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[log] Still Rin-chan and still Minato-sensei

Who: jonin!minato & uchiha!rin
When: August 28
Where: Small cafe near the border
Warning: PG ish, implied sexual relations
Summary: Rin meets Minato an they catch up a little and he is shown pictures of the kids.

Rin: Rin was used to running late.  Between the kid and the chaos from the still recent world change, nothing ever went as planned.  She hadn't bothered to dress up.  She had intended to look a little more presentable than she did, but that just didn't happen.  There were no purple stripes on her face, and hadn't been for a long time.,  Her hair had grown longer and was tied back in a pony tail ... unfortuantly the only holder she had found was pink and sparkly because it was Hitsuki's.

She had on a mid thigh length black dress with the center wrapped in a red obi to hold weapons in and one medical apron instead of two.  The trademark stockings were there as well as black ninja sandles.

She hurried to the cafe she had mentioned to Minato, hurrying in, about fifteen minutes late and a little out of breath as she looked around for that shock of blond.


Minato: Minato sat in the cafe, his normally cheerful face looking a little worn. He had not been properly prepared for the shock that was going to the memorial stone. So many.... And had it been his fault? Two names were on there that had been his direct responsibility regardless of the amount of time he had been their sensei.

He smiled at the young girl who came to take his order, asking simply for some black tea. Perhaps it would help to soothe him in a way that the sake had not. Death was old hat for shinobi, but that did not make the inital blow any less. He looked up at the sound of the cafe door opening.

Rin: The girl wan't much taller, and although no one would ever accuse her of being curvy, she had softened the boyish angles with the extra years.  When her dark brown eyes found that shock of blond and the blue eye she used to lose herself in, she smiled and walked over to him.  Instead of bowing or just sitting down next to him, she walked right up to him, and went to hug him with a whispered, "I'm sorry I couldn't see you earlier."

Minato: He had to clamp down on his war reflexes, the fact that her chakra was the same just about all that had allowed her this close. He'd only been away from the front for a few months thanks to taking on the team to begin with. He embraced her back with just the right about of friendliness. It was nice to have something familiar here, even if it was still different.

"Don't worry about it, Rin-chan," he told her. "I think I may have needed the alone time. How have you been?"

Rin: She sat down on the chair opposite him at the small table.  "Exhausted.  We got here only a few weeks ago, and it's just been ... crazy getting everyone situated."  The only jewlery the woman wore was a necklace with a heart hanging from it, and on the heart hung two charms, one a blue stone and one a dark red.

"It is just so strange to be someplace and some time knew again."  She was becoming very good at this world changing phenomena.  She wasn't sure what, or how much she should tell him about herself, but what she did know was his history in her world, "In my original world, I was near my Minato's side until just moments from his death ... so if there is anything you want to ask..."  She was speaking softly, knowing how painful these things could be.  She knew first hand what it was like to read your name on the marker and to know so many other.

Minato:  At the mention of his death he grimaced. He had plenty of questions about his death, but the subject was raw at the moment. His death was tied so tightly to that of Kushina from what he understood and she was not something he wanted to think about at the moment. They were only just together, only just having realized he might be interested in something other than the deep friendship they had developed after saving her. So he latched onto the other part of her statement.

"We?" he asked raising his eyebrows.

Rin: The girl smiled as she reached into the medic bag to pull out her purse which held the few pictures she always carried with her.  One of those was selected and slid across the table.  "It's from Arashi's birthday back in January."  Rin had hated the picture when it was first taken, but it had soon grown on her.  Arashi had taken a fist full of his cake and smooshed it into a very surprised looking Rin's face as Hitsuki laughed.  It was one of her only pictures with her and both of the kids at the same time.

"The blonde is Hitsuki, she is going to be five."  Maybe that explained some of why Rin wasn't wearing a hitai-ate at the moment.

Minato:  He looked at the picture of two children surprise etched into his every cell. Rin had kids. His Rin-chan had kids. Despite being only twenty-one he suddenly felt a lot older. He had kid running around somewhere, too. It didn't matter that he hadn't met him or than no one really seemed to be able to tell him who it was. It was classified information.

