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[Log] Drinking is a time honored tradition

Who: jonin!minato and peachy!sakura
When: August 27
Where: Minato's favorite bar, Konoha
Warning: PG-13 for drinking
Summary: A night for remembering comrades, drinking, and getting to know one another. 

Minato: Minato checked the door number a second time to be sure he had the right one. Should he really have asked the kunoichi to go drinking with him? Likely not, but he needed to drink tonight and with the heavy sorrow that had settled on him since his trip this morning, drinking alone could prove to be very dangerous. He had left his jonnin vest in his room, and had settled for a black t-shirt and cargos with his shinobi sandals. The pants were stuffed with kunai and such-the only bit of him gave way to his profession. Tonight he was off duty. He raised his hand and knock politely.

Sakura: Sakura was quickly brushing her hair to make sure every detail was right, that's when she heard the knock on the door. "I'll be there in a second!" She called out loud enough so Minato could hear her. After putting her brush down she left her Konoha leaf headband next to the comb while she pulled her shirt down. It was just a small extra clothes that she had on hand, which was a pink shirt and black skirt, the girl still had no idea why she picked this at the last minute but she did. After making sure she looked alright she fixed her shoes and went to the door and opened it with a smile on her face. "Good evening Minato-san" she smiled gently after she spoke.

Minato:"Haruno-san," he offered with a smile. It was tight at the edges. "You look lovely," he commented. He was not the notorious flirt some of his friends could be, but he always felt that it was only polite to notice when a woman put effort into how she looked.

Sakura: A faint blush appeared on her cheeks when she heard comment, "Thank you Mianto-san, but you don't have to call me that." she smiled while the blush was still on her cheek. Gently she placed her left hand on her upper right arm since she was a bit nervous since she quickly thought that Minato was pretty good looking man. "You can call me Sakura other then Haruno-san" she giggled softly.

:"Sakura-san it is then," Minato agreed offering her his arm, every inch the gentleman. "I was pleased to find that the bar expanded. It's now a restuarant-bar." And he had nearly been attacked by the matronly woman who ran the place. She had been much younger and much thinner the last time he had seen her, but it had still been nice to find something familiar.

Sakura: A warm smile appeared on Sakura's face, "I like that much better then what you called me before," she then gently wrapped her arm around his doing what was lady like but keeping her distance from her. "See? I told you if you looked for it you would find it. And it's good that's it's now a restuarant since if we get hungry we can eat something" she smiled sweetly at him while looking into his eyes.

Minato: He returned the smile as he began leading her out of the hotel and out into the night. "I'm planning on getting utterly and completely trashed," he told her figuring he should be as up front as he could. His reasons for going to the bar were far from cheery. He was hoping she could lift his spirits and keep him from doing something completely stupid. But he would understand if she wanted to back out.

Sakura: She blinked her eyes a couple of times while she stared at her shoes, her arm gently wrapped a bit tighter around his. "You plan on gettin that drunk Minato-san?" she quickly came to a holt which made the man stop. Sakura then quickly looked up at him. "If you don't mind me asking is there a reason you want to that? It won't be easy to wake up the next morning feeling so sick..could you please tell me why you would want to do that so badly?"

Minato: Minato stopped walking and he looked at the pink haired woman next to him for a moment. He sighed before looking up at the stars. What the hell? He'd probably end up telling her before the night was out anyway. "I just found out that two thirds of the gennin team I am-was- responsible for are dead. And that the woman I was thinking about marrying is dead as well."

Sakura: Sakura's eyes widen when she heard what came from the mans mouth. "Your team was killed?" she looked down and bit her lip, "That's a great lost, but.." she quickly shook her head, "If you respect them and they did the same I'm sure they would not like what you would be doing Minato-san" she looked up while she spoke, "I lost a team mate also, but not dead wise...he ran off and decided to become a missing-nin." she let out a heavy sigh, "But...out of respect, I think what you are doing is wrong. I can't stop you from drinking but it should be towards their memory, the fun times you had with them. Not because of their death." She then looked the other way, "That's how I would want it..."

Minato: He smiled at her, his lips curving gently. "Perhaps drowning myself in sake is not the best way to describe it." He was forgetting how this was not his time or his world. "It has become tradition to toast those we have lost with sake and often we end up on the other side of drunkness by the time we are done."

