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When it Rains... Part 2/2

Characters: Rin and kids, Miyuki
Rating: High PG-13 to low R
Warnings: See part 1
Summary: See part 1

Arashi: The first one to wake up was the little boy. He slipped from his bed and padded quietly across the floor of his room and through the archway to the other room. He padded over to the couch, walking remarkably well for a child of his age as she moved to crawl up onto the couch and to his mother's arms. After the attack, both children had been a little more clingy to Rin, wanting to be closer to their mom. Still asleep, Rin's arms wrapped around the little boy, instinctivly holding him safe.

Miyuki: Miyuki slept on, all curled up like a cat. Until she had fallen asleep, she hadn't been fully aware of just how tired she had been. In sleep, she was able to work through the shock.

Rin: Slowly she woke up, smiling as she saw Arashi in her arms. She moved slightly leaning the boy against Miyuki before slipping off the couch to pick up a few things. Kunoichi subtly marked her movements as she slipped around the room, putting dirty clothes where they belonged and setting aside things to be cleaned later. Then she slipped from the room for a few minutes, just barely outside the door as she asked her men to bring a few things for her.

She slipped back into the room. Her movements quiet as her men went off to fetch some things for the night and for dinner.

Miyuki: Without waking or even really being aware of what she was doing, Miyuki cuddled Arashi close to her. Of course in her dream, it was her child whom she held close; even after the infant randomly transformed into a rather large and non-realistic cat doll.

Rin: The woman let Miyuki sleep. She deserved rest and to be happy about what was happening, and Rin was going to protect that as long as Miyuki was here. With one arm, she lifted up Hitsuki as she woke up, changing her into her training clothes so that Rin coul very quietly guide her through taijutsu.

Miyuki: Miyuki kept sleeping, a sappy smile forming on her face as she gently rocked the cat doll in her dream while softly singing a shinobi lullaby involving death, killing, and fish.

Arashi: While he was snuggled, the softness of Miyuki's chest called to him. As he woke up, he started to move the top of the kimono to the side. He was no stranger to such garments -- arguably, the boy was skilled at figuring out near any type of clothing. Bindings were a rarer thing, but not a strange thing either. Little toddler fingers wrapped around the top of them to try and pull them down. He was hungry, and in his experience, breasts = food, and he was going for it. Once his target was exposed, he dove forward forward, assuming that all breasts made milk.

Miyuki: Miyuki shifted a bit in her sleep. Subconsciously she was aware of what Arashi was doing; her dream morphing to accommodate the action even if she didn't wake up.

Arashi: Lips moved to her breast as the little boy tried to suckle, just barely awake himself. She was the only other female he had really been near for any amount of time, so his only experience with women not his mother.

Miyuki: Miyuki winced in her sleep as an intense ache began to develop. Arashi's suckling did hurt a bit, her breasts had been feeling a bit tender lately, but there was also something soothing about it. It managed to both fill and inflame a longing in her that wasn't helped by all the pregnancy hormones flooding her body. Of course it was too early in her pregnancy for her body to be anywhere close to being able to produce milk; Arashi was out of luck on that account - even if Rin wasn't trying to keep him from falling back on the breast wagon.

Arashi: Suddenly, Arashi showed Miyuki a major reason Rin had been so eager to wean the boy. When he wasn't getting what he wanted, he bit down.

Miyuki: Miyuki yelped, coming instantly awake and almost levitating above the couch in reaction to the bite. Which unfortunately had the effect of dumping Arashi on the ground for a second time that day.

Arashi: The boy instantly was crying at the top of his lungs, tears streaming from black Uchiha eyes. He had been comfortable and thinking he was going to get something to eat, and suddenly he was dumped on the floor. The boy had a very good set of lungs as he cried.

Rin: Instantly, Rin appeared at his side, having done a one handed teleportation jutsu and picking the boy up to try to comfort him as she bounced him in her arm.

Hitsuki: The little girl ran in a second or two later, "Mama? What happened?"

Miyuki: Flushing somewhat in a combination of guilt, embarrassment, and slight pain Miyuki began to massage her aching breast the best she could without compounding the problem. This really wasn't turning out to be her day. "I'm sorry"

Rin: She looked at Miyuki's partial state of undress, then she looked at the boy in her arms. "Arashi, you're a big boy and big boys use sippy cups." It was moments like this that Rin was actually happy she wasn't pregnant. Two were a handful -- especially with Arashi being as stubborn as Sasuke.

Aritomo: The guard rushed into the room, looking to Rin to see if everything was OK, and looking confused. "Is everything OK, Rin-san?" After the attack, her guards were even more protective of the young woman and the children.

Miyuki: It had been said more than once back on her native world, that Miyuki had no shame. It was true of course; shame had been trained out of her back when she was a wee genin in Team Squirrel. So it didn't bother her or make her turn away when a strange (to her at least) man barged in and was pretty much in full view of her massaging her naked and bitten breast.

Rin: Rin looked tired as she said, "It's fine. Arashi was napping with Miyuki and ..." She trailed off as if Aritomo would know exactly what had happened.

