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Hunting In The Nude

Characters: Native!Hidan, Native!Kakuzu
Rating: R for Hidan's mouth and nudity
Summary: On the way to catch a bounty, Kakuzu finds a way to make Hidan listen to him....somewhat :/
Notes: It's about time this started - -;

Hidan: He wasn't sure if he should be happy or miserable at the moment. It was refreshing to be out of the base with something to do, but it was doing that. Hunting a bounty. And with Kakuzu, of course. Hidan didn't know why his partner couldn't just go make money on his own, although he secretly enjoyed helping kill.

As he walked along the trail away from the Akatsuki base, he laughed in amusement. Kakuzu had complained about funds, and unbeknownst to him, Hidan was still 'helping' the situation. Underneath his long, flowing cloak he wore nothing but his sandals and the white chaps that went over them.

Kakuzu: The shuffling of feet against the road - not just his this time, his and Hidan's - was a comforting sound to Kakuzu. It meant he wasn't holed up in his room, listening to the scritch-scratch of his pen on tax sheets and bank notes, trying to ignore the calamity that seemed to be going on all the time. It meant that he got to kill someone, because if he went out, usually that was the result, no matter what he did. And damn, but he needed the stress relief. But how long would his 'peace' last with his partner around?

To tell the truth he had made him come along because, first off, bounties were easier to ambush and trap and fight/kill when there was more than one person, and second (though he would never in a million years say it) he was starting to annoy himself with having to nag Hidan to find a way to earn income so often. It was a solution to a lot of his problems at once, it seemed, but didn't rule all of them out completely. For example, the idiot walking with him was still alive.

Hidan: Hidan's fingers toyed with the end of his scythe over his shoulder in boredom. Why couldn't the bounties just come to the base to be killed for him, he wondered. It would make his life easier, and far more fun, if he could just step outside and get the job done.

"Hey, hey! How far do we have to go this time?" The amazing few minutes of silence were now at an end.

Kakuzu: "Hoshi," was all he said. Well. There went the peace. Hopefully since the zealot's curiousity was now satisfied he could walk in quiet for a little more...but Kakuzu knew better, and that there was little hope for that. Likely, he would ask how long that would take, whine about it if/when Kakuzu told him, ask about the bounty, whine that he was hungry...it never ended.

Hidan: "Are you fucking serious?! That'll take all day or more!" complained the Jashinist as they walked. "We're going to stop and get a room for the night, right?" It didn't matter that if they kept up their speed, it wouldn't take two days to get to the country, but Hidan was slow and hated to rush things.

Kakuzu: ...perhaps, he thought, instead of finding a way to kill Hidan, he should start contemplating suicide. And he wished the zealot would make up his mind. They couldn't fix one problem there without having to cause another. So he explained.

"Two days, tops. Longer if we stop at all...if you can afford your own room then fine, we can stop. But wait...no that's right, you chose to come up with stupid ideas that had no monetary gain whatsoever, so you don't have any money left...hn. Looks like we're camping out."

Hidan: And the whining began. "Two days without fucking stopping? Did you forget to stitch a god damn brain in there?! At least I came up with ideas! Has anyone else even fucking tried?! ..." On it continued, "Why do I have to have my own room? Itachi usually has us get a room with double beds to save what little fucking bit of money we have to get by on..."

Kakuzu: He stopped suddenly, a deadpan look on his face as he listened to each of Hidan's protests. He turned around to face the man, his annoyed expression showing clearly enough even though the headgear was still in place.

"Hidan, I didn't invent the distance between the base and Star Village. I don't need you shouting at me for informing you how long it will take to get there; you asked. Yes, you came up with ideas, NONE of which you cared to swing by me first so that I could approve them, and yes, almost everybody else has come up with ideas, and they have been approved..."

