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Characters: Uchiha Sasuke [crimsonheir] and Uchiha Akako [flamesnapdragon]
When: September 18
Where: Fire Country
Rating: PG
Summary: Akako and Sasuke have a chat.

Akako: The night was darker than normal, but then again, the lack of a moon could do that. She walked slowly, the combination of her black, red splattered kimono, and her lack of destination making speed irrelevant. The raven haired woman was wandering. She had managed to gather from the fort and the towns nearby that she was no longer in her home. This was some place new and different. It had it’s own Uchiha, though they were not hers. But it seemed to have no Senju. Without the quest for the other clan’s destruction she found herself lost. And thus she wandered.

Sasuke: Sasuke had no home. While he was reluctant to stay in Fire Country, he stayed nowhere near Konoha. In fact, every night he made sure the village was not in sight whenever he settled down. He didn’t want to see it more than absolutely necessary, after all.

He sat in one of the taller treetops, sitting on the thickest branch he could find and just glanced up at the sky. His gazing was disrupted when he sensed more than heard someone coming. He didn’t move, simply glanced down at the forest floor below and watched with crimson eyes.

Akako: She paused under the tree, her senses telling her there was someone above even without looking. Was he friend or foe? Or even something else? She had learned that these shinobi had loyalties outside their clans. They had a system of villages and that any shinobi not part of the villages was suspect. She’d already had to deal with a ninja in some funny mask. He’d also had a symbol branded onto his upper shoulder. Not that there was much left of him. The great thing about burning someone from the inside out was that it left little evidence of them and didn’t leave little evidence on the surroundings.

Sasuke: Sasuke watched as the person stopped below the tree and sunk back against the tree trunk further. He still didn’t move; he wasn’t of this world, his past, and he wasn’t sure what these people were capable of. His knowledge at this timeline didn’t extend much further outside of Orochimaru’s many bases, as try as he and Kabuto might to keep him updated on his former teammates.

He’d wait a little longer. Just a little longer...

Akako: Akako wondered briefly if the ninja sitting in the tree knew anything that could be of use. Did he know who the people in the silly masks were? Did he have knowledge that would help her make sense of this world’s shinobi political system? That last was likely. She leaned against the tree trunk and looked up. Best to start with the basic questions.

“Are you going to attack me?” her voice was throaty and deep, the damage that had been done to her windpipe during an attempted strangulation never having healed right.

Sasuke: Sasuke shifted slightly once he realized that this person wasn’t going to attack. However, that didn’t mean he allowed himself to relax or let his guard down.

“That depends. What are your intentions?”

Akako: Her intentions? She tilted her head, hair moving in the loose knot she had been forced to tie it in. What where her intentions? She had had many before this. The foremost had been the death of a clan that didn’t seem to exist here. But for now?

“Information,” Akako replied. She needed to know and to understand here. She needed to find a purpose again.

Sasuke: Information was all Sasuke had wanted, too. But Madara had been the only one to offer any to him, and that was fine with Sasuke. Itachi seemed to be useless, here, surprisingly enough. He hadn’t even seen his brother his their first and only meeting.

‘Information,’ however, was vague.

“Such as?”

Akako: Akako felt her lips quirk. It was a good question and one that she herself was having a hard time answering. Her hands disappeared into the sleeves of her kimono, fingering the seals that were weaved into the fabric absently.

“Do you have a name?” she asked. It was always easier to figure out what to ask when you knew someone’s name. Names, after all, had history.

Sasuke: Sasuke let out a soft ‘hmph,’ before answering. “Sasuke.”

Akako: “Mmmm,” she acknowledged pressing her lips together. Information was a trade, so she offered him something. “I am Cougar,” if he was unwilling to offer a family name then he would hardly get hers. And the name she gave was closer to naming her essence than the one her parents had given her.

“Tell me, Sasuke-sama,” Akako began, “what do you know of shinobi with bone white masks and red markings?” Perhaps she could find out why they keep attacking her. She hardly sought them out.

Sasuke: Bone white masks and red markings? Konoha’s ANBU? Heh. Tsunade really wasn’t going to take any chances, was she? Sasuke smirked slightly to himself, and when he smoke his voice was as neutral as ever.

“Konoha’s ANBU. They don’t take lightly to those who aren’t welcome within the village.”

Akako: Akako’s lips twisted in disgust. There it was again. Those villages. The idea of them was so foreign. What clan would give up it’s rights, it’s power only to become the servants of a bureaucracy?

