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Characters: peachy!sakura, jonin!minato
When: Sept.2
Where: Minato's office
Rating: PG
Summary: Sakura has a appointment with Minato at his office, so she agrees to go to it then ignore it.

Minato's office was hidden in one of the administration buidlings next to the tower. Most shinobi only dealt with the tower and never really learned just how big the actual mechanics behind mission planing were. The office they had given him was nice-neither too small, nor too big. It was separated into two sections, one for Grun, a smaller sized toad of bright green color who wore an opal necklace of medium sized stones, and acted as his secretary. The other was where he was. A desk sat in the middle of the room and bookshelves lined the walls. They were filled to bursting with scrolls and books. Minato's desk was neat, however, and the man sat behind it flipping through a thin folder spread across his desk. He wore his normal working attire of long sleeved blue shirt, vest and shinobi pants. His only appointment for the day was Sakura-san and he wanted to be sure that there was nothing in her records to change his opinion of her.

Sakura bit her lip, she was standing outside of Minato's office but tried to fight through the nervousness about entering his off. The girl was wearing her black shorts, and her red shirt, her knee high boots with her gloves on, and her konoha headband. After tightening her headband since it was slowly slipping off the teen let out a faint sigh then gently knocked on the door. "Minato-sama? I'm here for my appointment" she spoke loud enough so the man could hear her.

There was a sound like someone clearing their throat, followed by a voice that was harsh. "Come in, child. Minato-sama is very busy and should not be kept waiting. Go right through," Grun told her after opening the door to the outside hallway. She left the door open and hopped back to her own desk before beginning to type on her computer.

A shiver slightly went down her spine when she heard the harsh voice, "Hai.." she quickly spoke while Sakura entered the room, she bowed respectly to Grun and stood up quickly while taking her headband off. Slowly she made her way to Minato's office, "Minato-san? You wanted to see me?" she spoke in a soft voice.

"Sakura-san," Minato greeted warmly, standing and motioning to the comfortable chair across from the desk. "How have you been?"

She made her way to the seat and gently smiled at him, "Things have been alright for me, even if I'm trying to get used to this place" she spoke softly while clinging tightly on her headband which was on her lap. "How have you been Minato-san?" she gently smiled after she spoke.

"It's been hectic with all the arrival traffic," he told her as he closed the door to Grun's section of the office behind her and moved so that he could take his own seat. "I managed to find a decent condo and will be moving out of the hotel soon."

A smile appeared on her face, "Well it's nice that you found a job at least, and I've told you would get a better place then the hotel." she smiled after her spoke while watched him sit down in his chair.

"Indeed, that you did, Sakura-san," Minato commented as he picked up the folder. Her name was clearly printed on the tab with a series of numbers after it. "I'm sure you know this is merely a formality. There is no reason to be nervous," he told her offering a gentle smile. "I'm going to ask some questions and you just need to answer to the best of your ability, okay?"

She placed her eyes on the folder, the girl wondered what information that was held inside of it. But when she heard his voice she quickly snapped out of her thoughts and nodded, "Hai.." she said in a cheerful way but if the desk wasn't in the way it was easy to tell that Sakura was nervous since she was holding on her headband tightly once more.

He noticing the tensing in her body and sighed. He had hoped to make this as painless as possible. And he would. Start with the easy questions, then. "Can I have your full name, date of birth, and age? I promise I won't tell a soul." He tried to lighten things up with the laugh. Women could be touchy about their ages.

A smile appeared on her face slowly, "My name is Haruno Sakura. I was born on March 29th, and I'm seventeen" she then gently started to relax since this wasn't so hard as she thought it would be.

Minato noted the tension leaving her body as he filled in the blanks. This would be quick and clean, if a little embarrassing on her part. "Do you have any birthmarks, tatt0os or identifying scars?  Anything you can think of that would allow someone to tell you appart from this world's Sakura at a glance?"

A faint blush appeared on her cheeks while she quickly nodded, "Hai, I's a located some where..where my clothes cover it." she smiled nervously while trying to get nervous all over again.

He shoved the blush at the thought down somewhere deep and called on the professionalism that let him kill in cold blood. Certain things were more about requirements than his own preferances. "I need to know where and what it looks like, Sakura-san. We'll likely send you to a doctor to get pictures of it on record," there, that sounded perfectly professional. Moreover, it was the truth.

A  heavy sigh escaped her lips, "Alright.." she spoke softly then blinked her eyes while looking down, "It's hard to discribe what it looks like but to me, it always looked like a small heart, but..that's from my point of view.." she then kept quiet for a moment, "It's located on my back side of my thigh.." she muttered softly

Right, and he was so not picturing that as he copied down what she said in the little box for that. "Right, and the amount of time you spent in the academy and then as a gennin?"

