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[Log] Another Uchiha

Characters: Evil!Madara and Hidden!Akako
When: September 20th
Where: South Fire Country, in the forest
Rating: PG
Summary: Akako seeks out Madara and is given a job in their efforts to eventually take down the Senju. Madara smiles and plots a lot.

Madara: Two weeks. It had been just over two weeks since he had encountered the pink-haired kunoichi and confirmed his suspicions of who exactly had arrived in Konoha. His attention had turned to the southern end of Fire Country since, scouting out possible hideouts closer to the village. Much of his desire for revenge against several specific Uchihas was tempered by the fact that it was still one of his goals to see the clan as a whole rise to power again, so he had confirmed his determination for both goals with the thought that he would be patient and somewhat subtle with what he did do.

At present the former Uchiha Lord was poking around in a natural formation, a rocky hill that housed several caves near the bottom. His Akatsuki cloak was not present and his chakra was mostly suppressed, dressed instead in dark pants with many weapons holsters and the rust-red armor that seemed like a part of his body at times.

Akako: Akako walked out of the cover of the woods, her parasol open and shading her face. Sources and instincts pointed her in this direction for the man she was looking for. The other Uchiha she had found was a pawn and claimed this man to be the puppet master. Eyes the of onyx shined as she hoped to find out that he was working on someway to take down the Senju. Something that was more than sitting and waiting. She paused at the foot of the outcrop and waited for him to notice her.

Madara: One hand bent over his shoulder as he detected a new chakra approaching, grasping the war fan by the center rod that ran through the old weapon. The chakra flickered through his senses like flames, the cruelty of the fire more impressive than the amount of it. He turned and stepped to the mouth of the cave, appearing casual despite holding a weapon behind him and examining the new arrival with sharp red eyes. The bone structure and coloring was right, the feel of the chakra... but he did not recognize her. Odd.

"Greetings," he intoned, dipping his head very slightly. "And you are?"

Akako: "Looking for someone," she said softly as she tilted the parasol back so he could see her face. She had taken time with her appearance, having stopped at an inn the night before. An ornamental twist pulled her dark hair up and it was secured with a combination of clips and sebon. Her kimono was freshly cleaned, the black fabric dotted with what looked like red splotches. She closed the parasol with a flick of her wrist, though she didn't put it away. "Do you know anyone by the name of Madara?"

Madara: "Hn." He let a tendril of his chakra free, warping through the air with the distinctive feel of flames and ash and Uchiha. It was not a threatening gesture, as showed by his still casual posture, but rather to prove his identity. "You stand before him. Who seeks this audience?" His voice was rich with authority and power. He did not like repeating himself.

Akako: Akako answered him even as she lowered her eyes. She knew when she was in front of someone above her, or at least as the clan considered it. Her bow was elegant and formal. "Uchiha Akako," she gave a brief flare of her own chakra to show the truth to her words and waited. Here was what she had been looking for.

Madara: His mind spun, searching the records and his own memory for the mention of an Akako, but still he thought that he had never seen her before. "..." Filled with outward calm, Madara placed the war fan against the cave entrance beside him, just a hint of narrowed eyes before he dipped his head in return, a fluid half-bow from a leader to a clan member. At least this Uchiha seemed to have the manners of a traditional clan member down, though that in itself made him curious. For now though, he just asked, "Why do you seek my presence?"

Akako: Akako rose and relaxed a little bit. At least he hadn't demanded blood proof. She offered him a small smile that didn't really reach her eyes. "With so few of us left, we should be sticking together, no?" her voice was deeper as she said it, letting the fake one fall away. Her voice had been damaged in a strangulation attempt and never really fixed. "Besides, the Senju are lacking and I'm bored."

Madara: Blood proof would have been unnecessary, with the physical proof of her chakra and looks. His eyes would have seen through any genjutsu. His smile was a bit more real, small but dark and curved. "The Uchiha are divided in this world, and that is how it should be, for now. But tell me, what do you know about the Senju?"

Akako: "Of this place or home?" Akako asked playing with the small charm on the end of her parasol. "Home, they were murdering bastard who we were at war with. Here they seem to have managed to deceive the clan and kill them. And there only seems to be one actual blood relation of the Senju left."

