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Uzumaki Naruto

Meeting Old Friends, who are New

Characters: Oto!Naruto, Peachy!Sakura
Rating: largely PG
Date: September 5, 2010
Summary: Sakura bumps into Naruto, they eat, and Naruto ends up being offered a place to stay that isn't a hole in the woods.

Naruto:    Naruto walked down the familiar yet not streets of Konohagakure, unsure of what exactly it was that he was looking for. Another world, another fresh start, and once again he was left with virtually nothing. This time though, he'd be smart. He wasn't going to set up an account in some bank this time, only to have that stay in one world while he was shoved on to the next. This time every last ryo he had was going to be kept in a storage scroll on his person. That way, he wouldn't be stuck out in the woods living off the land again during the next shift.

Sakura:    A faint yawn escaped Sakura lips while she quickly covered her mouth, the girl was bored. She slowly walked down the streets that she already hated so much, gently she ran her hand through her hair while she walked. "What should I do?" she muttered to herself while she tugged down on her shirt a bit.

Naruto:    He was getting used to being in a Konoha; he'd been so far lucky that none of the Konohas he's been to were as bad as his original one had been. At least he'd never been run out of town yet. Worse came to worse, he'd probably be able to swallow his pride and hide out with The Prick in Oto; a few locks and traps on the door'd take care of that Uchiha's 'wandering hands'. Probably anyway.

Sakura: She walked around the corner and was day dreaming while she really wasn't paying much attention to anything, that's when she bumped into someone. Her eyes went wide while a faint blush appeared on her face. "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into you please forgive me" she bowed respectfully to Naruto before she quickly stood back up, "I was day dreaming so..I wasn't watching where I was going" she spoke nervously.

Naruto:    "It's ok..." Naruto replied, feeling a bit out of his depth. He wasn't used to such polite and appologetic behavior being directed at him (his world's Hinata excluded) - especially over such a minor thing. It was, after all, partially his fault since he wasn't paying attention either.

Sakura:    A smile appeared on her face, "I'm glad that I didn't cause any harm" she smiled sweetly towards the boy, "Um it wasn't just your fault you know, but I guess we both had something to do with it" She giggled softly since she was a tad bit nervous.

Naruto:    Naruto was starting to feel more and more out of his element; he wasn't used to being the subject of this kind of behavior from girls.


Sakura:    Sakura blinked, she quickly noticed how uncomfortable he felt around her. "Um, I'm sorry, am I bothering you?" she spoke while she gently clasped her hands together.


Naruto:    "No, not at all." It's not like he really had anything better to do, and while he was a bit uncomfortable with the type of interest she was giving him, he wasn't really bothered by it.


Sakura:    "I'm glad, I thought I would make you upset since your not the first person I ran into today" A faint smile appeared on her face, " can I make it up to you? Um..I can take you out to eat..if you want."


Naruto:    Never let it be said that Naruto turned down a free meal. Especially one that meant that he didn't have to eat what amounted to field rations. "Umm... sure."


Sakura:    A smile appeared on her face, "What kind of food would you like?" she gently moved her hair behind her ears, "It's up to you" Sakura was trying to be nice to him but she had no idea what to say.

Naruto:     "I'm up for anything as long as there's no poppy in it; I'm not really that picky." As long as it wasn't anything that he could do over a campfire he was happy.


Sakura:    Sakura blinked her eyes, she took a step closer towards him. She couldn't believe her eyes. The whiskers?? Could it be him?? "N..Naruto-kun? Is that you?" she spoke with a bit excitement in her voice.


Naruto:    "Yeah..." He'd never come up against a girl like her back on his native world (if he had, he would've remembered - what with her bright pink hair and all), and he though he might've seen someone like her around the other two Konohas he'd been in. But it was clear that she knew him. Well, a version of him anyway.


Sakura:    She gently bit her lip, "You've..changed a lot.." it then hit her, "Heh, I guess your not the hyper one that I know, I'm sorry to get you confused with him." She smiled nervously, " do look a lot like him except for a few things, so um..let's get something to eat alright? The restaurant is your choice" she gently smiled.