"They're adorable," he told her his eyes flicking to her left hand. He noted the lack of a ring. "When was the wedding?"

Rin: The girl positively beamed when he said they were adorable.  She paused a little when he asked when the wedding was.  "Their father and I are not married.  We don't have any plans to either."  She laughed a little then, "He loves me and the children very much though, and that is what is important."  Rin's opinions on these things seemed to have changed from when she was a romance story ready, soap opera watching, fairy tale dreamer of a girl.

Minato: Minato was not a man most would consider romantic. True, he believed in manners and could never contemplate getting some woman pregnant and not at least offering her marriage. He was well aware of the way that shinobi life got in the way of that old fashion kind of courting he would prefer. Often, there was such a small amount of time left over for romance that a quick romp in the sheets was all the expression love could be given. Or love was kept close to the breast on the off chance that some enemy shinobi would use it against one or the other of you. But still...

"Did he bother to offer? And just who is he anyway?"

Rin:  She smiled softly at him and answered, "Uchiha Sasuke.  The children are Uchiha.  He adopted me into the clan, but circumstances make marriage unlikely.  It's OK though.  I have a family and I am happy."  She laughed a little and explained, "I know it isn't the proper way, but I would rather be called mama than wife."

She didn't know what else to say.  Either he would accept her how she was or he wouldn't.  She wasn't going to change herself for anyone, not any more.  She had two children who adored her and a family.  Sasuke loved her in his own way, and she knew he appreciated what she did.  It was good.

Minato: He frowned and sipped the tea the waitress had slipped onto the table while they were talking. Uchiha Sasuke was the name of that brat from the internet. The one with no manners. He sighed and closed his eyes. Judging had never really been his thing to begin with. It was part of the reason he was so well liked by his peers.

"He claimed the children?" he asked knowing how nasty clan politics could be. Rin was a big girl. If she was old enough to have kids, then she was old enough to take care of herself. The kids were another matter. Illegitimate children in clans rarely got much more than lower rung positions if the clan didn't kill them outright.

Rin:  Before she answered, she order tea, extra sugar, and some pastries from the waitress.  Her manners had gotten better, polite speech sounding natural now from her lips.

She tilted her head at him, getting the gist of what he meant.   "Mineto-sensei.  Those two children are probably the only Uchiha children this world has seen since the clan was massacred.  I do not know how things will work here, but in the world we were in, Sasuke was clan head ... of a very very small clan.  He is proud of those children, and the future of the clan rests on their shoulders."

Her voice softened as she said, "Sasuke may not seem it to people that do not really know him, but he is a wonderful father and very protective of his children.  He loves them and would do anything for them."

Minato: He sighed, then grinned like mad. A truly evil idea popping into his head. He had no clue who or where his own wayward son was at the moment. He planned to remedy that as soon as he got his audience with the Hokage, but in the meantime...

"Does this mean I get to play uncle?" he gave her his best puppy dog eyes as he said it. He thought he'd make a good uncle. He could spoil the kids rotten and then send them home. 

Rin: She couldn't help laughing too.  "You are a fool, you know.  Willingly putting yourself in a position to babysit two Uchiha.  Once Sasuke decides you can be trusted with his little princess  and his little boy, then yes.  That is assuming one thing ... Can Minato-jisan dodge quick enough so I won't have to patch him up after wards?  Those kids treat anything and everything as a projectile."  She was all smiles as she said it.

Whatever anyone else said about Sasuke, he was a very protective father, and considering everything, that was a very good thing.

Minato: He chose to ignore the bit about getting the Uchiha's permission. And babysitting? What was that compared to fighting a war?

"Are you challenging my speed, Rin-chan?" Minato asked his eyes twinkling. She had definitely lifted his spirits even if it had been in the form of two unexpected rugrats. "I'll have you know, I'm still probably the fastest shinobi in the four nations."

Rin: She laughed at that.  "You haven't see how fast Arashi can throw any food he decides he doesn't like.  One of these days, you will be smacked with carrots in the back of the head and you will never underestimate that kid's throwing arm again.  Do you know how nasty getting carrots out of your hair is?"