Aritomo: He nodded and moved over to where Rin was, "Well, she seems fine. I assume the little guy is fine." He reached out to take the boy from Rin and she actually let him. "And you are over doing it. What do you want me to do, because you are going to sit down and relax Rin-san." He had every authority to try and get her to let him do things. Rin was still under strict orders to take it easy, and her arm was still in a very delicate state. He then looked over at Miyuki -- unphased by the nudity -- after what he had seen Rin doing with her brother, a breast was barely on the radar. "Are you alright."

Miyuki: Repressing a wince as she worked the bindings back over her breast, Miyuki nodded "I'm fine. Arashi just hit a sore spot, that's all" Her kimono was quickly straightened out soon after.

Aritomo: He bounced the little boy as he nodded to Miyuki before looking at Arashi, "Hey little guy, that's not the way to treat your mommy's friend." Actually Miyuki was the only friend of Rin's that Aritomo knew of, and with his natural concern for Rin, he wanted Miyuki to feel welcome -- even if she was a ninja from a neighboring village. They weren't openly at war, and having the other woman's visit made Rin happy.

Rin: "I was just going to get him a sippy of milk." She knew that now that she said it, Aritomo was going to pull out a cup and pour the cup for the little boy, complete with a little jutsu to warm the milk even. Somehow the man had gone from Oto-shinobi, to Sasuke's personal guard, to Rin's guard, and then to near nanny once Rin had been injured -- but the Uchiha valued loyalty, and it was a trait found in all the shinobi the clan let close.

Miyuki: Now that Miyuki was awake, and had (mostly) recovered from the 'attack' of the hungry Uchiha, there were a few other things that she needed to take care of. She head into the bathroom unhurriedly this time; firmly closing the door once she was in.

Rin: Rin finally had the children resettled and Arashi drinking from a sippy cup while walking around the apartment. Once Aritomo was satisfied things were OK, he left the apartment leaving Rin to get a snack for the kids and actually sit down finally as the kids ate and played. She was curled up on the couch reading a medical scroll, her arm still wrapped and close to her chest.

Miyuki: Miyuki emerged in short order, her hands still a bit damp from washing. She sat herself down next to Rin. "So" she began, not sure where to take the conversation.

Rin: She tilted her head and she asked, "Are you feeling better?" The chaos of earlier had settled down into something that seemed much more like a normal family life.

Miyuki: "A bit. I think that that nap did me a world of good, although I think I could've done without the sudden awakening"

Rin: "I ... know that feeling very well. He has ... very sharp teeth. I'm sorry about that." She honestly was sorry, but, he was a child doing what children did, and at his age ... she felt it was more her fault than his.

Miyuki: "It's alright; these things happen I'm sure. And it's not like I'll never be dealing with the subject itself ever again"

Rin: She laughed, "He was always a good eater. The problem was more with me. I swear, the child was eating almost constantly until we could get him on solids too." Rin wasn't particularly blessed in the chest department, and Arashi had been a much bigger baby because of his genetics than one Rin would probably normally have.

Miyuki: "Problem?" Miyuki asked slightly confused. Feeding a baby didn't seem so hard to her; be it bottle or breast it wasn't like it was fuuinjutsu creation or anything. And really the only problem she could think of would be that it turned out that the kid had a milk allergy of some kind - hardly the mother's fault.

Rin: She nodded, "I had a hard time making enough milk, he was a big eater so he was eating often. At least Sasuke was real nice about rubbing everywhere that was sore though." Obviously it wasn't a secret her and Sasuke had a sexual relationship ... and honestly, that wasn't definitively sexual even.

Miyuki: "Oh" Miyuki hadn't been aware that there could be problems with a mother's milk supply. But then, she didn't deal a lot with babies. She had a hell of a lot to learn in the next nine months or so though.

Rin: She stretched, arching her back. "You'll be fine. Most of my problems were because of Arashi's artificial way of being conceived, I have some books packed someplace though... I can dig them out in a little bit?" All of the things from Rin's old room had been sealed away in scrolls just before the Uchiha family had fled in the middle of the night.

Miyuki: "That would be great. I think I'll need as much help as I can get"

Rin: "I think you'll be fine." She smiled at her. "You must be so excited." Rin just couldn't help smiling, she thought babies were such a wonderful thing and was so excited for the day that it would be her pregnant with her own child and she could allow herself to be thrilled over every little kick and development.

Miyuki: "I am, truly. It's just..." Enter in the patented vague hand movements no jutsu used by the those who are struck utterly speechless everywhere. She just didn't know what to say or how to say it to express the whole merry-go-round of emotions. She was excited, true, but she was also scared and confused, and overwhelmed by the whole thing. And amazed; she was having a bit of a hard time believing that this was actually happening to her. It didn't feel quite real yet.

Rin: She smiled and wrapped her arms around Miyuki. "It's going to be wonderful." Sometimes Rin was very naive, but this time she really felt right -- it was going to be wonderful. She whispered, "I'm so happy for you."

Miyuki: Miyuki leaned into Rin's comforting hug.

Rin: "When do you think you're going to tell him?" She didn't think that Miyuki would not tell him, but the timing was what was up for debate.

