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Characters: Taka!Sasuke [crimsonheir ], Oto!Sasuke [sharinganheir ], Evil!Itachi [sanguinarycrow ]
Date: August 13
Rating: PG
Summary: Sasuke's asked to meet Itachi, and so he does. Itachi keeps knowledge of the alternates from each other, leading to...a very heated meeting.

Evil!Itachi: It had been all too simple. Just a hint of chakra and he had left an illusion of them both lounging around their inn room while he swept away his spare and strode unseen through the streets, thanks to another diversionary illusion. Not informing his spare of anything other than that he wanted to show him something had been a bit difficult considering the younger man’s persistence, but he was secretly looking forward to both of their reactions upon seeing each other, so he had prevailed.

A thin smirk on his face, Itachi led the way in silence through the gate and into the Uchiha district. Striding straight past the houses and into the training fields between the residential section and the village wall, he finally stopped in a small grove of trees just out of sight of the wall and dropped the illusion around them.

Despite it being summer, Itachi was clad in his normal black slacks and sandals, with a comfortable white top and a black jacket with red fabric reminiscent of short belts hanging off of the buttons. His newly issued Konoha headband was within his hip pouch, having been brought along to make a specific point, if it was necessary.

And so, he waited for the arrival of his other brother.

Oto!Sasuke: It had annoyed the younger Uchiha as Itachi stubbornly refused to give him any details regarding what was going on, or even what was so important to see. The least he could have been told was where they were going, especially when his spare deemed it necessary to hoist him up over the shoulder in order to avoid having to inform Sasuke of anything. The action almost ruined the illusion, while Sasuke growled under his breath that he was more than capable of walking. It was purely his own curiosity on what could be on the elder’s mind that would require escaping their observer with genjutsu in the first place, that kept the young leader from making a greater fuss at that very moment.

His restraint on his own temper didn’t last long, for the moment the additional illusion was dropped upon arrival, Sasuke let his fury out. “What the hell is going on, nii-san?” he growled while taking in their surroundings. He knew they were within the district, but there was nothing for him to see that was of particular interest.

Taka!Sasuke: He had arrived in Fire Country. That fact alone extremely displeased Sasuke, and when Itachi had told him to meet him at the Uchiha District, Sasuke had to refrain from lashing out. His conversation with Naruto didn’t help his mood either. In fact, Sasuke had to purposefully seek out multiple ruffians to beat up just to at least somewhat satisfy his anger.

When it came time to meet Itachi, Sasuke made his way toward the village, masking his presence so that he couldn’t be detected, although he knew that as soon as he leapt over the village gates, they would know that he was there. Oh well. Itachi was more important than countless worthless others.

Sasuke didn’t bother with genjutsus. He calmly, surprisingly enough, made his way to the designated area, using the back entrance to the district. If and when the missing-nin ran into any opposition, he immediately knocked them unconscious with his eyes.

He came to a halt when he spotted Itachi and frowned. Who was he with and why had he not informed him of this.

Evil!Itachi: “I have a surprise for you,” was all that he informed his spare in response to the angry question. “It will be here soon.”

Leaning back against the tree, Itachi considered the multiple possibilities that this Sasuke could bring. If only he could get them to act like a coherent group and not recklessly attack random jounin on the road.

A few minutes later, a glimpse of black and red caught his eyes, and Itachi mustered a tiny smile, deliberately trying to smooth away some of the darkness in the expression so as not to scare away the newcomer.

“Ah, here he is. Meet your new alternate, Sasuke.”

Oto!Sasuke: He had grumbled and taken a seat on the ground against the tree his spare was leaning on. There was little point to continue arguing, even if Sasuke was not the best with patience, so with a sigh the younger man leaned against the trunk and closed his eyes in thought.

The approach of familiar chakra pulled Sasuke from his contemplation, and as they were introduced--if it could be considered as such--by his spare, he rose from his spot to turn and stare at his twin with ruby eyes. A couple years younger, he noted, and an Akatsuki cloak? The latter was not so much a surprise, but an indicator to him that they shared a common enemy.


Taka!Sasuke: Sasuke stared at the person Itachi was with. Itachi was with...him. What the hell, how the hell was this even possible? Sasuke frowned, ebony eyes spinning quickly into crimson. It wasn’t a genjutsu. Again.

What was the meaning of this?

“What’s going on, Itachi.”

Evil!Itachi: Looking between the two of them, Itachi could not help but release a dark chuckle. Oh, but this Sasuke even issued commands through supposed questions. Well, he would have to learn that not everyone would obey his little commanding routine.