He twitched at the beginning of the second part of Hidan's tirade. It wasn't helping his already darkened mood. "I am obviously not Itachi. You have to have your own room so I don't have to see or hear you! Because I don't want to have to think of an optional escape route when someone tries to arrest me for homicide when they see your blood everywhere because I tried to kill you for just. Being. There."

Hidan: "You could put up ads to attract the bounties closer, you know," mumbled Hidan as he had stopped and stared at Kakuzu with slight disinterest in the man's own complaints about his whining.

"Yeah, yeah, I know you aren't that blind fuck. You don't make him look so fucking horrible though sometimes, seriously man!" he retorted and began to walk again. The pale zealot walked right past his partner, then turned his head slightly. "Dammit, are you going to come? Or are you going to stand there arguing all day?"

Kakuzu: He stood there a moment longer, if only to make the zealot more impatient, trying to calm himself down a little as well. He turned, and a harsh glare was thrown the zealot's way. "Shut up," he snapped. And he walked faster, as if trying to lose Hidan behind him. He wasn't going to let him be superior in any way, arguments, walking first or otherwise. He was probably being childish, he thought, but said thought was shoved to the back of his mind for good as he continued on.

Hidan: He gave a disgruntled snort at being told to shut up, and followed behind Kakuzu at his own leisurely pace. Really, Hidan couldn't care if his partner walked ahead of him and didn't even think about the action being part of a superiority complex.

Kakuzu: Well. Maybe all would be quiet for a while. He needed the quiet, frankly. Kabuto's little journal messages to him were getting tiresome and annoying - and it involved a subject he was always certain to be very clear about, that irked him the most.

Still. Kakuzu was all about punctuality when it came to hunting bounties and he wasn't going to be stalled any longer. They had already waited until mid-afternoon to leave because Hidan was being an ass and whining about going because he had to "kill for money again". Whatever. A kill was a kill, right? And hell, he could still see the damn base in the distance and they had already argued once...he thought that this was going to be a long trip.

Hidan: Sometimes Hidan wished Kakuzu were as punctual about their missions as he was with his bounties. The time they went after that monk in Fire Country really was a pain in the ass, and Hidan still grumbled about not being able to perform his necessary ritual immediately after killing Asuma.

Things remained relatively quiet for now as they traveled, as Hidan focused on his daily prayers while walking. With his beads in his hand, the white haired man's mouth was occupied by quiet, barely audible words to his evil god.

Kakuzu: A few hours later, the evening sky was upon the pair, the sun setting in warm orange and reds, placid pink and midnight blue higher up in the sky. Kakuzu noted the slightly moist breeze. He noticed that there were lights up ahead, fairly far away but close enough to know that a town was coming up soon. Kakuzu also noticed something else, with a slight frown. Thunder rumbled in the clouds coming towards their direction. It was going to rain.

A deadpan look formed on the miser's face. He really didn't mind the rain at all, but being out in a thunderstorm was...less than favorable. And even if lightning never struck, he'd never hear the end of it from Hidan if he said they were staying out in the rain...he hated, so hated losing. Thunder growled again and he stopped and looked in its direction this time. He continued walking, thinking on it for another good five minutes.

A sigh, and then, "...it's going to rain..."

Hidan: His prayers had kept him considerably quiet, as they took up plenty of time just like everything else his religion required of him. And Kakuzu had to go and interrupt his quiet offerings.

"No fucking way! I thought that was just my empty stomach since we haven't stopped once to eat at all! I'm fucking starving, man. It's really not cool."

Not that he had really noticed his own hunger while focusing more intently on his prayers.

Kakuzu: ...bastard. "I meant...there's a town up ahead. We're staying indoors."

He really didn't need Hidan's sarcasm right now. Why didn't the zealot just know what he meant when he said it? That would make things so much easier for Kakuzu in the long run.

Hidan: "Thank fucking Jashin for that. See, there is a benefit to praying!" he remarked and picked up his pace until he was up next to Kakuzu. Hidan stared off into the distance at the town.