"I went to the academy when I was little, I really don't remember the age I started, I spent enough time there to get straight A's since I studied really hard. And as a gennin.." she chuckled softly, "Time went by so fast I hardly a two years? I really can't remember" she bit her inner cheek while trying to keep her promise to Minato

Minato hummed to let know he had heard as he filled in her answers. Straight A's in the academy was a feat. He would know. "Your genning team? Who was your Jounnin and your teammates? How old were you when you made chunnin?"

"My genning team was named team seven, our sensei was named Hatake Kakashi. There was two boys then myself, the boys names was Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. When I was made chunnin it was right on my 16th birthday" she smiled after she spoke.

The names had a brief sadness lighting in his eyes. Kakashi was the man he had hoped to make into an apprentice, and the one who had not bothered to make any kind of contact with him. Had his other left things that bad? Naruto was the son he could not lay claim to on order of the Hokage and the Uchiha was the man who had captured Rin-chan's heart. The irony of it all burned for a second. 6 degrees of separation all right. "It says here that you're specializing in medic ninjutsu. Can you tell me what made you choose that? What talent made you well suited for it?"

"Well, I saw my team mates get injured in battle..and I wanted to help them. So, one day when I was still a gennin, I talked to the fifth Hokage which is now my sensei. She taught me everything thing I needed to know about it, and she even taught me how to fight to protect myself and others that are injured. Well, as I can remember Tsunade-sama gave me a test about bringing dead fish back to life, I told her I couldn't do it at all. But she said I was suited for it, with hard thinking and focusing on my charka I quickly brought it back to life.." She then let out a faint sigh, "I used the talent mostly in hospital with very ill patients, I helped my sensei when she did rounds at the hospital until I became charge of her rounds."

"Ah," Minato said, pencil stopping as he thought on what she said. The fish test was about chakra control. The healing was actually a low level sealing technique. The only real catch was the amount of chakra. Too much and the seal would explode the fish. Too little and nothing would happen. It was designed to test finite control. Control that was required in two of the most demanding fields in the shinobi world: seals and medics. "Do you enjoy your work?" he asked an idea forming in his mind, but one he would not give voice to without more to go on.

Sakura quickly nodded with a smile on her face, "Hai I do, I love helping people when they need it most, it's also kinda exciting for me since some patients are like puzzles, you have to figure out what's going on with their bodies before you can heal them without causing harm to them"

He smiled at her enthusasim. There had been too little of that at home. "You enjoy puzzles, then?" He knew he was getting completely off topic of the survey, but he enjoyed talking with her, and, well, Tsunade-hime already had one apprentice.

:Sakura nodded, "Hai, I enjoy them a lot. I used to do those hard puzzles books they selled at stores when I got bored at home, I would do them here but they don't seem to sell them here." she smiled after she spoke.

Minato began shuffling through the drawers in his desk as he looked for something. He moved onto the next question anyway. "If you had a choice of escort, espionage, or retrival missions, which one would you choose?"

Sakura bit her lip while she tried to think of which one, "I would choose the escort one, I think I might bet better at that one then any thing else."

He found what he was looking for and slapped a white sheet of scroll paper on his desk. He then filled in her answer on his sheet. "Have you ever been convicted of a crime against Konoha? And could you pour a small amount of chakra into that paper?"

"Um no I haven't I love Konoha, I would never do such a thing" She then looked at the paper, "Alright.." she spoke softly while she gently placed her hand on the paper, after taking a small sigh Sakura slowly let her chakra flow onto the paper, once she did she moved her hand away.

As her hand moved away the paper, which had been blank was filled with neat, small, black kanji, as well as what appeared to random swirls and dots. Most were too tiny to make out. But together they made a beautiful pattern, making a picture of a sakura tree in bloom surrounded by a circle with lines coming off like a radiant sun. Minato smiled at the picture before pushing it towards her. "That is what is know as a chakra signature. Not like the one that tells you when a person is approaching, but one that can potentially tell you the maker of a seal. It's a very personal thing, as no two are the same."

Sakura looked at the paper and blushed, "C..Chakra signature?" she muttered softly then smiled, "I never seen anything like this before. So mine looks like this?" A quick smile appeared on her face while she stared at the picture, "It's so pretty.." she spoke softly to herself.

"It means you have a pretty soul, Sakura-san," Minato said remembering the time he had first seen his. The memory was half painful. If you looked into the seal long enough it you could learn everything there was to know about a person. That was what was said anyway. "Tell me about your world, Sakura-san."

A faint blush appeared on her face when she heard him say that, "T..T..Thank you Minato-san" she stuttered softly, then she bit her inner cheek to try to keep herself calm. "My world? It seemed normal, kinda like this one but a little bit different. The people was nicer, and I had friends. I worked at the hospital when I wasn't called for missions most of the time, and I had to keep Sai and Naruto seperated during the missions since they hated each other so much" A faint giggle escaped her lips from the memory that appeared in her mind. "Spring was about to start, there was still a few bits and pieces of snow left on the ground but everything was starting to bloom."

