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[Log] Information and Company

Characters: Evil!Madara, Peachy!Sakura
Date: August 30th
Rating: PG-13, to be safe.
Summary: The two meet each other at a dancing club so that Madara can gain some more information on alternates. Madara shows why a repressed Uchiha is a dangerous thing while Sakura is just confused by her body's reactions.

Sakura:  Let out a faint sigh while she stared at herself in the mirror, doing this would be different. A change from this boring every day thing would be nice, she brushed her hair gently while she quickly fixed her red dress. After putting on her high heels she exited her hotel and quickly started to make her way towards the location that the man told her to go.

The teen was a bit nervous about this since she was dressed up, and had her make up which made her beautiful just like what her name meant. After noticing that no one really noticed her she quickly left the village and started to walk to the direction, “East of Konoha?” she muttered softly to herself while she bit her lip gently while wondering how everything would end up being like. Once she found the resort her eyes went wide when she noticed how nice it was she couldn’t believe it.

“Wow..” was all she could say, it was beautiful, she didn’t know these kind of things was possible to find.

Madara: When he saw her, his crimson eyes narrowed in interest behind the swirly orange mask affixed to his face, and he shifted to straighten his black jacket so as to show off the red polo beneath it better. He had taken to leaning against a building on the first street of the town as he waited for his company to arrive. And he must say... what company. The crimson dress pleased him, just the right shade to match his Sharingan, but it also made him a bit wary. Was this the kunoichi’s way of telling him that she had guessed he was an Uchiha?

Ignoring the question for the moment, he strode towards her with purpose even as he tucked away the mask into his ever-present hip pouch, forming a smile on his thin but charming lips.

“Miss. Shall I show you the way?”

Sakura: A faint blush appeared on her face when she saw the man walking towards her, he was rather handsome the girl thought to herself, a smile then appeared on her lips when she heard his voice. “Yes that would be very kind of you” a gentle smile appeared on her lips.

Sakura was a bit nervous but was hiding it very well, she didn’t want to show her emotions like the other girls did around her. It was easy to tell they was talking about the man but she quickly ignored it. “This place is rather nice, I haven’t been here before..” she muttered softly.

Madara: The Uchiha Lord quirked up a confident smile and offered her his arm. “It is not often that shinobi are able to take the time off and come to such an excellent place. But it is a delightful vacation, when we can.”

Sakura:  A soft smile appeared on her face, she gently wrapped her arm around his but kept her  distance between them since she knew that was a formal thing to do. “I understand that, our life's can so be so busy that we don’t have time to do what we please, the world can be a hectic and hateful place at times.” she spoke while she looked at him while she spoke.

The kunoichi tried to ignore the blush on her on her face while she looked away from him, the area they was at was so lovely, she tried to take it all in at once while ignoring the nervousness that she felt through out her body.

Madara: “Mmm...” he made an agreeable noise as he led the kunoichi down several crowded streets towards the resort, then turned left and left the crowd behind... heading instead towards an alleyway that pulses with the lights and sounds of a club. The door to the establishment was cracked open, with two burly men guarding the door and occasionally letting one of the line of guests before them inside.

Chuckling, his eyes flashed and spun... and one of the guards looked up and waved them over. “Uchiha-san! Your reserved table is ready. And who is this lovely lady?” The others in the line glared as they were passed up, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Sakura:  Her eyes went wide when she heard the last name, ‘Uchiha-san? Is..this man a Uchiha?’  She didn’t even bother to look into his eyes, she gently bit her lip while trying to stay calm. A quick smile appeared on her face while she looked at the man, “Just a friend” she answered the guy with a sweet answer.

Slowly her arm gently wrapped around his bit tighter without her saying a word.

Madara: He smiled as the Sharingan-hypnotized man ushered them inside, not answering the clear but unspoken question on the kunoichi’s face quite yet.

Inside the club, the thrum of the bass hit them hard as it surged through the building. The lights fluctuated from color to color, highlighting the mass of bodies on the dance floor. Once he took the woman over to a small table not too far from the bar, he turned his smile on her.

“I should have introduced myself earlier. My name is Uchiha Tobi. And what might be your name?”

Sakura: She smiled at him gently, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Uchiha, my name is Haruno Sakura” she smiled at him again after she spoke to him, ‘So..he is a Uchiha..’  She tried to hide a the nervousness with a smile.

Sakura gently started to twirl her hair with her left finger while she smiled sweetly at him, the music around them made her a bit calmer but she was still nervous.

Madara: But he saw it, and gestured for her to sit. “Please, Sakura,” he said confidently. “There is no reason to be wary around me.”