She couldn't help laughing though as she added sugar to her tea.  "At least he throws food.  Hitsuki used to throw forks.  She drew blood on a few people.  Oh and dodging sippy cups."  She tried to look serious, but she was smiling too much, "I don't know if Konoha will ever recover when those two move back to the district."

Minato: "Sounds like excellent training," he noted as he sipped his tea. "I'm worried with the way everyone keeps talking about peace, I'll get horribly rusty. I'm actually thinking about putting in for ANBU." He couldn't help it that as much as he enjoyed the way the civilians didn't peer around every corner looking scared out of their wits and the lack of refugees, that peace was, in a way, making them all soft. That softness could prove deadly.

Rin: She gave him a near perfect pout.  "I don't like the thought of you doing something that dangerous."  Rin smiled though as she added, "Although I would like to do something a little more ... well, adult oriented than maternity leave at some point."  She had to laugh at that.  "Then again, I'd be less likely to be hit by a projectile at the hospital than in my own bedroom."  

She paused for a moment before admitting something, "I don't know what you would think of this choice, but even before I was pregnant, I wasn't doing actual missions any more, I had been working full time as a surgeon in the hospital."  Her Minato had put so much effort into her ninjutu and genjutsu that she felt it was in a way a betrayal.

Minato: "That's wondeful," he said. He'd always been more about saving lives than taking them and he knew just how important doctors could be. "I'd love to have you for a doctor. You'd have excellent beside manner." He had chosen to ignore her bit about not wanting him to do something so dangerous. He was a shinobi. Existing was dangerous.

"I bet you have some amazingly funny stories," Minato told her with a small smile.

Rin: She laughed softly.  "You're a little big for my patients though.  I worked in neonates and pediatrics."  She didn't stop smiling as she said, "I would make an exception for you, besides I could find out if your tatoo is in the same place."  OK, maybe she shouldn't make jokes about anything that the pants would cover.  She didn't say how she knew that.

And he paled. Only two people knew where that tat was: Jiraiya, since had helped to put it on, and his regular doctor. Hell, he and Kushina hadn't even gotten that far. Breathe, he reminded himself. She's a medic. Maybe she had been another Minato's doctor.

"You must really love kids," he stated taking a swing of his tea and almost wishing it was a little stronger. "Though about the tattoo..."

Rin: She took a sip of her tea.  "I do.  One of the only disagreements Sasuke and I tend to have is how far apart kids should be."  If it were up to Rin, she would have gotten pregnant again months ago.  Since it wasn't up to her, she wasn't.  Then that smile went mischievous, "And what about the tattoo?"  

Minato: The thought of just what was required for one of his students to bring kids into the world was one of the few things he had no desire to ever, ever picture or think about. So he latched onto the smile and the marginally safer topic.

"You know that's a trade secret, right?" he offered her a pleasant grin.

Rin:  She smiled and shook her head.  "I will try not to traumetize you any more than you already are.  I am not promising that I am not going to torture you with baby pictures though."  She did exactly that by pulling out one of the two kids, taken just a few weeks ago and snuggled up to their dog.  "That's the mot recent picture I have of them."  Although both had Uchiha features, Hitsuki's blonde hair was oddly out of place on an Uchiha -- Rin's dark brown fit in much better.

Minato: He looked at the picture and wondered vaguely if any of the people of his generation had kids and what they looked like. "They look like really great kids, Rin-chan," he said deadly serious. Was his son like that? Was he more Kushina or more him? It was painful to think about. Especially, considering how far away he was from her. They had just taken that step from friends to other, and he was uncertain it was going to work. He had evidence it had, but what if he never got back home?

"I knew you'd worm your way into the Uchiha clan someday," he said smirking and trying to keep his mind off his earlier thoughts. "Obito-kun was bound and determined. But as a baby making machine?"