"Now to find a damn place to eat good food instead of the lame trail rations you would have made me eat." With those words, and his newly found hunger, the noisier man continued to pick up his pace, slightly passing his partner in the process.

A glance was made over his shoulder to Kakuzu. "Come on, you slow fuck! It looks like it's going to rain."

Kakuzu: Actions often spoke louder than words, he knew. Thus, death would come much easier to the miser if he went ahead and attempted suicide instead of wishing that lightning would strike him. He'd die, Hidan would do whatever he wanted - everybody would be happy. The thought only served to make him more miserable, but he trudged on anyway, not picking up his pace anymore than he had been - possibly walking slower now.

He really hated prolonging his own agony in favor of lengthening Hidan's. But sometimes, the situation just called for it. Not like he expected Hidan to wait on him.

They did manage to get into town, and it still hadn't begun pouring yet, but the clouds were looking ominous and threatening. They did need to hurry if they were going to get food before checking in.

'And as usual,' Kakuzu's melancholy mind growled, 'I'm paying...'

Hidan: All along the way Hidan nagged his partner to hurry up, claiming he obviously was no longer the slowest member of Akatsuki with the pace Kakuzu was moving. Once they were in town, the zealot hungrily eye'd each possible place to eat, hoping for something that would be very pleasing to the palate.

"This place looks fucking great!" exclaimed Hidan as they neared a slightly pricey establishment. "Let's dine here. I say we deserve it for having to walk so damn far in one day." And without even waiting for a response, he made his way to the door and entered.

Not that he expected to pay, of course.

Kakuzu: Hidan better have been thinking of at least picking up some part of the damn bill for this place. Because if not, he really might have to share a room with Hidan. He followed him in anyway, and he was pretty hungry himself, though he didn't whine about it like Hidan did. He did hate having to look for the moron when he ran off, but finally spotted him at a nearby booth and sat across from him.

The restaurant wasn't packed all that full, but there were still groups of people here and there, some families going out to eat, noisy chatter, clinking glasses. He was glad that it wasn't packed or he probably would have just left Hidan there.

Hidan: Hidan hadn't waited to be seated, so there were no menus at the table just yet. One young waitress was unfortunate enough to walk past the table and catch the man's attention.

"A fucking menu would be nice! I'm starving to death," hollered Hidan at the girl as she passed, causing her to stop short in surprise at such rudeness.

"That's right. You fucking heard me bitch, get us some damn menus. Seriously!"

Kakuzu: He sighed tiredly. Hidan was already making a scene and they hadn't been in there five minutes. He spared a glance at the waitress who sent a disapproving glare Hidan's way before huffing away, flipping her hair at him, her high heeled shoes clicking angrily as she stomped away. A few table fulls of people turned their heads at the albino's sudden outburst before turning back to their own conversations timidly, waiting to see if another outburst would happen. Kakuzu turned back to send a glare at Hidan.

"Do you want to eat, or get kicked out? Because you're closer to the second option as of now."

Hidan: A perplexed look crossed the man's features at the rhetorical question. Of course he wanted to eat! He was damn hungry, which is why he wanted a menu. "That's the stupidest fucking question you have asked today," replied Hidan. He reached down to rub his now growling belly, and hoped the place didn't take as long to make his order as it was taking to get menus.

Kakuzu: The point of a rhetorical question was that it didn't need to be answered. His partner's stupidity was astounding him today. He didn't respond at all to his partner's pitifully rumbling stomach or the pained look on his face from it. He didn't give a damn. Wasn't like he was gonna die anyway. Which made him think back to his comment at the waitress that he was starving to death. Pathetic excuse for a liar.

Damn, but he was starting to agree with Hidan at how slow the people here were being. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind, however, that the young waitress came back with the menus and asked what they wanted to drink, still sounding offended. Kakuzu settled for green tea.

Hidan: "Thanks babe," commented Hidan with a happy smirk as the menu was handed to him. After an order of chocolate milk, the waitress was sent on her way.