Sakura: Sakura blinked her eyes and looked up at him slowly, "That's a tradition? I never knew that, I guess because no one ever told me that. But if you wish to do that I can help you" she smiled brightly while trying to forget her own memories

Minato: Minato continued walking then. "I would enjoy that immensely, Sakura-san," he commented returning her smile. He liked that she was so quick to smile, unlike so many he had known. Was that because she had not grown up during a war or because she was not as jaded as most of the other kunoichi he had known?

Sakura: "Then let's go inside shall we?" She spoke softly while they stood in front of the entrance. There was something about Minato that made her feel so peaceful and calm, she had no idea why but just being around him seemed to just bring a smile to her face without even noticing that she was doing so. "Let's have some fun okay?" She giggled softly.

Minato: "I could use some fun," Minato said as he held open the door to the bar for her. He couldn't really remember the last time he had tried to truly have fun. The war and his gennin team kept him too busy for that mostly. The bar was separated from the restaurant portion by a half-wall, the upper half being frosted glass. Saw dust covered the floor and dark somewhat abused furniture populated the room. The place was teeming with people already, mostly off-duty older shinobi. It was clear that the place had middling prices that most lower level shinobi would be stretched to afford, but Minato felt more at home here than any other bar in the village.

Sakura: "Thank you Minato-san" she smiled then entered the bar, a faint giggle escaped her lips. "Wow, this place looks amazing" she smiled while letting her arm slowly slip from his. Sakura looked around a bit then twirled around then giggled from the music that was playing in the background. Sakura then quickly went back to his side and pulled him to an empty both and sat down with a smile on her face.

Minato: "You should see this place on weekends," Minato said as he sat across from her at the booth. "There are as many people being thrown out for rowdiness as there are being let in." He waved a hand to catch the attention of one of the serving girls. He ordered two cups and a bottle of the house sake.

Sakura: "Really?" her voice was filled with excitement, "I’ve never been to a place like this before so everything is so new to me" she looked around before placing her hands on her lap. Why was she so nervous for? This wasn't really a date or anything so why was she feeling like there was butterflies floating in her stomach?

Minato: He blinked at the woman in front of him. "You've never been to a bar?" He didn't mean it as an insult; he had never heard of even a gennin class shinobi who had never been bar hopping. Had things really changed that much? "Well then, we'll just have to order you something fun when the waitress gets back. Do you like fruit?"

Sakura: A blush quickly formed on her cheeks, "No, I have never been to one. T..Things are different from the place I come from." she twirled her hair with her left index finger nervously. Sakura then looked at him and quickly smiled, "Of course I love fruit"

Minato: Minato noted the blush and decided it was from embarrassment and it would likely be made worse if he continued on the topic. Thankfully, he was saved by the arrival of the waitress. She placed the two cups and the bottle of sake between the two. "Can I get a mojito for myself and sex-on-the-beach for the little lady?" The waitress nodded and Minato reached across over and began to pour them both a shot of the sake. The drink had always been Kushina's favorite.

Sakura: After saying thanks to the waitress before she left she looked at the sake cup that was in front of her. When was the last time she drank this stuff? She knew she had before but she couldn't think the last time she did. After wrapping her hands gently around the cup she noticed the design on the cup, "It's just like the cup at home" she smiled softly while whispered to herself softly before she took a drink from the sake. Just from one drink from the liquid she already felt relaxed, gently she placed the cup back down while running her hand around the rim gently. "So Minato-san..how long have you been to this place?" she spoke while watching her cup and ignoring what the finger twirling meant since her sensei told her about what a lady really means when they twirl their finger around rims of cups.

Minato: Minato watched her play with her cup as he thought. "Ano...," he could have crossed at any point after the end of his mission with the fact that the forest had looked the same. "Two or three days, I think. You got here last night, right, Sakura-san?"

Sakura: Sakura quickly snapped out of her thoughts and stopped moving her finger, she then looked at Minato, "Hai, just last night and this place is already confusing me. So I'm very grateful that you invited me here with you, I needed time to clear my head" she smiled softly.

Minato: "You are proving most charming company," he replies picking up his own sake cup. "To this strange, new world."

