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[Log ] Let's have some fun..

Characters: native!Kisame, Evil!Itachi, Peachy!Sakura
Date: Sept. 8th
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Two people agreed to a fight, but would it be a equal fight?
Warning/Notes: None

Kisame: A fight. An honest-to-God fight, at last.

Sure, it didn’t seem like it was going to be with a very strong opponent, but he had lived long enough to know that appearances weren’t all they were cracked up to be. Rather, he did hope that this victim had at least some merit to them, because if not, he wouldn’t have time to toy with them. And though a kill was a kill, that wouldn’t be very much fun...

Thus Kisame waited, directly west of Konoha, twenty miles out. That way, only he would be able to savor her scream once the blade scraped away her flesh...

Sakura: A heavy sigh escaped her lips while she quickly fixed her gloves. It would be nice to have a fight with someone. Of course she knew the risks of fighting someone like him but it would keep her mind from the person she was thinking about. So having this fight would be good for her, even it costs her life.

When she saw Kisame in the distance she walked close enough so he could see her, slowly she tightened her gloves. “I told you I would be here, so here I am.”

Kisame: “Excellent,” he said, a wide grin splitting his face and showing the jagged teeth in his mouth. The first thing he did was bring his twitching fingers to Samehada’s hilt. He wasn’t just counting on a fight here - he wanted a kill. Nice and bloody and messy - he had, in fact, planned on leaving the girl little more than a red smear on the forest floor.

He drew his sword, the menacing look on his face darkening.

“Ladies first,” he offered politely, though he could care less who made the first move.

Sakura: A small grin appeared on her face, “You sound rather polite..” she spoke softly but loud enough for the man to hear here. A faint smirk crossed her lips; normally she wouldn’t challenge a S-rank ninja like this but she has some pent up anger that needed to be dished out. She’d show Sasuke.

Quickly she started to run towards Kisame, it wasn’t just a simple run like other ninja’s do. It was something her sensei taught her, appear then disappear before attack. A smirk appeared on her face when she jumped up in the air while the charka could easily seen on her fists. “Shannaro!” the girl shouted while her fist hit the ground which made the solid earth around them break into small parts.

Kisame: He followed her movement as best he could, a bit startled when the ground started to break up. He jumped back, landing at the edge of the break before slinging the sword to the side, the hilt elongating to have the blade attempt to reach her.

Sakura: Sakura’s eyes got wide when she saw the blade coming toward her. She quickly jumped out of the way before it could reach her. She bit her inner cheek since she knew this guy would be hard to fight.

After taking in a small breath she reached into her back pocket, three kunai knives slowly twirled on her fingers before she quickly tossed them towards him with all her strength. “You remind me of someone in my world.” she spoke while she knew that he would quickly dodge her attack.

Kisame: Retracting the large blade, he set it in front of himself as a shield. “And who might that be?” he asked, ignoring the way the crumbled ground shifted beneath his feet as he ran at her.

Sakura: She tried her best to keep her distance away from him, “A person who looks just like you” she spoke while she quickly took a kunai out that had a bomb tagged on it. She bit her lip quickly and threw it towards him. “And he acts the same as you do.”

Kisame: “Then he must be quite the charmer!” the blue man exclaimed as he batted away the kunai, which exploded promptly as it hit the ground some distance away. He swung his sword at Sakura again, but it was a miss, and scraped off a large portion of the tree that it hit, freeing a group of the blades from their bandaging. Again, he swung.

Sakura: “A charmer? I don’t think so, he was way different from that..” she spoke again but she quickly cut herself off when she saw what was coming. The teen’s eyes went wide when she noticed what was flying towards her. Quickly she tried to dodge the other way so she wouldn’t get hit but winced when she felt a small pain that hit her leg, after looking down she noticed she been hit. Gently she bit her lip, this was going to be a tough fight and she knew it. But it was better for her to do this then moping around feeling sorry for herself.

She took out three kunai that had bombs attached to them and threw them towards him while Sakura made a dash away from him while ignoring the pain in her leg.

Kisame: This was starting to make him get impatient. He dodged back so that the kunai wouldn’t hit him and dodged further so he wouldn’t get hit by the explosions. And that had taken him further from his prey...

He growled, his hand tightening around Samehada’s hilt as he ran after Sakura again. Like Hell she was getting away. His sharp teeth were clenched together in a frustrated grit.

“I thought you wanted to fight?” he called after her.

Sakura:  “I do and I will,” she spoke towards him while she came to a complete halt, she then let her chakra once again slowly appear on her fist. Her strength was the only way she could fight back against him and she would try everything in her power to, even through she knew the odds was greatly against her.

The young teen bit down on her lip while she ran towards Kisame. ‘Like he said this is a fight, I shouldn’t run away’ she thought to herself. When Sakura got close enough to him she quickly threw her punch towards his face.

Kisame: The punch hit him square in the chin, making his head toss back, and he smelled it. She got too close, and he smelled the blood from her leg. The shark-man’s eyes dilated further, the savagery in them apparent. When he next got a visual on the bright pink hair and the oh-so-<i>crimson</i> clothes, he <i>swung</i>. The backswing followed through the air cleanly but Kisame lost his grip on it, and it landed some distance away. The sword was going to remain in its abandoned state for a while, however, because that wasn’t what was on Kisame’s mind.

No, he smelled blood, and he was going to make sure there was more of the delicious copper scent, and he was going to cause it with his <i>bare hands</i>.

His grin widened. And he snapped.