It didn't take long for him to scan over the menu to find his favorite dish was not on it, and an annoyed scowl replaced his happy look. "Dude, why did you pick this fucking place?! They don't even have sashimi on the damn menu!" he complained at Kakuzu, blatantly disregarding the fact that he had walked in first.

Kakuzu: He was going to stay calm, he wasn't going to cause a scene, he wasn't going to try to murder the man sitting across from him...

'Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, Kakuzu.'

"Hidan, I didn't pick this place. If you'll recall, you were the one who claimed that this was a good idea, and then walked in here without even waiting for a reply..." he trailed off, still pretending to stare at the menu. He figured he might as well eat something though, unreasonable as the prices seemed to be. Yakisoba. Cheap, and edible most of the time.

Hidan: That he ignored Kakuzu's reply was obvious, as Hidan was far more intent on finding something tasty to eat than listen to what he considered babble from his partner. His eyes stopped on one of the more expensive dishes, blow fish and vegetables simmered in konbu dashi soup and served with a dipping sauce.

"Ah! That sounds fucking delicious. I'm going to get the fugu-chiri."

Kakuzu: ...he was beginning to not give a damn if he caused a scene or not, that was crossing the line. He never could tell if his partner was intentionally trying to piss him off or if it was just all coincidence, but either way he was doing a damn good job of it. Not to mention...if he allowed Hidan to order that, not only would there be one room - there would only be one bed. Kakuzu twitched, and sent a glare Hidan's way.

"Hidan, please don't." Being an asshole hadn't been working much lately, so he'd said the 'please' word to try to appeal to the idiot. "Can't you find something a bit less expensive?" Kakuzu himself had ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, and he was content with that.

Hidan: The manner in which Kakuzu spoke to him made Hidan look up from the menu in confusion. The boisterous man was shocked into silence, simply staring at his partner and for once not having any idea what to say. Kakuzu's words were almost nice, and no one was ever nice to him except Konan. (But she was nice to everyone!)

Kakuzu: He waited for a profane, loud-mouthed response from Hidan and when he didn't get it, he was confused. Nothing? No 'fuck you' or 'shut up, I'll eat what I want' or anything? He blinked, rasied an eyebrow at the albino, and was about to ask why he was staring at him when the waitress came back, annoyed look on her face and a pad and pen in hand.

"So what'll it be?" she sneered.

Hidan: Still stunned by the simple 'please' used on him, Hidan awkwardly looked down at the menu and picked something relatively cheap. "Spicy chicken yakisoba," calmly ordered the Jashinist, placing his menu down to be taken. His strange quiet demeanor was short lived, however, as he realized their drinks has not been brought to them.

"And where's my fucking milk?" he grumbled.

Kakuzu: ...that had worked? He only had to say one thing, and the zealot had changed his mind... The gears turned in Kakuzu's head, clicking into place while ordering his yakisoba and tossing his menu on top of Hidan's.

The waitress picked up the menus and said to Hidan, a bit too snottily, "They'll be right out." and started to walk off. Kakuzu, who knew that yes, her bad mood had probably been caused by Hidan, was getting tired of her attitude. And he wanted his tea. So he snaked a thread around, grasping the heel of one of her shoes and smirked to himself when he heard the inevitable scream and crash to the floor, and quickly retracted his thread.

Hidan: He didn't like the woman one bit, and only the fact that he was starving kept her from feeling the pierce of his pike. He could sacrifice her after on a full stomach, he decided.

The thoughts of the waitress' demise were rerouted when he noticed Kakuzu's antics, and the ensuing chaos and embarrassment for the woman brought out a small roar of laughter from Hidan. "That's what happens to mean fucks!" he chimed out happily, as if he had not been mean in the slightest himself.

Kakuzu: He 'hm'ed at Hidan's loud exclamation, now in a bit better mood than he had been just moments before. He kept quiet for a while, though, and soon enough a different waiter had come out with their food and drinks.