Sakura: Sakura blinked her eyes then slowly put her hand behind her ears. "I..I don't even know what they want. And why they are acting like that..I don't even know them." she spoke softly while she quickly took a drink from her cup then placed the empty cup on the table. She then stared down at the empty cup. "Heh, I said this was going to be fun and I just made it less exciting" she spoke softly without looking up at Minato

Minato: "Hardly," he commented as he drained the contents of his cup and poured himself more. "Though I am curious as to about whom you are speaking. Your missing-nin friend?" The waitress showed up with the drinks then and Minato pushed the fruity orange colored drink towards the girl, hoping she wasn't the type to get mopey when drunk.

Sakura: Sakura thanked the waitress then smiled when the drink was pushed towards her, "Thanks" she smiled gently at him before she took the drink from her new drink. A faint giggle escaped her lips, "This is really good, I'm glad you picked it for me Minato-san" she smiled brightly, she then perked up a bit. "Oh the missing-nin friend? His name is Uchiha Sasuke" she then took another drink from her cup. "He's a baka teme..I could care less about him at the moment, since he just left the village to find more power or something like that" she shrugged then took a small sip from her drink. It was easy to tell that she was no longer moping, but seemed a bit tipsy. But of course she forgot how she acted when she was drunk since Ino or Tsuande wasn't around with her.

Minato: Minato blinked once, noting the seeming bipolar behavior. Right, happier topics. "So, do you have a boyfriend, Sakura-san? A lovely woman such as yourself must have to beat them off with kunai." He meant it as a compliment. She was rather nice to look at and he pink hair was a unique touch. He'd always liked bright hair and feisty women.

Sakura: A quick blush appeared on her face when she heard the question, "M..Mianto-san? Me having a boyfriend?" she giggled softly while she moved her bangs away from her face. "No, I'm single, and no boys really go after me" she couldn't help but giggle. "For some reason...being around you Minato-san makes me feel calmer and happier" she smiled at him with a cute smile. "I wished I would of met you sooner, or knew you sooner" she smiled at him then took another sip from her drink.

Minato: "None?" he stated shock apparent on his face. "They must all be blind. deaf, and dumb." He closed his eyes as he sipped the mojito, noting how fast she was going through her own drink. Perhaps, he should try to get her to eat something? But she was medic and surely they knew their own bodies better than he could... "I do believe that if I hadn't timeskipped I would've been your father's age," he mused.

Sakura: A small laugh escaped her lips, "I guess your right about that, you would be" she smiled. The girl was getting a bit drunk which made her a different person, a person who liked to flirt and do other things that her sober self wouldn't even think about doing. "I guess I don't have a time to find one, or they don't find me" she twirled her hair a bit while she quickly noticed how much she drank. "Ooops" she laughed softly, "I guess I really do love the fruit drinks."

Minato: "I know that feeling," he commented. "Some days all I have time for is training and missions. Maybe squeezing in sleep, food, and some jutsu work." He sighed and wondered whether it would be rude to order her water. "I'm glad you like the drink, though." He finished off the last of his sake, noting the relaxation that had set into his bones.

Sakura: "I guess you do know how I feel, between all the training, the missions, and working at the hospital...I really have no time to find a relationship." She spoke while she let out a faint sigh while she ran her hand through her hair. A very faint blush appeared on her face while she quickly fixed her hair but didn't notice it was on her face. "Thank you Minato-san, it was very kind of you do this for me" she smiled sweetly while giving a quick wink.

Minato: Minato, having slid into the relaxed hum that alcohol always gave him questioned whether he had seen the wink, and then began to dissect what it might mean. His mind decided to dismiss it as too much to think about as he drank more of the mint and rum concoction. "I should be thanking you," he told her as he leaned back in the booth. "I would've come out, done my toasting and then spent the night in sorrow. You've made my night quite a bit more cheery."

Sakura: The blush slowly went darker on cheeks when she heard what he said, "Really? That's the first time someone really said something that nice to me" she smiled while she sat up more in her chair to fix her shirt since it was falling down a bit. "I'm glad I made this a happy time for you.”

Minato: And his eyes went to the shirt, which he blamed on the sake, and he snatched his eyes back up. He did his best to cover the whole thing with another sip of the mojito. He was, technically old enough to be her father. Hell, according to Hasegawa-san he had a kid her age. Not to mention she was a few years younger than him without the timeskip. "You've made an excellent drinking partner," he affirmed.

Sakura: Of course she noticed him looking at her chest but ingored it with a smile. She wouldn't push anything on the guy, since he was such a kind guy towards her. "Thank you Minato-san" she smiled while tilting her head a bit which made her sleeve slip a bit. "Oops" she giggled while she quickly pulled her shirt up to cover her bra. "I...I'm really sorry about that" she blushed deeply and looked down.