Miyuki: "Probably the next time I see him" And wasn't the timing going to be killer. Sai had a ton on his plate, and she had no idea when she'd be able to schedule a meeting with him - and this was not the kind of thing you'd tell a guy over the internet or the phone.

Rin: "You know if you ever need it, you are always welcome here -- you're a friend -- you know if you need to get away from Konoha for a little while. Don't let my arm fool you, we have very good medical facilities here." The offer was soft and earnest.

Miyuki: "I'll be sure to visit then" It wasn't a huge and terrible sin to be a single mother in Konoha, at least among the shinobi population (which was an entity unto itself and didn't share have the same rules as the civilian one). But it'd be nice to have be around a friend; she had so few of them.

Rin: She smiled, "And I'll be sure to visit you too. Sasuke can watch the kids -- once my arm is a bit better." She had never been too specific on her injury that had happened such a time ago now it seemed.

Miyuki: "Thank you." She did appreciate it. Just as she'd appreciate any help Rin gave her in the future; she didn't know all that many women here on this world, and of the few she knew, Rin was pretty much the only one with kids. She just hoped that by the time this all ended, Rin would still be her friend despite all the potential annoyances.

Rin: She was still smiling as she said, "The boys will be back in a little bit with an extra bed and dinner for us. I was wondering if you could watch the kids while I get cleaned up? I have to be really careful when I unwrap this so I have to make sure someone else is around if the kid need anything."

Miyuki: "I'll try my best" Miyuki replied. She should be fine; no food was involved at this time, and both Hitsuki and Arashi should be fine for a bit with minimal constant and close supervision.

Rin: This time it was in who disappeared into the bathroom for a period of time. Several minutes between her disappearance and the water starting to run, presumably time to unbandage things.

Hitsuki: The little blond girl waited for the water to start running before walking over to Miyuki. "What did you do to be having a baby?" Yes, evidently the child was fluant with the word 'fuck' but was questioning this.

Miyuki: Miyuki blinked, and for a moment she had an almost vision of the future; a child of the same age with her nose and Sai's eyes asking something at once totally innocent and inappropriate. Still, since Rin didn't seem to mind that Hitsuki had seen her and Sasuke having sex there shouldn't be any problem with her telling Hitsuki the truth. "Sex" she said in a bland tone.

Hitsuki: The little girl still seemed perplexed. "But mommy and daddy have sex, and mommy really wants a baby, and daddy and 'Tachi needed Mommy to have Arashi and they have sex a lot."

Miyuki: "Exactly. Sometimes a baby doesn't take on the first try." That would at least explain why Rin and Sasuke were having so much sex. Although it'd be up to Rin to explain gay sex to the poor girl.

Hitsuki: As Arashi played on the floor, seemingly obsessing on trying to get all the pieces of a puzzel together (nine total pieces and the boy was struggling), the little girl tried to climb up onto Miyuki's lap. "Do you have other babies?" Evidently the explanation was completely believed by the child.

Miyuki: "No, this will be my first one" Miyuki replied as she made room for Hitsuki in her lap.

Hitsuki: Something seemed to be bothering the child, but she wasn't just saying it. Instead her lips pursed into a perfect mimic of her father's 'thoughtful pout'.

Miyuki: Miyuki just cocked her head and looked at the child, waiting for her to say something or come to a conclusion of some sort.

Hitsuki: There was a lot on the child's mind. Between the after effects of the attack and the fact she knew Rin wanted another baby. Finally, she asked, "If mommy has another baby, will she love me any less?" And there was the trial by fire for parenting that Miyuki walked into.

Miyuki: "No. She won't love you any less if she has another baby. After all, did she love you any less when she had Arashi? Love grows so that you always have enough." It was a bit of a simplistic explanation and didn't address falling out of love with someone, but Miyuki was confident with it.

Hitsuki: The little girl thought about it for a while before leaning into Miyuki and giving a sigh that sounded much too much like something she had also learned from her father. She still had a lot on her mind, but she heard the water stop and decided that question and answer time was over for now. It was true that Rin hadn't seemed to love her any less, infact, it had seemed to be the opposite.

Rin: The door opened, and Rin walked out a little more casually dressed -- it wasn't as if she had to impress Miyuki and the men were taking care of all the errands. Thus she came out in yoga pants and a tank top. Interestingly, the arm was bound to her side, but the area of injury was not wrapped. External damage had been repaired in the intervening time between now and the injury, although a nasty scar remained, that's all the external effects of the wound were now. It was as if some sort of sharp item had cut through her shoulder joint, with how her arm was bound against her body, there was no way to tell if it had even been completely removed, the part of the arm where the skin had not been cut was not visible with how she had it bound -- it had been that close to severed.

Miyuki: Miyuki paid Rin's scar no mind; she'd seen and inflicted worse after all. She let Hitsuki jump off her lap if the girl wanted to. "Hope you don't mind if I was a bit frank with Hitsuki-chan."

Rin: She blinked and asked, "Frank?" It wasn't as if anything was really hidden from the child. She wasn't stupid, and Sasuke didn't believe in hiding things from the child like how he felt about either Rin or his husband. The only thing that Rin tried to shelter the children from was how some people felt about the relationships of the Uchiha clan.