"Very sorry for the inconvenience and the wait, gentlemen. That one's been causing problems for a while. I shall speak to the management about it..." he said, a nervous smile on his face. Kakuzu glared at him, scared him away, and turned to his meal. He picked up the chopsticks with one hand and pulled down the mask with his other, began eating quietly.

Hidan: Hidan was about to reply when the waiter scampered off in fear of Kakuzu. "The fuck you do that for asshole? We probably could get a free meal out of the shitty service here," grumbled the albino man as he picked up his chopsticks and poked at his food. "Damn, that blow fish would have been agreeable to even you then."

Kakuzu: Hm...if just the 'please' word had worked on Hidan so much before...but he wasn't going to say much yet. He needed to test these things out. "Perhaps. But I really don't want to stay here any longer than I have to. Besides, after we're done we need to leave quickly, if we want to beat the rain." And replying to Hidan's second comment, "But you are right."

'...let's observe and see what Hidan does...'

Hidan: As his partner spoke, the hungry man had begun to stuff his face with noodles. Just because he wouldn't actually die from starvation didn't mean not eating was any less painful for him. Still chewing, Hidan exclaimed, "Fuck yeah I'm right! You should be used to that by now.." There was a bit of a pause and finally Hidan swallowed his food before reaching over and poking Kakuzu with his chopsticks. Hard.

"Dude, is that really you? All this talk about saving some fucking money, and you are worried about getting a little wet?!"

Kakuzu: He swatted the chopsticks away with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Yes, it's me, idiot..." Hm...what would Hidan do if... "And I'm not worried about getting wet. But you don't like when your hair gets messed up from humidity and such, so I figured..."

He took another bite of food and waited for the zealot's response.

Hidan: With his chopsticks swatted away, Hidan went back to quickly eating his food. It wasn't unusual for him to not give Kakuzu his complete attention, and this time was no different.

"I fucking hate that.." he absently started and abruptly stopped. His free hand went up to run through his white locks, confused completely that it sounded just like Kakuzu was giving a damn about his own comforts and likes. Staring at the much older man, Hidan was completely silent.

Kakuzu: This was interesting. He knew the rule that if you were nice to others, they would act the same to you in return - he had just never practiced that particular rule. People didn't much like him, he had no reason to like them back. And he had just always thought that Hidan didn't give a damn about anyone else, no matter what anyone did for him. But apparently...

The use of the 'please' word had been strategical in that sentence. He didn't use it often, unless he was asking a favor from Konan. Which was still not very often. But still, it had worked...though he hated to get rid of the reputation he had built up. If he were to act nice...he could act. Not mean it. And Hidan seemed to do what he said better then when he just yelled at the zealot...he'd think about it. Experiment a little more...'But it wouldn't be for real. Just being manipulative, that's all that is.'

It was then he'd noticed how absolutely quiet Hidan had been, and looked up at him, meeting his eyes. He swallowed his food and furrowed his brow at the zealot. "What?"

Hidan: Hidan was nothing if not confused by Kakuzu in the last ten minutes or so. He decided that maybe the other man was exhausted and prone to being a little nicer. Or maybe Kakuzu was in some strange good mood for once. The Jashinist remained silent at the question initially, then looked back to his food with a shrug. "Nah, it's nothing," he replied and worked on finishing his meal in continued silence.

Kakuzu: ...how very interesting. He too continued eating without a word, not wanting to push this little experiment too far by attempting conversation. That would just be too much. And he didn't want to ruin his little facade too soon...

Eventually, the waiter came to pick up the check. It was at times like these that Kakuzu's bad mood flared up again. But...at least he didn't have to pay for fugu-chiri, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. "Well, let's go then," he sighed, and stepped out only to find that the downpour had already begun. He was still dry for now; the canopy above the entrance of the place made sure of that. But he was certain that now the bitching would begin.