Naruto:    "That's ok; I understand." And he did. It was entirely reasonable for her to confuse him with Uzumaki Naruto, because he was Uzumaki Naruto; just not the Uzumaki Naruto she knew/was used to. Ditto for looking a lot like him; pretty much all the visual differences between him and other Narutos were purely cosmetic. "I'm afraid that I really don't know this Konoha very well. Sorry."


Sakura:    "I..I'm glad you understand" She gently smiled at him, "It's alright, it's my fault not yours." she spoke softly while trying to think of a place to eat. "Um, do you like dumplings?"


Naruto:    "Sure." Naruto said with a shrug. There were very few things he wouldn't eat, and most of the things on that list involved poppy seeds or poppy oil. And dumplings certainly weren't something he could make on a campfire, so that made him happy.


Sakura:    A smile appeared on her face, "Alright, I know a awesome restaurant that serves them, they have other food also so you can pick what you want if you don't want that" Sakura smiled at him, "Follow me alright?" she then started to walk towards the restaurant while biting her inner cheek.


Naruto:     Naruto nodded and followed her. The walk was pleasant, if relatively quiet. But the quiet didn't bother him any.


Sakura:    Once they got to the restaurant they went to was lead to a both, Sakura sat down while she tried to think of questions to ask Naruto.


Naruto:    Naruto looked around at all the dumplings, buns, and other assorted savory goodies that were being paraded around on little push carts. It was not the kind of place he'd ever gone before, so he wasn't quite sure how things worked here. But given time, and by watching what the other patrons did, he was sure to figure it out.


Sakura:    A faint smile appeared on her face when she saw that Naruto was finally getting some food, the boy looked like he needed it. "Take what ever you want" she gave him warm smile before she started to eat some of her dumplings.


Naruto:    Naruto shrugged and grabbed a dish from one of the passing waitresses; roast pork buns as it turned out. It was odd not having to deal with menus, but kinda cool.


Sakura:    Sakura picked the dumplings that was offered to her from the waitress, she thanked her before she left and ate her food in silence since she had idea what to talk about. Then it hit her, after she swallowed her food, she placed her dumplings on her plate. "I just want to say sorry Naruto, I didn't mean to come up and talk to you like that..I know your not the person that I know, but I couldn't help but see the bright hair that made me think it was him. It made me happy to see a memory come I'm sorry" she spoke while she stared at her food.


Naruto:    "It's cool. I'm actually used to the whole alternate versions of the same person thing."


Sakura:    Sakura blinked her eyes a couple of times, "You are? I guess that's pretty nice..least you know which ones aren't in your world right?" she faintly smiled. "I'm still trying to get used to that..I don't know how people do it.." she mumbled softly to herself.



Naruto:    "Time mostly; it's been what... three, four years since I made my fist switch? And back then I wasn't the only Naruto running around, so I got a chance to meet myself. It also kinda helped that the world I ended up on was so different from my original one; although Sasuke seems to be a colossal prick no matter what world you're on."


Sakura:    A giggle escaped her lips, she had to agree with him on that. "Yeah he is, he was in my world to." she spoke softly then let out a faint sigh, "What was your world like Naruto if you don't mind me asking?"


Naruto:    Naruto cocked his head to the side, thinking about the best way to put it. Most of the new people he had met had a real hard time coming to terms with a Naruto who wasn't a Konoha-nin. "It was... different. Very different. Harsher, I guess you could say."


Sakura:    "Harsher? That must of been tough on you" She gently smiled at him before she ate one of her dumplings, she then thought about what happened last in her world but quickly stopped herself from doing so. "Go one and eat your food, don't let it go cold silly" she gently smiled at him after she spoke.


Naruto:    "I guess..." Naruto began in between bites "But my circumstances weren't what you would call ordinary." Not by a long shot; from what he had seen and heard from others, that was for certain.