Sakura: The teen nodded then went to sit across from him, “This place seems rather nice” she smiled sweetly at him, “Thank you for taking me out Mr. Uchiha, the town was getting rather boring, I need something new for a change” she giggled softly.

Madara: “Not a problem.” He was going all out with the suave and charming act, here. Grin a little, cock his head to the side and chuckle deeply. “And you can call me Tobi if you wish. Something new...” He tilted his head a little more, in thought. “What sort of drink would you like?”

Sakura: “Alright Tobi,” she smiled at him, “Of course, a drink would be nice..um could it be something with fruit?” Sakura tilted her head in a cute manner, with a cute smile on her face.

Madara: He nodded with a smile. “Excuse me for a moment, then.” Without preamble he stood and slid over to the bar, his movements deliberately graceful and cat-like. A few minutes later he returned with two highball glasses and placed the clear one with a hint of green before Sakura.

“An Apple Martini for the lady,” he smirked, cradling his own blood-red drink as he sunk back down into the seat. “Enjoy.”

Sakura: The girl couldn’t help but watch him when he got up since his movements was so peaceful, she knew he was a Uchiha and knew what Itachi told her but..there was something about this man, something that made her want to know more. This feelings was odd and she couldn’t really put her finger on why she would feel this way.

Once he returned she smiled while a faint blush appeared on her face from the smirk on Tobi’s face, “Thank you Tobi, and I’m sure I will” she gently smiled at the man before she took a drink from her cup she took the small cherry out of the top and ate it slowly, why did she do that? And why was she staring at Tobi when she did? Sakura placed the stem down before she picked up her drink and took a sip from it. The drink made her taste buds dance from the flavor the drink held which made her take another sip from the glass.

Madara: By the expression on her face, the way he felt her eyes on his back when he had went to the bar, he knew that she was interested, that she was falling for the act. What surprised him was the way his body reacted with a jerk to the little twist of her tongue as she plucked the cherry from its place. Fool, he berated himself. It may have been over a year, but that is no reason to succumb to foolish flirting. Concentrate on your goal.

He sipped his drink and relished the pleasant burn at the back of his throat from the much stronger drink. “So,” he said after several moments of contemplating the taste of cranberry and vodka in his mouth. “What about these arrivals? What do you know?”

“What do I know about them?” She thought for a moment while she twirled her hair with her finger, “Well I know there is this guy named Minato..I call him Minato-san, he was the fourth Hokage. But not the older one, he said he is in his younger years. Then there is this guy named Rock Lee, I don’t know anyone else besides two Sasuke, one I have to call Sasuke-sama since he was from my..past..the other one I have no clue who he is but he like to harass me then there is Itachi-san..” she muttered his name softly.

“Sorry Tobi, that’s all the people I know of, I only came here four days go.” She spoke softly then took a drink from her cup, this time it was a longer drink then last time.

Madara: “Hn...” He tilted his head slightly as he listened, then took a longer pull from his drink before setting it down on the table. His fingers steepled and though his smile did not lessen, his expression grew a little more serious.

“What I need is actually a bit more... specific then that. What have you observed about their relations and relationships with each other? Their intentions? The points in time they have been brought from?”

Sakura: It was easy to notice the expression on his face, so this was what he was really after? Go figure, why did she fall for this? One of the Sasuke’s must of been right she wasn’t very smart..a faint sigh escaped her lips while she tried to think.

“Minato-san was brought when he was about to ask his future wife to marry him during the war with the Kyuubi I believe, Rock Lee really hasn’t told me anything. I know Sasuke-sama has kids with a girl named Rin-chan, she told me that herself..the other Sasuke didn’t tell me and won’t tell me anything about him. Itachi-san is pissed at me for having a past relationship with his brother, but that was in the past.” She gently let out a sigh, “So I’m not even supposed be talking to you right now if I knew you was a Uchiha, he told me he would kill me if I talked to any of his family members.

Gently she lowered her head, “I’m sorry Tobi-san that I wasn’t much help with anything.” She spoke softly, why was all in the thoughts about Tobi was there earlier, how dumb could she be? Slowly she finished the rest of her drink then placed the cup on the table.

Madara: His head tilted a little more and he chuckled, sipping at the burning drink before placing it down between them. “Sakura,” he said. “I said I would pay attention to you, did I not?” His eyes burned as he looked at her, intense cinder-red filled with promise and intent. “Uchihas always keep their promises.” Except when they did not. But her information had confirmed what he had heard and told him a few new things, so he saw no harm in humoring her for a few dances.

Sakura: Blinked her eyes and looked at him, she was rather surprised that he would still want to spend time with her. “Um yeah you did” she smiled after she spoke, the teen felt a bit nervous around him since of the feelings she had earlier and hoped that he didn’t pick that up.