Miyuki: "She asked about the baby and where it came from." And a few other things, but those things were really between Hituski and Rin. It wasn't her place to interfere.

Rin: Her brow wrinkled a little at that, but she let it go. It seemed like an odd question, since she thought she had explained to Hitsuki all of that - never realizing that Hitsuki had been wondering why Miyuki had gotten pregnant and Rin hadn't. Yes, Rin's explanation hadn't included how she was on birth control so she wouldn't get pregnant. "That's fine." She smiled as she moved over to sit down on the couch, her short hair still wet. "'Tsuki, baby, I'm going to have someone give you and Arashi a bath once they get back here with the stuff."

Almost as if on cue, there was a knock on the door and Rin called for whoever it was to come in.

Takashi: The man from earlier was evidently back. He had some covered plates on a tray and he carried them over to the kitchen table. "I picked up what you asked for." The plates were set down as he looked over at her, concern obvious. The smell of the food wasn't overpowering, Rin had been certain to be careful with that. "We can bring in the extra bed whenever you want it."

Miyuki: Miyuki was hungry. And surely this time there wouldn't be a mishap; no kids throwing up, no choking on what she was eating, no avocado (which went without saying)... Still there was the initial poking to determine what it was that was being served.

Rin: She carefully walked over and started to get plate ready for the kids. It was an assortment of grilled meat. Chicken, pork, and beef as well as several grilled vegetables as well as white rice. It was a simple, healthy meal that gave every one a lot of choice about what to eat and what not to eat -- it had been Rin's best idea for what to ask for given the stomach and pickiness situation going on.

"Takashi, we're OK. You don't have to mother hen over there." She was smiling at him though. Rin's guard truly was the best of the best for the situation.

With a nod, he exited the room, not even needing to say that if she needed something to ask.

Miyuki: Miyuki took some rice and a bit of the beef and slowly began to eat; there was not going to be a repeat of what happened with the onigiri and lunch if she could help it.

Rin: Sweet potato and some chicken was mashed up by Rin for Arashi as Hitsuki picked and chose amoungst what there was. For once, the children were eating without any trouble and Rin was able to lean back in her chair and actually eat as well. She was tired, but she always seemed tired, the kids kept her busy. Rin was going to wait until they were 'alone' to actually ask for about the baby's father. It wasn't as if Rin consiered most topics forbidden anyways.

Miyuki: Miyuki managed to eat a respectable amount before sitting back to sip at her tea. It had been a nice meal, a bit quiet perhaps, but nice none the less. She could see that Rin wanted to talk, but was content to let Rin decide when to start the chat.

Rin: By the time the meal was over, both children were at least some degree of messy, although Arashi definitely had a lot of sweet potato on him, but he was stubborn and wanted to feed himself. Rin stood up and excused herself as she walked over to the door to fetch one of the guys. This time is was a completely different man who Rin had a few words with and then he bowed politely to Miyuki as he went over to pick up Arashi and gesture for Hitsuki to follow him. Maybe 'nanny' had not been what they thought they'd be doing, but they were guarding the children of the Otokage, and it was a very elite and prestigious honor in Sound.

The man walked into the bathroom of the other half of the apartment to give the children a bath. That room was a mirror image of this one, all it was missing was a door between the two -- then again, Rin had used an earth jutsu to make the archway between the two -- not as if Sasuke would deny the girl a request to make the living quarters bigger.

Once they were gone, Rin looked over at Miyuki ... "So? How long have you known this unnamed guy?"

Miyuki: "A couple of months?" Miyuki guessed. Despite the fact that she had first met Sai back in October, she hadn't spent all that much time with him; seeing him only a handful of times since then and largely by accident. She didn't feel like she knew Sai all that well despite the fact that she had slept with him.

Rin: "I assume he has a name?" She tilted her head, now that the shock of being pregnant had probably softened, Rin was going to ask questions.

Miyuki: Miyuki nodded "Sai."

Rin: "And how did you meet him?" Yes, if Miyuki was going to give little answers, she'd keep asking questions.

Miyuki: "I bumped into him at a calligraphy store."

Rin: "So what does he do? How old is he? What does he look like?" This was the closest to gossip the medic had been for a while, she needed it.

Miyuki: "He's a shinobi and an artist. I think he's around 20. He's got kinda short black hair, dark eyes, and he's kind of thin and pale."

Rin: She blushed at that description, "Physically that sounds like my type." She giggled a little, "So .... what's he like." There was an emphasis on 'like' that made it seem a little more like Rin meant something not meant for the children's ears.

Miyuki: Miyuki blinked, confused. "I'm not sure I understand what you're asking." Which was a bit of a lie; she only somewhat understood what it was that Rin was implying. But just because Rin was hinting around didn't mean that she had to get the hint.

Rin: Her voice dropped to a whisper, "You're pregnant, you were not just talking about poetry ... what's he like. Is he romantic? Is he ... " She let the question trail off.

Miyuki: Miyuki cocked her head to the side. "Well... I wouldn't exactly call him romantic..." She really didn't know how to answer Rin's question. It wasn't like she had much experience in romantic matters.