Hidan: With the meal finished and paid, Hidan got up and followed his partner out the door, only to see the heavy rain. Yep, the bitching would begin.

"God damn it Kakuzu! Had you finished eating a few minutes faster, we wouldn't have to walk in this Jashin forsaken fucking rain!" bitched the zealot, never mind that he had no idea when the rain actually started. The quiet would be shattered, even after they found a place to stay, as Hidan hated his hair getting messed up. "Fucking downpour! My hair looks so good today too! Damn it all!" He took one step toward the rain, still sheltered by the canopy and looked at Kakuzu. "Hurry up slow ass! I'm tired and getting wet! Let's find the shithole you'll probably make us sleep in."

Kakuzu: Okay, that had to stop. "Just put your cloak over your head then," he responded, intentionally leaving out the moron he wanted so badly to tack on to the end. But for the sake of the experiment, he would endure this time. Still. This was Kakuzu, and there would be only so much the miser could take.

Hidan: "Fine," he replied in a petulant tone and reached for the back of his cloak. Without a care that he was bare beneath it, Hidan hiked up the back over his head and consequently showed off the back of his knees. "Which way to the fucking Inn?" he asked as he stepped out into the rain.

Kakuzu: He chose not to cover himself. He had the headgear, but that'd get soaked eventually...but he didn't mind. He could care less about if his hair got a little wet, especially when the whiny zealot was around to complain about his own. "This way," he muttered, and strode toward their destination. He didn't notice the bare backs of Hidan's legs.

Eventually they got inside the inn, a warm, old-fashioned looking place with wooden furniture up front to welcome the customers. No doubt the actual rooms would be a bit less welcoming, Kakuzu knew. He spoke with the woman at the desk and after a while, he finally got a key to a room with two beds. The stupid overpriced restaurant had made him spend enough that the room arrangements he had wanted were out of reach. But...they had a room and Kakuzu nodded for Hidan to follow him to it.

Hidan: All while they walked in the soaking rain and as Kakuzu worked out a room for them, Hidan barely took a breath to pause his bitching and complaints about the weather. Even the Inn clerk would randomly give the albino dirty looks for the things he'd say, especially when he commented how uncomfortable old wooden furniture could be and he hoped their beds weren't old too.

"I haven't done my fucking ritual for today, you know," commented Hidan on the way to their room. "There better be enough god damn room for me to do it in this shitty place!"

Kakuzu: ...Kakuzu didn't have enough fake nice in him to ignore that. As soon as they entered the room and he closed the door behind him, he tore off his mask and headgear and slammed them to the floor, and turned to face Hidan.

"Will you SHUT UP ALREADY?!?! I've had enough of your bitching and whining to last all damn MONTH, and just because your stupid ass can't seem to EVER BE CONTENT. WHAT the HELL does it take just to make you STOP?!?!" he shouted. His hands were curled into fists at his side, and a vein had risen at his temple. His blood pressure had shot through the roof by now. He was ready to punch straight through Hidan's head. He needed to calm down, control himself, control, control...it was a mantra. And it normally worked. However...

Hidan: He stared at his partner with a confused expression as if he were being yelled at for something he didn't even do. "I don't fucking get what you are talking about, asshole," responded Hidan and he walked right past Kakuzu toward one of the beds.

Reaching the side of the bed, Hidan unbuttoned his heavy cloak the rest of the way and removed the soaked item, tossing it unceremoniously to the floor. His weapons clanged on the ground right after. Rather butt-naked, the Jashinist leaned down with his back to Kakuzu to start removing his footwear--his bared, but finely sculpted, ass perched up in the air.

Kakuzu: He was naked. STILL. Kakuzu looked down at the floor, his arms crossed. "Didn't I tell you to start wearing pants again?" he asked, and in his tone was a peculiar mix of sounds. It was somewhere past annoyed, but not yet pissed off, and it was quiet. Perhaps aggravated, with a hint of embarrassment; just a hint, though. It wasn't as if he hadn't seen the Jashinist naked before, but he didn't appreciate being flashed, really. He looked up again, though, at the window above the man's head, waiting for him to stand and reply.