Sakura:    Now Sakura was curious about what the boy meant by this, she raised her eyebrow and looked at him, "What do you mean by that Naruto?"


Naruto:    Naruto waited until Sakura wasn't eating or drinking anything before he spoke; just in case. "Well, I didn't exactly grow up in Konoha you see..."


Sakura:    This surprised her, "You didn't grow up in Konoha? Then where did you live at?" she spoke while paying more attention to the blond now then anything else.


Naruto:    Naruto finished off a dumpling and bit the bullet. "Otogakure."


Sakura:    Her eyes went wide, "You was born in there?" she spoke with keen interest, "But.." she didn't know what to say or how to say it. "You didn't have anything to do with him did you?"


Naruto:    "No, I was born in Konogakure; I just moved there when I was about five or six." At least she wasn't freaking out too badly. He wasn't sure which him she was talking about though; he knew a lot of hims after all. "Him who?"


Sakura:    A heavy sigh escaped her lips, "Don't worry about it, I doubt that you know him anyways." she spoke softly while she took a sip from her drink, she rather not talk about Orochimaru anyways at the moment.


Naruto:    Naruto shrugged; if she wasn't going to tell him who she met, then he wasn't going to pry. Naruto picked a nice looking plate of what appeared to be an interesting looking desert, but a closer look at the sweet had him pushing the untouched plate closer to Sakura and asking for a new set of chopsticks from one of the passing waitresses.


Sakura:    Sakura looked at the plate, but said nothing. She blinked her eyes and slowly ate what was left of her dumpling, after she finished she took a drink from her cup while adjusting her headband a bit since it was falling off.


Naruto:    Naruto let the silence grow between them, waiting for her to comment. It wouldn't be the first time his past threw people for a loop, and it was bound not to be the last.


Sakura:    Sakura let out a faint sigh, she was going to ask him anyways. "You didn't know a Orochimaru in your world did you?" she spoke while she looked up at him.


Naruto:    "Yeah I did." He hoped that, if she wasn't going to take this little bit of news well, she'd at least take it quietly; along with the news of some of his more... colorful... adventures.


Sakura:    "What was he like? Was he evil or something?" she spoke while taking her headband off since it was bothering her to much, "Um if you don't mind me asking..I would like to know everything about your world. It seems more interesting then my own."


Naruto:    "Interesting was one way to put it." Certainly he was rarely bored, but did that really make his native world an interesting place, or merely one where there was enough for him to do? "I'm not sure I'd call him evil per say," because, to him he wasn't although others might've disagreed, "but he also wasn't all sunshine and bunnies if you understand what I'm saying."


Sakura:    "Oh I see" she spoke while wondering how Orochimaru really was in Naruto's world. "He was evil in our world..he tried to kill everyone in Konoha and try to get rid of Konoha itself." she spoke while biting down on her lip while looking down.


Naruto:    Naruto shrugged again. "He largely kept his own council; unless it was part of a mission briefing the only he might've told was Kabuto, and Kabuto was about as talkative as Orochimaru-sensei himself when it came to those things."


Sakura:    "Sensei? He was your sensei?" She asked while she leaned in a bit but then quickly leaned back against her seat. "Wow your world is totally different from mine.."
Sakura signed off at 1:06:04 AM


Naruto:    "Only when he couldn't foist me off on someone else or a scroll of some sort. Not that I blame him about that; he was pretty busy leading the village after all."


Sakura:    Sakura blinked her eyes then nodded, "Oh alright, I I guess in your world he wasn't so bad" she spoke while she let out a faint sigh.


Naruto:    "Aren't these kinds of things all relevant any way? I mean, I'm pretty sure that there are a good number of people on my home world who think that I'm the devil incarnate since I killed their loved ones, and Jiraiya-jisan's still kinda persona no grata in Suna..."


Sakura:    The girl blinked her eyes while she listened to what the boy said, "Oh.." was all she said, she had nothing to say. She didn't know what to say because she was clueless.