Minato: He closed his eyes and signaled the waitress for their check. "And I think it's time to call it a night while I can still walk," and remember enough to know I am attached, however precariously, and you are younger than me. He wanted to add that last bit, but he didn't. He liked Sakura-san. She was very nice. But he knew better than to get involved with a kuniochi who was drunk.

Sakura: She quickly nodded, "I think so also." she faintly smiled at him, "But thank you, it was fun. I had a nice time...I'm just sorry I got carried away with the drinks" she smiled nervously.

Minato: Minato returned her smile with a gentle one of his own. "Everything is fine, Sakura-san," he told her as he paid the bill and tipped the waitress. He stood, taking a second to be sure of his balance before offering a hand to help Sakura up. "Let me walk you home."

Sakura: "Thank you Minato-san" she spoke softly while she slowly stood up and fixed her skirt so it wouldn't winkle, her balance was perfect. It was just her personality that changed. "Don't worry so much I can walk just fine" she gave him a reassuring smile while she gently took his hand.

Minato: "Do you really know so little of a gentleman, Sakura-san?" he asked as he pulled her through the crowd and out into the night air. "A gentleman offers aid not because he believes the woman needs it, but he believes she should have the option of taking it." He kept ahold of her hand as he set a leisurely pace through the streets. The night was pleasant.

Sakura: Sakura looked down while he listened to his voice, why did it seem so calming to her? Why were those thoughts running through her head?!?! He was old enough he could be her father! "It's very kind of you Minato-san, but like I said. I never been treated this way, so I'm not used to it." She spoke softly while a soft gust of wind blew through her hair. "I'm very grateful for being this kind to me, even though I'm just a stranger to you" she spoke while not looking up at him.

Minato: The fact she wasn't looking at him bothered him. He stopped walking and used his freehand to tilt her chin up. "There is no need to thank me, Sakura-san. I'm nice to you because I want to be." He paused and removed his hand, blaming the move on the mellowing affects of the sake and mojito. "And you are far from a stranger."

Sakura: A faint blush appeared on her cheeks when she looked into his eyes, it was the first time she really realized how blue they was. "M..Minato-san.." she stuttered a bit. "But how can that be? We just met, I'm still a stranger to you." she then looked at the cherry blossoms that was close to them. "That's all I am, just a stranger. You just met me yesterday, you don't know a thing about me. So how can you say that?" she spoke while looking into his eyes. "I'm very greatful for your kindness, it really meant a lot. More then you know Minato-san" she smiled sweetly, the words she spoke was the truth and not from her being a bit tipsy.

Minato: "Ah, but I know you're a very kind and lovely person, Sakura-san," he told her. Minato was not going to fight her about the issue. If she felt they were strangers there was little he could say to change her mind. "Will you promise me something, Sakura-san?"

Sakura: Sakura blinked her eyes and looked into his again, "Thank you Minato-san, you are very kind. More then you realize" she then tilted her head since she was now curious by what he wanted. "And what should that be?"

Minato: "Promise me you'll never thank me for my kindness again," he was serious. His kindness was his gift and she needed to just except it. Perhaps she could grow as a person if he offered it to her, but she needed to take it and roll with it.

Sakura: Sakura blinked her eyes a couple of times before she looked away from him, "Hai..I promise" she spoke softly while she slowly took his hand away from him. She then walked over to where their was a clear path and looked up at the stars, "Then promise me you will just call me Sakura.." she spoke softly.

Minato:"No honorifics?" Minato asked watching her, his mouth suddenly dry. Just what the hell was he doing? This should have a dozen alarm bells ringing in his head, but they were quiet. He would just have to be sure he kept things within the lines, right? Right.

Sakura: Sakura faintly smiled and looked at him, "Hai, none of those.." she smiled at him before looking up at the night sky and gently clasping together against her body. "I'm sorry Minato-san but that's my promise I want you to keep for me" she spoke while she quickly pulled her skirt to stay down from the wind.

Minato: He closed his eyes for a second, before nodding tightly. She needed more kindness in her life if she was acting like this from alcohol and little bit of attention. "I'll do that, Sakura," he said tasting the name on his tongue. It was odd. Even he had never referred to Kushina without some kind of honorific.