Madara: She was from before the founding of Konoha, before the clan had begun its foolish downfall? Not only did that answer a few things, it could be very, very useful to him. He smiled. "I have warred with the Senju as well, but that was awhile ago. Konoha, the Senju's village, is filled with their taint and those related to them, even though there is said to only be one left who is of direct descent. That one is their leader."

Akako: "So the other one said," she acknowledged. "I asked him why he had taken revenge, why he wandered instead of actively working for this place's downfall. He told me he waited on your word." Which was true. She hoped he'd do more than tell her to wait. She hoped he'd give her a job, a purpose other than killing those in the white masks who came after her.

Madara: So she had met Sasuke, and by the sound of it, the one that he was now 'partners' with. "And he does wait on it. I wish that place's downfall to be accompanied by our rise, not our deaths from some reckless, suicidal mission. If you tell me what you are capable of, I can work you into the plans." Because that was clearly what she wanted, and oh, that pleased him so. A loyal Uchiha, and a female at that, would assist his long term goals greatly...

Akako: Akako twined her fingers around the charm before gripping the handle hard. If she told him, would he attack her? She tilted her head and decided that it would benefit her more to keep her mouth shut. At least until he saw that she was not useless because of her lack of sharignan. "I was part of the intelligence and interogation section back home."

Madara: His head tilted as he watched the woman play with her charm and parasol in a manner strangely like a security blanket, curling her fingers around it as she considered. So there was the possibility that she was keeping something from him. That was only natural as they had just met, but in time he would make sure the rest came out. He considered what he was given for a brief moment. "Take note of the patterns of the ANBU and other patrols that Konoha sends out, then. If you can capture and interrogate one of them without showing yourself to the rest of the squad, do it and report back to me. I primarily want to know if there is a known way to bypass the barrier over the village, but their strength and defenses are useful information as well. Also, if you see a slim Uchiha, slightly taller than me, with high cheekbones and a long scar on his face, bring him to me. I need to speak to him."

Akako: She stopped moving her fingers as she listened to what he said. "Can I keep the ANBU when I'm done?" she asked softly as she processed the information. He wanted to know if there was a way to circumvent the village defenses and wanted to learn what he could about these ANBU in general. And he wanted her to find a man with a desciption and no name. She could do that. And if he would let her play with them a little bit....

Madara: Madara chuckled, deep and dark. Sadistic: he liked that. "Go right ahead. And as for the man, you are to bring him to me without revealing my name. He may try and fight you, but if you tell him the Akatsuki leader wishes to speak to him, he will likely comply." Now if she could find and bring him Itachi without even knowing his name, then he would allow himself to be impressed.

Akako: A cruel smile lit her lips as he granted her request. Maybe he would be like her teacher. "If this man does not comply, shall I use force? Do you care how damaged the goods are?" She had done retrival before, even if it was not her perferred method.

Madara: "You may, as long as he remains alive." Itachi would be little good to him dead, despite how he had wished for just that for weeks after his betrayal. His method of revenge would have to be more... subtle, this time. He already had a way to begin all played out in his mind.

Akako: Hai, Uchiha-dono," Akako said fingers running over the handle of her parasol/blade as she thought. "How do I reach you?" She had already started sinking into the intelligence scene here, but she wanted to know how he wished to be reached.

Madara: "Either use the journals, or you can return here. I intend to have a contact post, at the very least, set up in this location." He liked that look in her eyes: businesslike, immersing herself in mission and duty. It reminded him of the days when his vassal was loyal. "There is a younger Uchiha that you should be wary of, if you happen to meet him. He is untrustworthy and unpredictable, no matter how much he seems like us."

Akako: "One other than the one wandering the forest?" she asked as her mind wondered just what her contacts were smoking. They clearly said two survivors. Well, two survivors and this man. But he was clearly the last Uchiha with sense in this place. Just how much of her clan was left?

Madara: "Yes. That Uchiha is currently in Konoha, and looks much like the one roaming the forest. Do not be fooled." Madara picked up his war fan and clipped its holding strap from his hip to shoulder, preparing to leave as soon as this meeting was finished. He had been in one place too long; if the unfamiliar Uchiha could find him, so could ANBU, and that would just be annoying.

Akako: "Hai, Uchiha-dono," Akako said recognizing his dismissal. She opened her parasol to shield her face her mind already on her mission. Finally, something she could do. And, there would be a little bit of fun now that she wouldn't simply being killing them anymore. "Until we meet again."
Tags: character: evil!madara, character: hidden!akako, log
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