“I’ve hardly done anything wrong, unless walking down the road is an offense,” she said, some of her anger coating her words. “I’ve never even heard of this Konoha until recently.” Give and take. Equal exchange.

Sasuke: “Konoha was founded on a peace agreement between both the Uchiha and Senjuu. The Senjuu were immediately placed in power, which lead to the Uchiha’s demise after almost a century.”

Akako: The news settled in her gut like a deadwieght. It explained a lot about her inquiries into the matter of Uchiha coming up with nothing but whispered mentions of two survivors. But she could not fault the Senju. It was a move that made sense. She would’ve done the same thing had she been in their position. Had the Senju been foolish enough to abdicate their power in order to gain peace.

“Foolish,” she rasped looking up at the stars that blanketed the dark night. “How utterly foolish of them.”

Sasuke: “Among many other things, yes.” Sasuke paused for a moment, glancing down to watch the other through the tree branches.

“Is that all?”

Akako: The little bit of movement caught her attention and she changed angles so she could look at him. Her breath caught. He was her kinsman. Which meant part of the reason she was wandering around was solved. But she knew better than to think that he would welcome her. While their similarities of bone structure and coloring were likely very close, she had no sign of the clan’s gekkai.

“Not quite,” Akako whispered. “Tell me why I can’t find the Senju. Tell me where the bastards have gone.” And she had gone looking. All she had found were whispers and talk of some kind of granddaughter....

Sasuke: Sasuke continued to watch, to observe her.”Konoha’s Hokage is the granddaughter of Senjuu Hashirama. That is the only Senjuu I know of, however.”

Akako: Akako closed her eyes as the familiar feeling of purpose settled about her shoulders. This Konoha had more to answer for it seemed than just the destruction of her clan. It was housing the very source of the disease itself. She would see it destroyed and the land salted. People would remember the blaze that brought it, and that woman, low more than anything the place had done while in existence.

“Tell me, Sasuke-sama,” her voice purred despite it’s harshness, “how do you plan to lay this place low?” The idea that he would not seek some form of retribution never even crossed her mind. Surely, these Uchiha, these foolish Uchiha, still had that thrust to even the score. It was genetically hardwared into them.

Sasuke: Sasuke couldn’t keep his fingers from twitching at the comment. How had she had known...? Ah... But of course, the Uchiha were all about revenge, thanks to Madara.

Sasuke looked away, then, and returned his gaze up to the stares for a moment before answering. “I wait for Madara’s word.”

Akako: She tilted her head searching for the name. The effort had her frowning. There had been partial records in the base she had been staying at and the name rang true. There had been brief mention of a Madara then. But that would’ve been the equivalent of over fifty years ago. Closer to a century actually. She frowned.

“Why do you wait on the word of this man?” she asked. It made little sense to follow the man, if he was the same, who had closed a majority of the bases.

Sasuke: “Because I agreed to help him in exchange for power.”

Akako: Akako couldn’t help it-she snorted. Those in power rarely gave up power to anyone else. Those that did were stupid and weak to begin with. Power wasn’t given to someone. It was taken, stolen, hoarded, snatched and hidden. She’d spent enough of her life catering to the whims of those in power to know.

“I hope you have more than his word,” she told him, doubt coloring the statement. The least she could do was offer advice. That way if something foolish happened she would not be responsible for the death of one of the few remaining Uchiha in the world.

Sasuke: The snort made the teen glance back at her, a frown creasing his lips. She doubted him. No matter. They probably wouldn’t see each other again anyway. Best not to let it bother him.

“What I have is none of your business.”

Akako: “True enough,” she acquiesced before a smirk blossomed on her face. It seemed the Uchiha arrogance was intact. Maybe it would be enough. “Though if we all stuck to our own business I’d be out a job,” and a hobby. She stepped away from the tree, and produced a parasol from one of the seals inside her sleeves.

“How do I find this Madara?” Akako asked opening it.

Sasuke: “Ask for him over the network. He’s bound to answer.”

Akako: “Hai,” she used the red and black parasol to hide herself as she spoke. “Good evening, Sasuke-sama. You are more than welcome to call on me should you ever need a favor.” Akako meant it. There were only a few of them left, after all. She stepped forward without waiting for a reply. He’d either call on her or he wouldn’t. That simple. 
Tags: character: hidden!akako, character: taka!sasuke
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