Ignoring the ‘question’, he muttered offhandedly to the Sasuke beside him, “I would have thought you would be more pleased, my spare.”

Oto!Sasuke: His head tilted curiously as the Sharingan came to life on his alternate, his own eyes already in that state like usual for him. Slowly a smirk drew up the corner of his mouth, and without answering Itachi, Sasuke walked toward his younger self. It wasn’t a matter of being pleased or not, since merely seeing another Sasuke wasn’t enough to make a decision upon. Maybe. Or more accurately, he was refusing to show more than a little interest.

“You don the attire of Akatsuki. Why?”

Taka!Sasuke: Crimson eyes narrowed slightly as he was approached by...himself. He really didn’t like this, and he still wasn’t getting his effing answers. Temper, what temper?

“I am assisting Madara. Are either of you going to answer my questions or do I need to beat it out of you.” Ah, that temper.

Evil!Itachi: His crimson eyes, always in that state as well, narrowed at the newcomer and suddenly, he was gone. A sudden shove and the impudent boy was up against the nearest tree, legs and torso pinned to the bark by Itachi’s slighter but still powerful body.

“Enough with the forceful behavior,” came the whisper, just loud enough for for both Sasukes to hear even though it was by the younger one’s ear. “We will answer your questions when we so please, not when you command us to. You gain no respect from us this way, and believe me, you will need it to survive in this world.”

Taka!Sasuke: The sudden attack wasn’t expected, and Sasuke cursed himself mentally for letting himself get attacked so easily. It looks like it didn’t matter which world it was, Itachi was still a threat no matter what.

Oh well. Sasuke’s eyes widened in a craze, tomoe spinning rapidly until his Mangekyou emerged. “If you don’t answer my questions, I will seek those out who will.” A pale hand reached up and grasped Itachi’s wrist, forcing it off him and forcing the elder Uchiha back.

Oto!Sasuke: He watched the actions of his spare impassively. It was without surprise that he felt that familiar tinge of jealousy when Sasuke was pressed up against the tree, but the feeling was tucked away. It was an unreasonable emotion at this time, even for himself, the young man knew.

Thin brows knitted at his younger twin’s response and the appearance of the Mangekyou in his eyes. Moving closer, Sasuke placed a hand on Itachi’s shoulder as Sasuke tried to push the elder Uchiha away. Dangerous red eyes focused on the youngest of them, understanding the general nature displayed of his other self as well as that of their brother.

“You may find yourself seeking those answers for a long time then, Sasuke,” he stated quite simply.  

Evil!Itachi: Holding onto the younger Sasuke by gripping his upper arms tightly even as his torso was pushed back, Itachi gave a dark smile. The area pulsed with power as the tomoe of his eyes spun.

After several long moments of silence, he released the boy with a ‘hn’, but did not step back. “Respect us and I have no qualms about giving you information. But we are not here to simply follow unreasonable demands.”

Taka!Sasuke: Black and red eyes glanced from one Uchiha to the other. Pfft, respect them? Itachi, after what Madara had told him, he ceased to hate you; he’s wanted you back ever since, regretted fighting you ever since... And here you are, alive, well, and just a little crazy. Not that he cares, as long as you’re breathing. It’s respect enough.

“Decide which one it is or I’m leaving. I don’t want to be in this pathetic village longer than necessary.”

Oto!Sasuke: “Decide what? The one here with a decision to make is you, Sasuke,” he stated firmly. “You wish for answers. Answers we may have, depending on the questions. If you truly believe you can beat those answers out of us, then you are free to try. However you must accept the consequences of your action, and realize that to attack will forfeit gaining that knowledge when you lose.”

A cocky smirk decorated his lips as his fingers pressed barely into his spare’s shoulder before forming a sign with his hands. Sasuke hoped his twin would think on those words for a moment and realize compliance could equal greater gain, but he knew as well how volatile he was himself and prepared for the possible attack.

Taka!Sasuke: Sasuke reached up and slapped the hand off of him, preferring not to be touched. How he hated to repeat him, and it seems these two lacked a long-term memory if they had already forgotten the question asked as soon as he arrived. He had better things to do, if all they were going to do here was stand around and have the conversation go in circles.

Deciding not to waste anymore time, or breath, here, he simply walked away from the two and moved to leave. He really needed to get the Konoha stench off of him.
Tags: character: evil!itachi, character: oto!sasuke, character: taka!sasuke, log
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