Sakura: Her eyes got wide, something wasn’t right something didn’t feel right. A shiver ran down her spine when he saw the grin on his lips. “Great..” she muttered while she backed away from him. She almost tripped but quickly caught herself.

Now she needed to run, the kunoichi quickly turned around started to run as fast as she could, even if her leg was hurting worse then it did. Her Konoha headband slowly came untied and fell to the ground but she didn’t notice it, she was to busy listening to her her heart. ‘Run, just towards the village..’ she spoke to herself over and over again.

Kisame: “That’s’ll enjoy the chase!” And he was after her. He didn’t know nor did he care where he was running to, she was covered in red already and he wanted it. He was getting closer, taking his time about it, for it was all woods ahead as far as he was concerned and she wouldn’t get away.

Sakura: Quickly without a thought she jumped into the tree branches, jumping from one to another without a thought about looking back. She could easily sense him right behind her, this of course made the girl even more nervous. And the faster she went the faster her leg started to hurt more.

“I have to get away from him!” She muttered to herself, her eyes went wide when she saw the village in the distance. It was still far off but if she made it there maybe she would be safe in the village then rather outside, she could easily feel herself draining from energy. So without fail she started to use her chakra to run faster. “Just got to get to that gate..” she muttered while jumping off the limb of the tree and started to run towards the village.

Kisame: He wasn’t letting her get away that easily. He followed her with chakra-induced strength, second nature to him, and without even thinking about it followed her up into the trees, bashing branches in his way. And again, waithout the ability to think very coherently, he followed her straight into the west village gates.

Sakura: She was breathing heavily; she didn’t know how much more running the injured leg of hers could take. Quickly she ran into the west village gates without even thinking about where the place was. That’s when she went past building after building to try to place a hide.

That’s when she saw a small space that she could fit to and prayed to herself that the guy couldn’t find her while she slowly crawled into the small hole.

Kisame: Ohhhhhh no. He would tear that crawl space out if he had to, he was getting to that scent. Still unaware of his location, he began to reach at her.

Itachi: There had been a mention of a fight on the journals, so Itachi had made his way to the abandoned Uchiha district, excited and anticipating a chance to stretch his muscles. It would be the first time he had done more than exercises and endurance training since arriving in Konoha. He strode through the district on long legs, headed towards the forest area between the ruins of a once proud place and the village wall, where he had left a proposal for the fight to take place. Whether the others saw that or not... he did not know.

The sounds of crashing and cracking and panting reached his ears, accompanied by the pang of blood in the air, and he frowned. A quick application of chakra to the soles of his feet and he sped towards the source, only to blink at the sight of his Akatsuki partner digging in the dirt at the base of one of the houses.

“Kisame...?” he intoned, slightly confused.

Kisame: The man’s head snapped up and back to look at Itachi at the sound of his name. Somewhere down in there, he knew that the man hadn’t told him to stop but had, because of the training, gotten a warped signal that Itachi’s appearance meant it was time to stop killing.

...but he didn’t want to, damn it, he wanted to-

Where was he?

“Where am I?” he heard himself ask. Because...Itachi said the Uchiha relocated and couldn’t leave...............

Sakura:  Now was her chance. Since Kisame was distracted by who ever he was talking to she slowly crawled back more against the small hole. She bit down on her bottom lip so a wince wouldn’t come out of her mouth from the pain in her leg.

Very slowly and carefully she took off her glove and gently placed it a inch above her wound then started to heal it while she closed her eyes tightly from the pain, she knew very well she wouldn’t be walking well for a couple of weeks because of what happened to it, a tore muscle in her leg. Great the girl didn’t need that..

Itachi: The first thought in his mind was you started without me. But the dilated eyes when Kisame looked at him, the blood and dirt smearing his face even through the bloodthirsty grin... the blue-gray man was frenzying, he was certain. On who, not so sure, but it was someone who had taken what was either cowardly or intelligent and hidden away. He could not quite decide, but his mind tilted towards the former as a sneer appeared.

Still... that aggression could shift, to him even. “Kisame. Stop. We talked about this, remember? You are in the Uchiha district.”

Kisame: “...the Uchiha district...” Which meant Konoha. Oh shit. His eyes re-focused and he blinked, suddenly aware. He stood and looked around...this wasn’t good... He looked back over at Itachi for a moment...why the Uchiha district? Why Konoha? He obviously couldn’t help himself from frenzying still...he had to try, yes, but...

He nodded and headed quickly out of the village, looking for his sword. There went his friend...friends. Even Rin was in the district. Who would he talk to? That was the only way he could figure to stay sane, the distraction. There were no missions for him lately...hopefully that would change.

He swallowed.

Damn this...

Itachi: The look on Kisame’s face... He shook his head. That could be dealt with later. For now, he peered into the dirty passage of crawlspace, raising an eyebrow at the flash of pink he saw within. He was admittedly a bit curious, but he would not speak up. He needed to get back to Sasuke before the ANBU guard called for backup since they saw the shark-man on Konoha property.

Sakura:  When the girl heard another voice her eyes became wide with fear, now there was two of them? So now what should she do? Quickly she became nervous. Sakura took a deep breath then let out very slowly; she shouldn’t be scared. The girl was the one that agreed to the fight. So if there was another person she had to fight she would; even if her leg wasn’t at it’s full strength.

Itachi: ...The person was not crawling out. Well. That solidified his opinion of whoever it was as cowardly. He made a barely audible “tch”ing sound, then strode away. Clearly he would not fight today, so back to Sasuke he would go.
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