Rin:  She smiled, long ago having accepted the demons of her past.  "I was stupid when I was young.  If I had had two brain cells to rub together in that head of mine, I would have chased Obito with all my energy and let Kakashi sulk."  She shifted a little, it was still a little hard to talk about Obito, but she had come to grips with her mistakes.  "I didn't realize what I was looking past with him until it was too late.  That doesn't change how I feel about Sasuke though or how much I love the kids.  There is no dishonor in being a mother."

Minato: "No there's not," he said frowning. He had forgotten that Obito's name had been on the list. That was thoughtless of him. "And forgive me for mentioning him. I keep forgetting who is alive and who is dead."

Rin: "It's fine.  Please don't blame yourself.  That name on the stone is my fault alone."  She looked to the side, "He died trying to save me."  She didn't elaborate, simply took responsibility for it.

Minato: "I'm not blameless either. Or at least my other self," this multiple universe thing was slowly driving him nuts. "I think perhaps the guilt is the heaviest burden shinobi bare. The guilt and the regret." He did bother to elaborate further either. He had his own ghosts from the war. There was a reason he had volunteered to take on the genning team. He fiddled with the cup that had once held his tea.

Rin: She didn't look up, instead looking into her cup as she spoke.  "In my world, it was not until the powers that be determined we were ready to be a team without you.  It was war, and ... maybe in peace times such a decision would not have been made."  She took a sip of tea before continuing.  "I was weak, I didn't notice the enemy until it was too late.  They kidnapped me, trying to get information on our movements.  Kakashi was gravely wounded and Obito died trying to save me.  Obito was the one though that ... he tried to save me, valuing team and friends over the mission.  You would have been proud of them.  Overwhelming odds and they worked together."

Minato: He offered her a crooked smile and covered on her hands with his own. "I'm proud of all of you. We all make mistakes. Sometimes people we love die. Sometimes many people we don't know die, and sometimes we get to fix them." He squeezed her hand and stared out the window.

"But this is all depressing," he said shaking himself. "Tell me what the little hellions like to play with. I'd doubt you'd appreciate me showing up with a bunch of play kunai considering how they like to throw things."

Rin: She looked at him and started laughing. For some reason 'play kunai' set of the laughter.  "That is another thing that Sasuke and I don't see eye to eye on with the children."  She put her hand to her forehead before even admitting this.  "Hitsuki has live steel.  Arashi has dulled steel."  Rin wa actually OK with Hitsuki at her age having the live steel.  "Evidently, Sasuke's parents gave weaponry to the kids really early."

Her smile widened as she said, "I did ask about your ability to dodge though."

Minato: "I never said anything about where the toys would be," he replied with a smile. "The great thing about being a long lost uncle is that everything, all the toys, the kids, and the noise go home to you. I just get to borrow them, load them with sugar, and return them to you." His eyes were twinkling with the last bit. He would never really do that. Okay, he would not normally do something like that.

Rin: With a giggle she said, "Hitsuki is likely to try to convince to keep her brother though.  She was very upset that he's a boy.  She wants a little sister."  Rin wouldn't mind giving Hitsuki a little sister in the slightest.  "She was positively heartbroken at the hospital when I explained we couldn't trade him in."

For all the oddness in Rin's personal life, some of the stories were just so typical.  "They're good kids though."

: "Wait till they get older," he said thinking of some of the other siblings he knew. "Then you might be the one wanting to trade them in." He meant it good naturedly of course.

Rin: She laughed more at that, shaking her head, "As long a they are potty trained by then."  She raised an eyebrow at him,  "I will refrain from any horror stories."  She got a little more serious as she said, "I'm happy though, that you don't seem disappointed in me."

Minato: "How could I be?" he asked her smiling gently. "You're happy. You're healthy. You've become a lovely kunoichi. What more can I really ask for?" He meant it too. So, he wasn't happy with the way she was running her love life. So what? It wasn't like he was in it. She was still Rin-chan. And when it came down to it, that was all that really mattered.

Rin:  She smiled at his response, leaving her seat to wrap him in another hug.  She was happy, honestly happy.  She felt accepted and felt better that the first new person she met in this world, and someone who was inherently important to her, accepted her.

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