Rin: The other girl continued to dig, "Have you guys gone on a date? dates? passionate meetings?" She wasn't married, but in all honesty, even if she was technically allowed other lovers, between the children and her love for Sasuke, she might as well be married, this was her chance to get some good vicarious living done.

Miyuki: "I think that we've only met on purpose once, and that was so I could model for him. Usually I'd just randomly bump into him, and then we'd just kinda end up having sex sometimes." Not that getting together five times was much to go on. Or the fact that the only the first two didn't involve anything sexual.

Rin: "How do you feel about him?" The girl had never had sex with anyone she didn't love completely, even if that list was relativly short, maybe she just fell in love to easily.

Miyuki: Miyuki shrugged. She wasn't sure that this was love, she'd never really been in love before so she didn't have anything to compare it to. "He makes me feel pretty." she finally answered softly with a light blush. To some that would seem like a really shallow answer, but she had spent so much of her life thinking that she was a failure as a woman that it was enough.

Rin: She didn't seem to think it was shallow, instead she leaned over to wrap her good arm around Miyuki as she hugged her, "But you are pretty. Gai was the first person to make me feel pretty ... it's a wonderful felling, isn't it?" Her voice was so soft as she said it, not judgemental at all.

Miyuki: Miyuki nodded. It was a wonderful feeling. "When I was sixteen, I cursed myself." she began, "Or so I had thought." At sixteen she was no only just discovering boys for real and beyond the passing of a thought, but that boys weren't giving her a second look in that way. Sure she was able to use her pretty face on missions to beguile and kill, spy, or rob but she wasn't being ogled or asked out like all the other kunoichi her age (or in some cases, younger).

Rin: "You seem happy." That meant more than anything else to Rin. The baby would be fine. Miyuki would be a wonderful mother, with or without the father. If Miyuki was happy, that was what mattered.

Miyuki: "I am." Miyuki said with a smile.

Rin: "I'm happy for you." Perhaps a little jealous, but mostly happy. "I am insisting that I am throwing the baby shower." Oh, she was going to make sure that Miyuki had a baby shower, since she hadn't had one herself.

Miyuki: Miyuki just nodded. If Rin felt that she could pull it off, than good luck to her. Between the distance between their homes and the fact that Miyuki didn't have many friends - let alone female friends, it was going to be difficult.

Rin: "You shouldn't think you cursed yourself though, things just work out in their own time and it'll all work out." Her face broke into a largr smikle though as she said, "I am just so happy for you."

Miyuki: "Perhaps. But for the longest time..." The gods could be cruel. Answering a young girl's prayers by twisting her words around until her wish was nothing but a mockery. Better if such prayers go ignored.

Rin: Her head shifted as she said, "The longest time?" Her hand reached out to hold onto Miyuki's hand.

Miyuki: Miyuki nodded again. "I know that this might seem like a silly question, but how old do you think I am?"

Rin: She blinked at the question. She thought about it, thinking she was younger than Gai, but older than Itachi ... she answered finally, "Twenty-five?" It was a pure guess.

Miyuki: "Close. I'm actually thirty two." It was true that Miyuki was actually younger than Gai - but only by a few months, so that didn't really count.

Rin: She whispered, "Gai-kun ... didn't have a lot of luck with the opposite gender until ..." Her voice softened as she let her thoughts drift back to Gai. She had loved him so much, and even after all these years, she still missed him greatly.

Miyuki: Miyuki gave a little happy laugh at that, the memory of her goofy sworn older brother; Brother of Mine she had called him on occasion. She missed him, of course. The Gai here just wasn't the same even though he acted almost identical to the one she had known and loved. "I'm afraid that I don't know much about your Gai..." If he had had a Miyuki of his own, had made that silly, stupid promise like the great big idotic oaf he was (even if that was mostly Art). One of her greatest shames was that she was in the end not able to release her Gai from his self imposed onus. And wasn't that a sobering thought.

Rin: She blushed a little, "My Gai was jut a friend in my world ... I was only fourteen, but he was a very sweet friend, and I am glad when I left that world, Kakashi had him still." The blush grew a little deeper as she said, "Gai-kun was ... not from my world, or this one, he ... was older than me and my first love. He was a very good man."

Miyuki: "I don't think there's a world out there where he isn't." Even if he wasn't the spandex wearing, youth obsessed goofball she knew, a not good Gai was just plain wrong.

Rin: "I was his first real girlfriend and I would have been his wife if he hadn't died ..." Sure, her life would have still been complicated, but eventually she would have gotten old enough that people wouldn't freak about the age difference and she would have been happy with him, but fate hadn't meant for it to be.

Miyuki: "I'm sorry." she said sincerely, and not just because Rin had lost the man she had loved (although that was part of the reason). While a bad Gai was wrong, a dead Gai was even more so. He was supposed to be immortal; like her (and yes, she knew that that was just some silly fairy fluff a little girl would come up with and not an accomplished assassin).

Rin: "I didn't accept it for a long time, but ... they had some pretty good proof. I just, I still think that he's out there in some world. I think he'd understand me moving on in my life. I still love him though. He ... he was unstoppable. He opened every gate to save me once. I ... digress. As wonderful and handsome as he was, fate or whatever lead him to me, and not until he was Thirty-one."