Naruto:    Such things were a fact of life. Ninja, like they both were, killed people. And the people they killed had loved ones to mourn them. Loved ones, who often would grow to hate those who took their friends, families, and comrades away from them, and whom they would gladly kill back if given half a chance. That was simply how the world worked.


Sakura:    "Well, least your doing well today right?" She gently smiled at him while trying to ignore the pain that went through out her body while she gently gripped onto her headband.


Naruto:    Naruto raised an eyebrow. "I live in a hole in the woods off of whatever fish and small game I manage to catch with very little money and no job."


Sakura:    Sakura quickly placed her empty cup on the table while she looked at him, "You live where? Why do you live there?" she spoke while she leaned forwards to look at Naruto.


Naruto:    "Because I didn't have enough cash on me when I came to this world to rent an apartment or do the hotel thing for long."


Sakura:    A faint sigh escaped her lips, she felt really sorry for the boy even if she didn't know him very well. "Well..would you like to stay some where else besides the woods?" she looked at him with a serious look on her face.


Naruto:    "Hell yeah." There really wasn't more for him to say; he was sick of living in a den dug out in the woods every single time he shifted worlds. Why oh why couldn't he find himself mysteriously in his local alter's place? Then he could crash somewhere inside with running water and a stove while he got his shit together - even if it was only on the pretense that, as an Uzumaki Naruto it was kinda also his place anyway.


Sakura:    "Alright then you have a place to stay, I have a extra queen size bed in the Inn that I'm staying that you can stay, but" she spoke serious and put up her index finger and started to act serious. "There are going to be rules…" she spoke while looking at him.


Naruto:    "Rules?" Naruto asked. Just because he expected some sort of rules, didn't mean that he had any idea just what the actual rules would be - or how reasonable they'd be.


Sakura:    "They aren't hard rules, I just wanted to tell you." A heavy sigh escaped her lips while she ran her hands through her hair. "Just don't let anyone in the room that I don't know until I met with them then agreed that they can come in, and respect the things I have in the room since some of them aren't even mine, since I borrowed some from a friend, respect my privacy when I want you to and that's about it" she smiled at him with a gently smile, "There is a large bathtub and a shower in the bathroom, but there are plenty of towels for two people so you don't have to worry about buying anything. And if you need anything, don't be scared to ask alright Naruto?" she smiled after she spoke.


Naruto:    Naruto cocked his head to the side thinking over her proposal. What she was asking wasn't anything that his past roommates hadn't, well... maybe not the whole 'date' approval thing, but he could kinda see where she was coming from with that. "Sounds about right."


Sakura:    Sakura then smiled, "Alright then, now your no longer homeless" she then looked at him, "And there is a stove and a microwave in there also so you better eat..I noticed how skinny you are" she giggled softly.


Naruto:    Naruto shrugged at that. He'd always been a bit on the skinny side of things; no matter how much or what he ate. Maybe if he ate nothing but junk and sat on his ass all day and night... he might just become a little overweight. Still... no more hole in the woods! "Cool."


Sakura:    Sakura smiled, "Good, I can get the person who runs the inn to get you a extra key, or you just tell them yourself if you like. But you have to give them my full name instead of just my first. So if your out late and you don't want to use your key they will unlock it, just ask for Haruno Sakura's room.."


Naruto:    Naruto smiled back. "Ok"


Sakura:    The waitress walked by and she asked for their check then thanked her, "You can pick what bed you want, when you get there if you want. It's up to you."


Naruto:    "I'm really not that picky." Naruto replied with a shrug. He still had to go back to his den to grab the last of his stuff though.


Sakura:    "Alright, well I'll pay for dinner and you can go get your things alright?" Sakura gently smiled at him after she spoke.


Naruto:    "Ok. And thanks; for everything." Naruto said with a smile as he got up. It was great that things were starting to look up now. Maybe he'd snare a rabbit or two, or take down a small deer as a thank you/housewarming gift for her.


Sakura:    "Your very welcome Naruto" Sakura said with a smile while she waited on the waitress and started to hum quietly to herself.

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