Since she was only a teen girl who wanted someone to pay attention to her why would it matter? It’s not like anyone would like her for her, and not want to be close to her in some degree..why would anyone want to do that? She was clueless why she was even thinking about this...she was a different girl from a different world and wasn’t even here for very long. There was no time for thinking about certain things and relationships, she hardly even knew the guy! So she blamed it on the drink..

Madara: He raised an eyebrow, cradling the drink in his hands. “That is, if you still wanted to dance.”

Sakura: A smile appeared on her face, “Of course I do Tobi, sorry I kinda drifted off in a day dream” she nervously smiled at him.

Madara: Drinking down the last of the vodka, he smirked at her, deep and dark. “Ah, so I am not enough to keep your attention. I see how it is.” Just his lips were quirking upwards, betraying the tease, even as he smoothly rose and slid around to her side of the table.

“Ready whenever you are.”

She blushed when she heard him say that, “W..W..Well you are Tobi” she smiled at him, she then blushed a bit more when he sat down next to her. A smile then slowly spread across her face.

“Of course I’m ready, only if you are Tobi” She smiled cutely at him.

Madara: He was stretching his limits a little, but he was enjoying the night out for the most part, so he leaned forward to whisper in her ear, “Glad to hear it.” His hot breath puffed against her earlobe, and he was smirking when he retreated, standing and motioning for her to follow.

“Come on. Judging by the bass, they just started a fast-paced song.”

Sakura: A shiver went down her spine when his hot breath hit against her earlobe, slowly she bit her lip while a blush quickly appeared on her cheeks but she ignored them. It wasn’t like he could see it right?

She stood up and followed him and caught him with him, “Alright, I’m coming.” she smiled while she heard the fast pace song.

Madara: Oh, but he did see the blush, the quick biting of her lip. Madara was a master of body language, and that was a rather obvious reaction. But he said nothing about it, only smiled darkly and beckoned to her as he sunk backwards into the crowd and the pulse and the beat.

He took a deep breath and surrendered to the beat for only an instant before his eyes snapped open, dark and authoritative, and he began to move, taking it, controlling the beat and making it his.

"Join me," There was a purr in that voice, dark and focused and filled with fangs.

Sakura: The teen went towards him while obeying his words, Sakura kept a space between the two of them while she started to sway her hips with the beat of music while she danced to the beat she gently ran her hand through her hair while she couldn't help but smile at the man that was in front of her.

Madara: Those predatory eyes stayed locked on her as his hips gyrated to the pulse of the music as it swum past and through him. Oh, it had been a long time since he had taken even a bit of time to relax. His movements were graceful with a hint of something primal behind them, and he threw back his head and bared his teeth with a small chuckle that resonated with the deep rasp of the singer’s voice.

Sakura: Slowly she let out a deep breath exit out of her chest, she couldn’t believe that she was having this much fun. It also seemed that Tobi was having fun also, which made the other happy. She felt a bit excited while she danced to the beat, she never felt like this which made her bit her inner check nervously while she ruffled the back of her hair with her hair while she danced.

Madara: It sounded like the song was beginning to wind down, too soon, but Madara kept moving, swinging gracefully around with catlike movements. The music slowed, and he prowled towards Sakura, tipping her chin upward with a deliberately placed finger. “What do you think?”

Sakura: The blush slowly came to her cheeks again, just like when he breathed into her ear, she looked into his eyes while she felt her heartbeat become faster just by being close to him and from looking into his eyes. “What do I think?” Sakura spoke softly to him, “I think I really like doing this..”  while she blinked her eyes a couple of times, her hips was still swaying to the new music that was playing, “with you” she spoke while she tried her best to control her blushing.

Madara: “This?” He raised an eyebrow, tilting her chin deliberately further with a chuckle. “Or dancing?”

Sakura: Gently she bit her lip while she looked at him, why was she blushing so damn much when he touched her? She tried to get words to come to her lips but she was having a hard time doing so for some reason.

“Dancing, and um..dancing with you” Sakura spoke while trying not to look into his eyes.

Madara: The ancient Uchiha made his lips quirk up in amusement and something darker, more promising. “I am glad you are enjoying it.” He deliberately did not remove his finger as he began to gyrate his hips to the music, teasing the young girl. It was more amusing than he remembered, to tease and lead on someone not even a quarter of his age. And that brought his mind to Rin. Sakura had mentioned one who had Sasuke’s children... could she really have crossed over  as well? Well this was just going to call for an extra special reunion.

His smile deepened.

Sakura: A faint gasp escaped her lips, the blush was already there so she didn’t pay any attention to it now. She just danced to the music while her hips followed his with the beat. It was something she couldn’t control, it was out of her own body’s reactions.
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