Miyuki: Miyuki nodded. There was really nothing for her to say - at least, nothing that wouldn't be either wildly off topic or inappropriate. Somehow she figured that saying 'look; a shiny new topic of conversation' wouldn't go over too well.

Rin: She looked up at the children as they came out in Pajamans and with wet hair, as Hitsuki ran over to her, she concentrated some chakra in her lungs, breathing out warm air onto the child's hair, carding her fingers of the good hand through the child's hair. She had developed on her own making small jutsu for taking care of the children. She was happy.

Miyuki: Miyuki watched this little domestic scene. It gave her an odd feeling that she wasn't quite ready to examine; not quite envy, although there was a decent bit of that in there. But certainly not something she had felt before.

Rin: Carefully the little girl's hair was dried as the little boy walked up to Miyuki and held his arms up, big black eyes looking at her as he softly said, "Up?"

Miyuki: Miyuki gently lifted Arashi up, careful to keep him away from her chest. She didn't want a repeat of what happened at the end of her nap after all.

Rin: She laughed a little, "If your stomach is up to it, you could practice on the next diaper." The man that had been helping, left the room with a small bow to Rin, they were very used to helping her. Her arm made things difficult, so there was additional help since the attack.

Miyuki: "I think I'll wait a bit on that one." She didn't quite trust herself to deal with poop, given how touchy she had been today. Normally it wouldn't be a problem... but she'd rather not chance it. Especially since she had just managed to eat something that (so far) had stayed down.

Rin: She laughed at that. "The morning sickness is what got me to get Hitsuki potty trained. I do think holding off another until Arashi is out of diapers is a good idea."

Arashi: Arashi started to lean against Miyuki, the bath having it's typical effect of making the little boy sleepy.

Hitsuki: "Mama? Is the baby going to be a boy or a girl?"

Miyuki: Miyuki held Arashi close, breathing in that clean baby scent. "Probably."

Rin: "We don't know yet, the baby isn't old enough to tell." She was watching Miyuki's reaction to Arashi.

Arashi: The little boy's eyes closed as he did a very sleepy looking yawn.

Hitsuki: "But you know what Arashi was before you were pregnant even."

Miyuki: Miyuki began to softly hum a lullaby as she waited to hear what Rin would say to Hitsuki.

Rin: She thought about how to explai it for a moment, as Arashi seemed determined to fall asleep in Miyuki's arms, "Arashi wasn't made in the normal way though. Because Tachi and your daddy love each other so much, I took a little bit of each of them, and I combined it into Arashi, so I knew he was going to be a boy then. Then I put him inside me to grow." It was hard to explain genetic engineering and invetro fertilization to a three year old.

Miyuki: Miyuki listed to what Rin said; it made a sort of sense, she guessed although there were bound to be a few bumps in the road so to speak. And it gave her an odd sense of relief to know that she hadn't actually had to have had sex in order to have a baby - even though it was kind of a moot point right now. "It must not have been easy finding the right bits for a boy."

Rin: She smiled a little and looked at Miyuki, "From a scientific stand point, it was significantly easier to make a boy from those two. They both have near identical copies of both X and Y, so it was better to not have a girl from their ..." That's when she realized that Hitsuki was looking confused. "Don't worry baby doll. Maybe when I have a baby, it'll be a girl?"

Miyuki: "But wouldn't the risk be the same girl or boy because of the close familial relationship between the fathers? Still I'm surprised that you were able to tell the Y bit from the X bit; I wasn't aware it was possible."

Rin: "Arashi has the Y that both brothers got from Fugaku, and the X that both got from Mikoto, and they appear to have the same one, so as far as those two genes go, it's almost as if Arashi is a clone of his father. The rest of his genetics was chosen for it's diversity to avoid any problems from the close relation."

Hitsuki: "So if a baby had two mommies would it be a girl?" Although the girl was right scientifically speaking, her assumption that led to that was not.

Miyuki: "I guess that makes sense." It didn't really, but then, she wasn't a geneticist. She only knew the basics of human reproduction; like how stupid she had been to not insist that Sai use a condom the night they had had sex after meeting up in the bar since she hadn't been on any form of birth control. Not that she regretted getting pregnant, because she didn't. But it had been half her fault for getting into this mess.

Rin: She softly kissed the top of Hitsuki's head as she smiled. "Yes, if a baby had two mommies it would be a girl." She wasn't going to explain the genetics of it. Rin hadn't started off being a geneticist, but she had learned a lot -- much of it technically forbidden in Leaf about genetics, cloning and in her applications, how to engineer a child. The result of it all was the little boy who seemed to have fallen sound asleep in Miyuki's arms.

Miyuki: This was comfortable; a glimpse perhaps into her not too distant but still a good ways off future.

Rin: She placed another kiss on the top of Miyuki's head, "Take out your scrolls princess and we'll do your studies before bed." As the little girl slipped out of her lap to grab her work, Rin looked over at Miyuki, "Do you want to help me get him into bed?"

Miyuki: Carefully holding the now sleeping child, Miyuki stands. "I think I have it... but if you could show me where his crib is?"

