spare's position in the village. "Then what should I call you?" His face was straight, even as he considered the last offer. "...The ANBU are only directly connected to the Hokage now, yes?"

Minato:"I answer to just about any version of my name," he said flatly. The hero worship the Yondaime got had started to spill over onto him and he hate every single minute of it. He was not this man, even if they had at one time been the same person. Time and circumstances changed people. But he caught the question about ANBU command and something felt a little odd. Had the structure been different in his world? It would make sense. "I assume so, though, I am still relearning the structure here. Things change when you are no longer in wartime," he offered with a small smile. The biggest change he saw was just how soft some of the shinobi were. How many of them would've followed orders like the man infront of him?

He nodded, allowing his expression to show that he was considering the offer, though not his thoughts on it. Such a position could increase the Uchiha's prestige in the village and put him in the position to access some useful files about troop movement and defenses. Or even experience it himself. But beyond that, the thought of working out in the field again, killing and living for duty, was somewhat appealing, even though it would be for Konoha. "...Very well then, Namikaze-san. I would like to regain my position. I have one request, however." Oh, and he hated to say it, but he had promised his loyalty to Sasuke...

Minato:"Mind you," Minato said as he jotted something down on the file infront of him, "I'm not guaranteeing you a positon. The Council has to approve all of my suggestions." He looked up from writing and crossed his hands over his stomach. "Request away though."

"Of course. As an alternate, my brother has a small family, two children and a nanny. They expressed interest in returning to Konoha with us, but he insisted that we had to be sure they would be welcomed first. Would they be able to?" Oh, but the hatred for Rin and her half-breed child ran deep in this Itachi, so speaking on her behalf curdled disgust in his stomach like a disease. He was resolute in his acting though, and did not show this on his face.

Minato:"That's what's keeping Rin-chan and her kids out there?" True, he hadn't asked considering that he had bowed to the idea that she was capable. But he could see why she wouldn't have wanted to return with the way that Konoha was treating the Uchihas. "Believe me, if that's the case, I'll be taking the matter up with the Council myself." And he would. He was already livid at the very idea that they could possibly be punishing children and a decent kuniochi for something that was out of their hands. The only thing that showed his displeasure was the edge to his normally happy eyes.

A blink, then his unexpressive facade was back, and he just nodded. "Yes, that is her. Your conviction is appreciated. Now, was there any other questions you had for me?

Minato:"Not now," he said as he closed the folder and traced something on the front with a finger. Had his chakra not been supressed, he would've seen the flair of a seal on it. "I'd suggest you show up for the appointment with the medic. I'll get back to you on everything else after the Council gets back to me."

He nodded, straightening in the seat and rising with a single fluid movement. "Very well. Thank you, Namikaze-san."

Minato:Minato rose as the other man did. "I should have the ANBU off your back in a few days. The restraints will take until the Council approves everything. Would you like for me to show you out?"

"I understand." He handed back the tea cup. "Do not trouble yourself, I know the way. A pleasure to meet you, Namikaze-san." And with that, he nodded and slipped toward the door.

Tags: character: evil!itachi, character: jonin!minato, log
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