Sakura: She quickly smiled at him, "Thank you Minato-san" she bowed slightly then quickly stood back up. "I hope I didn't cause you too much trouble back at the bar. And I can walk back to my room, so you don't have to worry" she smiled softly at him after she spoke.

Minato: Oh, no she didn't. There was no way she was going to get back to her room without him making sure she got there okay. "I offered, Sakura," he said pausing between each syllable of her name and retaking her hand. "And just call me Minato," he added quickly. It would be odd if he was the only one on first name basis.

Sakura: Sakura just blinked her eyes while looking up at her face, "I can do it myself Minato, I'm stronger then I look." she spoke while trying to avoid the color of his eyes. "It's not very far from here anyways..what could happen to me?"

Minato: "That last question will be why I'm walking you home," he said firmly and started in the direction of the hotel, hand firmly wrapped around her own. "Besides, I'm only one floor up," he grinned at her over his shoulder.

Sakura: She gave him a bad look but didn't say anything to what he said, "I know the way there it's just straight ahead, I'm not a little girl Minato!" she spoke while closing her eyes while letting him pull her towards the hotel.

Minato: Minato stopped and let go of her hand. "I've offended," he stated softly. "I apologize. I'm well aware you are not a little girl, Sakura," he paused and inhaled here. "I'll go if that is your wish."

Sakura: Sakura bit her lip, "Y..You haven't done anything wrong Minato, nothing. It's just me" she quickly hugged herself and turned her back away from him. "And you don't have to apologize, you should of guessed from the beginning what I was trying to do. I'm not like my sensei I don't get flat out drunk from one cup of sake." she whispered. "Maybe..it's better if you should stay away from me." she whispered softly while she turned to look at him, "I don't want you to do anything you don't want" she then started to walk away from him towards the hotel but quickly stopped. "My friend..he has your eyes the same color.." she spoke softly and started to walk away from him.

Minato :And that had to be the last thing on his own list of expected things. But he knew better than to let things stand like this. She was just a lonely woman. He flashed in front of her, his chakra leaving its characteristic trail of yellow behind him. "I'm an adult, Sakura," he said flatly more than ready to go after her if she decided to take flight. "I'm not stupid. I'm not doing anything that I don't want. And as for your friend, you know I'm not him, right?"

Sakura: Sakura quickly jumped when she appeared in front of her, she then came to a quick stop while biting her lip. "Yes I know your not Uzumaki, I can easily tell that." she spoke while looking away from him. "And it's not like I wanted his company anyways." she muttered while biting her lip again, "Why is your voice so comforting why does it sound like that? It just pulls me..and..." she looked down, "I'm sorry for my childish behavor..please forgive me."

Minato was going to have to beat the apologizing out of her. Never mind if she was a friend of Kushina's son, which just made this take a notch up the fucked-up meter. He knew the Kushina's son part was important, but he shoved it to the back of his mind. Right now, he needed to focus on the kunoichi infront of him. "I have no clue why my voice sounds the way it does," he stated. "There is nothing to be forgiven for," he dismissed her apology and leaned so that they were close to eye level. "Now, do you want me to walk you home or not?"

Sakura: Sakura blinked her eyes and let out a soft sigh, "Hai.." she whispered softly while not looking at him, "T.." but she quickly stopped herself since she knew she would be breaking her promise

Minato: Minato offered her his hand once more, waiting for her to take it. He had noticed the bit back apology and offered her a gentle smile in exchange. "Then let's get going before the sun comes up and we have to be about our normal business."

Sakura: "Hai" She smiled softly at him then took his hand gently while she let out a soft sigh. "Minato? You can call me Sakura-san..but only you can call me that alright?" she gently smiled at him.

Minato: He blinked as the started off towards the hotel again. "But then that would void your promise not to apologize, Sakura," her name still felt odd in his mouth, but he was getting used to it. "So, will you keep your promise if I call you Sakura-san?"

Sakura: A smile appeared on her face, "Hai, I never lie to my friends Minato-san" she smiled brightly after she spoke, Sakura then stopped since they was now to the hotel front door. She then gently let go of his hand and moved away from him a bit. "Thank you Minato-san, tonight was fun. Get some rest you never know what will happen tomorrow in this crazy place. Plus I have to work on my training again" she giggled softly.

Minato: "I'll see you around, Sakura-san," he said smiling. "Don't be a stranger." He faded away then, using the slower form of teleportation rather than his characteristic yellow flash jutsu.

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