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Characters: Peachy!Sakura, Youthful!Lee
Date: Sept. 2
Warning: PGish at the moment
Where: Training grounds outside of Konoha
Summary: Who would know people would run into each other during training?

A heavy sigh escaped Sakura's lips, she slowly untied her headband since it was just a burden on her during her fighting because it kept falling towards her forehead so she knew it would end up covering her eyes. So slowly she untied it then walked over to a tree and tied it to the limb that was close to where she was training. 'I hope I don't forget that' the girl thought to herself.

Quickly she took some kunai's out of her back pockets where she kept her weapons at, she jumped back so she had a good distance from the dummy in front of her. A faint smirk appeared on her face while she quickly twirled the kunai's on her fingers, "I don't get enough training do I?" she muttered to herself while she quickly through the kunai's knifes as fast as her body would let her. They hit the targets perfectly, in fact she put to much power into it which made the dummy swing back and fourth slightly. "Ooops.." she laughed softly to herself.

Tags: action thread, character: peachy!sakura, character: youthful!lee
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