He made notes of the important things, leaving out the bits about her personal life, though he was interested to find that Naruto disliked someone enough to fight them. "Do you wished to be put directly on the active roster, Sakura-san?" He looked thoughtful for a minute as his eyes lit on the paper. "Actually, with your chakra control, you'd be a good canidate for learning seal work. I'd be happy to teach you in my spare time if you were interested." He let the request settle between them.

"Active roster?" She thought for a moment before a she nodded quickly, "I don't see why not" she smiled a bit, then she gently leaned foward in her chair and blinked with a surprised look on her face. "Seal work, a good canidate?" A smile appeared on her face, "Hai I would love that Minato-san!" she smiled brightly after she spoke.
Minato smiled as he checked the box labeled active on the paper. He put the survey back into the folder and closed it, folding his hands over the top. "I'm aware that Tsunade-hime's training was brutal, but this has the potential to be worse. Medical jutsu work tends to be fast paced, while seal work can take decades  working on just one symbol out of the many that are required to form a seal," he reached back into one of the shelves and pulled out a thick, leather bound book with no name on it. "We'll start with your chakra seal signature. I want you to tell me every single seal used to make up your signature. Take your time." He handed her the book.

Sakura just blinked her eyes while trying to understand everything, "Hai her work was hard..but I'm up to anything. I'm not a quiter when it comes to working hard." She then looked at the book with a confused look on her face, "Try to find every seal that my signature is made up from?" she spoke softly while she slowly opened the book and started to look at the pages slowly.

The pages on the book looked a lot like a sort of symbol dictionary, but one that went way past the normal set of hand seals. It all looked handwritten and very old. "Hai, Sakura-san. It should take two or three days if you work non-stop. If you have questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them. Don't worry about the combinations, yet," Minato told her gently.

Sakura nodded while she slowly flipped the page, "Hai Minato-san" she spoke softly while studying one of the pages, she then blinked her eyes while wondering if she found something but kept it to herself. Slowly she looked up at him and smiled. "Thank you Minato-san, I will study very hard"

"That's all I ask. That and I'll read you the standard warning that I was given," his normally kind eyes grew darker as he let her realize just how serious he was. "This is not like a lot of other jutsu. This is not something you can create or experiment with on the fly. It takes years of blood, sweat, and tears to get to the point were you can actually use seals in combat. You'll never use a seal for the fun of it, and you will only use a seal you know every possible senerio and consequence of. Do you understand?" He hated to scare her, but he had seen the consequences he was talking about. Learning his own signature technique had been scary enough. One wrong calculation in the seal and he could've left pieces of himself behind; important pieces.

Sakura's eyes went wide when he heard him talk, she bit her lip slightly while he finished talking. The girl knew he was serious about this and she should of course take this serious as he did. Who knows what could happen to her if she got this wrong. "H..Hai I understand Minato-san, I will study very hard before I tend to try something out in public or even try to use it in combat. I will read this book over and over again. And if I want to pratice, I will make sure I'm away from the town so no one will be injured from my mistakes if I make any." she spoke with a serious tone in her voice.

Minato smiled at her, pleased that she hadn't gone running for the hills. Not that he had expected her to. "Why don't we just make it, no attempts without myself present?" he stood up as he spoke, picking her file up. "Did you have anymore questions? Oh, and you'll need my address..." He began looking around for something to scribble it on.

"Alright I will make sure I will get hold of you if I want to pratice" She then giggled softly when he tried to look for some paper, "No, no more questions Minato-san. There is blank sheet of notebook paper right in front of you"

"Silly me," he said as he found the paper and wrote the address for the condo down. He held it out to her. "Then it looks like we're done for the day, Sakura-san."

Sakura took the paper and gently folded it, she placed it down for a second to tie on her headband then took the small piece of paper and the book also. "Alright, Thank you Minato-san for the book" she smiled gently at him then headed towards the door after she got up from her seat.

"Don't be a stranger, Sakura-san. My door is always open. I'll make sure Grun-chan does the paperwork to get you up on the active rosters as soon as this gets processed. Do you have an address?" he asked almost forgetting to get it from her in the rush.

Sakura blinked her eyes, she let out a faint sigh. "No, I'm still living at the my address is there" she spoke softly and looked at him, "But I will try to give it to you if I can find what the address is."

"That would be great, Sakura-san," he said holding open the door. "I'll see you soon."

Sakura smiled sweetly at him, "I'll see you soon Minato-san, thank you very much." she bowed in a respectful manner then stood up straight before she left the room.
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