Hidan: Completely nude, Hidan turned around once he stood erect and faced Kakuzu. There was a small shrug. "In the base, but now we're out of it and I'm trying to fucking help with the cost of the damn repairing of clothing and shit. You're the asshole who is never fucking content, obviously," responded the zealot before turning back to the bed and pulling the covers down.

Kakuzu: He slapped his palm to his forehead and then drug it down his face to where it covered his nose and mouth, and his brow furrowed and he blinked, upon hearing the zealot's second sentence, his gaze calm and even, contemplating. He...was actually agreeing with Hidan a bit there. He really was never content, and he knew it. He removed his hand from his face entirely and decided to try his new tactic again.

"That wasn't what I meant. I was thinking more along the lines of throw your cloak off before you stab yourself, m-...and...I know. I'm never content. I'm a greedy bastard who gives a damn about nobody but himself, alright?" he said calmly. He shrugged out of his own cloak and sighed, walking over to the bed and laying back on it, fingers laced together and laying his head on his hands, his necklace pendant slipping out from his shirt. He was feeling depressed, and no longer in the mood to argue or shout. It was a rare moment for him. He so hated talking about himself. "Thanks for trying, anyway," he added.

Hidan: Hidan snorted contemptuously in response as he curled up under the covers, but remained facing Kakuzu. He was about to growl some form of good night when the single ryo glinted slightly with the mizer's movement and caught a pair of fuchsia eyes.

Slowly a pale head lifted to get a better view. "Huh? Man, you put a fucking ryo on a necklace? I don't know if that symbolizes how god damn greedy you are, or weirds me the hell out that you'd make a piece of money worthless!"

Kakuzu: He turned his head to the zealot, sending him an annoyed glare. Now maybe he can further his tactic and attempt conversation...he'd try, but it depended on Hidan whether or not he'd just sew his face shut to shut him up. "It's different. First thing I've ever received without having had to ask or kill or work my ass off for...and I'm not going to spend a gift, anyway," he told him calmly, gaze returning to the ceiling. Hn. Perhaps that last sentence was going a bit too far...

Hidan: The albino man was about to remark that Kakuzu would probably receive more things without such effort if he wasn't as much of an asshole, but the final sentence completely quieted Hidan for a number of minutes. He stared, pondering what was said. It wasn't that he didn't understand that it was his gift around his partner's neck, it was more complete shock that the other man actually cared about the gift.

"Heh, that's the damn coin I gave you, isn't it?"

Kakuzu: He didn't answer for a moment, instead pondering how this conversation was going to go. Still, even with him thinking, it was a bit of an awkward silence for the miser. Why? He didn't know. Maybe it was the fact that while normally he didn't care about anything but himself and his income, this time around he was...did the coin really hold any sentimental value to him? It was just a gift, and a pretty bad joke at that. Hmm...

"Yes," he answered simply, still facing the ceiling.

Hidan: "Damn, maybe I'm not so fucking bad at gift giving then," he responded and rolled over to make himself more comfortable in the bed. Hidan had completely expected his gift to be tossed in with whatever other money his partner had on him and forgotten. While unseen, a hint of a smile played upon the Jashinist's lips.

Kakuzu: "Hn," was all he said. That wasn't so hard. He could keep his tactic up every now and then - thought not too often, the zealot might get used to it - and at least be less stressed. Hell. He shouldn't even be thinking of positives and stupid things like that. The only positive he'd ever cared about was if it was his bank account balance. Or if things were working out well for him.

...but wasn't this working now? ...hm. Didn't matter. Whatever happened, happened, and he wasn't paying any attention to the happenings of the world around others. He could care less.

...he wished he could stop thinking long enough to go to sleep.

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