Rin: She stood up, "He was just moved to a toddler bed for his birthday." Rin walked into the other room which was now lit only by a nightlight. One toddler bed didn't have a rail and was done in pink and kittens. The other was a toddler bed with the rails on the side. It was also done in blue and white. A red stuffed horse was the toy the boy evidently slept with. The young woman just gestured. "I'll start helping Hitsuki ... you have this." It was good practice as far as Rin was concerned. Also good to let Miyuki's maternal instinct strengthen.

Miyuki: Which just went to show how much Miyuki actually knew about children. Team Squirrel had never been assigned babysitting missions (what with the war and the fear of what they could do to young, innocent, impressionable minds and all). And later as a jonin and then as an ANBU operative, well that was really a horse of another color. It was true that she had been listed as good with children, but it never stated in what way. Still, putting Arashi to bed (but not to sleep, and wouldn't she have to work out her issues with that little turn of phrase once her own little one was born - espeically if he or she did not share in her kekkei genkai) was a simple thing she had done too more times than she wanted to count (in truth even once was too many, and she had long ago run out of fingers and toes to use as counting stones for her dead). Pull the covers back. Lay down the lax body. Cover him up to ward off the chills (that were sure to come and not even the thickest of furs would be enough to stem the killing cold. She had her peices of silver to earn, and at least she knew of mercy - even if it wasn't enough for sparing). Silent tears traced down her cool face (but not tiny jewels of ice falling from frozen eyes to tinkle on the floor; at least there was that) though she knew not why they or the soul deep sadness they were the harbringer for came. her voice was but a whisper, the passing of the wind. And lost, so lost. She had been so lost for so long that it was all that she knew. All that she could see. And it would be so easy to retreat to into the princess locked away alone in a frozen tower of ice for which there was no door, or window, or sun; just the impassive moon and uncaring stars. "I need..." they who will speak for me when I cannot speak for myself, who will guide me when I do not have direction, who will guard me against the ever present madness that laps at the edges of my being, who have been at my side for so long that I fee incomplete without them.

Arashi: The little boy simply snuggled up with his stuffed horse, a thumb moving to his mouth as in his dreams he at least had what he spent most of his day trying to get. This child was sleeping in a warm bed, snug from the cold and protected. He was sleeping soundly, lost in the innocent dreams of a child.

Rin: In the other room, Hitsuki and Rin were sitting at a desk while Hitsuki practiced writing in a notebook. Already the little girl was learning such things, but Uchiha seemed to develope faster and be ready for such challanges sooner than most. Both were unaware of Miyuki's inner thoughts in the other room.

Miyuki: Miyuki backed away from the bed, starting to shake slightly. She couldn't breath, buffeted by invisible winds that came at her from all sides, and cold, cold, cold... Hands flashed through signs on automatic, a finger was pricked on a hidden edge, ice tinged chakra was gathered. And then the bleeding hand came down on the nursery floor while a web of inked kanji spread out only to disappear a moment later in a puff of smoke as the summoning jutsu took hold.

Rin: The chakra use was immediately detected as Rin rushed to the other room, fear obvious in her. Her eyes went to Arashi, varifying that the child was safe. Then he looked at Miyuki, trying to determine what was going on.

Miyuki: Huggin sat on Miyuki's shoulder, running his beak through her hair while crooning softly in a comforting and familiar gesture. Munnin was perched nearby on the back of a chair. Miyuki was calmer now; no longer shaking and breathing freely, with her skin as warm as it ever got. Movement fluttered to and fro at the edges of the room up by the ceiling as a magpie 'danced' singing nonsence songs to herself.

Rin: Her voice was soft as she gestured Hitsuki back, "Miyuki? What's wrong?" She carefully walked forward, uncertain of what the summons were going to do and what was going on. What she wanted to do was to kneel down next to Miyuki and wrap her good arm around her, however she was being careful because of the summons and proceeded carefully.

Huggin: Huggin dropped the strands of hair in his beak to address Rin's question instead of Miyuki. "Think of it as nothing more than a set of bad memories that had the bad grace t' raise their ugly head. Kinda an old ANBU flash back if ya will." The answer was slightly more complicated than that, but it would do until Miyuki decided to tell Rin more. Assassinating kids was always a hard mission for even the most dedicated ninjas, but for a woman who wanted nothing more than to be a mother...

Rin: That arm was wrapped tighter around Miyuki as she held her, rocking slightly as she whispered that it was going to alright. She was content to sit there with Miyuki as long as it took. Arashi was sound asleep and Hitsuki looked on worridly from the door way. She looked over at Huugin, nodding.

Miyuki: Huggin's preening and soothing calls helped, as did Rin's comforting warmth, but she still was a bit emotionally lost. Head tucked against her friends chest, her words were but a breath. "I'm sorry." she said, even if she didn't move her mouth and the statement was more genjutsu than not. Some habbits were hard to break, and for Miyuki it seemed, not using chakra in the million and one ways she normally did thought any given day was proving to be one of the harder ones.

Rin: She just made a slightly soft shushing noise and kissed Miyuki on the forehead. "It's OK. Do you want to tell me?" The words were the softest possible yet still audible. There was another kiss to the forehead as Rin continued to hold onto her.

Miyuki: "I..." she started, then stopped. The right words just refused to come. Her next words came whisper soft, as if in afterthought. "How can I go about being a mother with so much blood on my hands." What right did she have to bring a child into this world when so many other mothers' children left it by her hand?

Rin: She lightly kissed the woman's forehead again. Rin had a lot less blood on her hand. Near all of her shinobi work had been as a medic. "What you did for your village was for your village. It is not a shinobi's job to question the mission." She was reciting the rules as if she were Kakashi, but with more compassion and a softness to her tone. "You deserve to be a mother, the love for that baby is in your heart." She didn't know if the summons knew yet, but if not, they sure would.

Miyuki: Miyuki wept; for the children who died at her hand, for the mothers left behind, for herself, and for the world where such things were needed.

Rin: The brunette held onto her tightly, letting her cry on her. Softly rocking, she whispered soft assurances, even if the words didn't really mean anything, the tone was one of caring.

Hitsuki: Without being told, Hitsuki walked in and wrapped her arm around Miyuki too, then she whispered, "It's OK Auntie." Maybe the girl's idea of family was as screwy as Rin's but it was doubtful anyone would correct her.

Miyuki: Miyuki was now caught up in a bit of a crying jag. First mourning for all that had been lost, and then in reaction to how good a friend Rin was, and how caring Hitsuki was, and how she really didn't deserve them.

Rin: She didn't care how long it took, but she held onto Miyuki, rocking the other woman softly. Hitsuki was tired, and soon found herself snuggled between the two an fighting against falling asleep, but with worry in her voice, the little child whispered, "The baby will be fine. Mommy won't let anything happen."

Miyuki: Miyuki nodded mutely into Hitsuki's hair. She hated this emotional lack of control; it just wasn't her. Intellectually she knew this imbalance was more a side effect of the new hormones being produced by the pregnancy throwing what would normally be normal emotions out of whack, but just because she knew why it was happening doesn't mean that she had to actually like it.

Rin: Another kiss to Miyuki's head as she whispered, "Come on, lets get into the other room and get you lying down on the bed." Then to Hitsuki she whispered, "Sweetheart? can you get Miyuki a glass of water?" She glanced to the summons to see what they were doing as well.

Miyuki: "I'm sorry." Miyuki said softly.

Hitsuki: The little girl slipped off of Miyuki's lap an went to follow her mother's directions to get the other woman a glass of water, pushing a stool over to the counter so she could reach. With complete dedication to her job, she grabbed a glass and added some ice before filling it with water from the filter on the fridge. Then she brought it over to Miyuki.

Rin: Meanwhile, Rin had taken Miyuki's arm and tried to help the woman over to the young woman's bed so she could lie down. It had been an emotional day, and she wanted to get the other woman relaxing so as to not stress her.

Miyuki: Miyuki all but collapsed onto the bed. Mentally she was done, and she would've gone the full corpse imitation route (no breath, no heat beat, no warmth - not that she could ever said to be truly warm) but that (probably) wouldn't be good for the baby.

Rin: The water was carefully placed on the bedside table as Rin's hand moved to Miyuki's forehead. "I am sure this day turned out significantly different than expected -- but it's a good thing." She stayed there as Hitsuki climbed onto the foot of the bed, waiting to see if there was anything Miyuki felt compelled to speak of.

Miyuki: Miyuki said nothing, instead she made an attempt to burrow into the warmth of the bed. Which didn't go quite as planned since she was on top of the covers rather than under them.

Rin: She was trying to decide if Miyuki wanted to be left alone. She stood up and whispered to Hitsuki that bedtime was going to be early today. She quietly walked into the other room to get the little girl tucked into her bed, under Uchiha mon decorated blankets. With a soft kiss and some more whispered words, Rin got Hitsuki off to sleep, doing her best to give Miyuki a little room to herself.

Miyuki: Curled up as she was, Miyuki slowly began to drift off to sleep.

Rin: She walked over to the other woman, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Hey." The tone was soft. "You should get more comfortable before falling asleep. I know it's been a long day for you." The dynamic of Miyuki coming to help Rin had been near completely reversed. Rin naturally tried to take care of people though.

Miyuki: Miyuki blinked sleepily at Rin "Hmmm?" Actually, she had been perfectly comfortable to be honest. I mean, it wasn't like she was camped out in a tree or sprawled out at unusual angles.

Rin: The younger woman laughed lightly, "You're sleeping on top of the covers. You might as well get comfortable for the night." The she added in a joking tone, "I don't need to tuck you in too, do I?"

Miyuki: Miyuki just shrugged. It wasn't like the cold bothered her, so it really didn't matter to her whether or not she slept under or on top of the sheets.

Rin: Even if it was a little early, Rin was tired. She curled up on the couch, not bothering the men for a cot. The couch was comfortable enough. She wasn't the one who was pregnant after all. She pulled a blanket up around her, unsure if Miyuki would just collapse after the lights went out of if the woman would want to talk -- either way Rin was fine. She was confident everything would work out somehow.

Miyuki: It didn't take long for Miyuki to fall asleep, under the guard of her two summons. There'd be time enough to deal with things later.

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