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Rock Lee (ロック。リ一)

[Action Log] Encounters

Characters: Youthful!Rock Lee, Evil!Itachi, (and Oto!Sasuke if he wants to join)
Rating: PG
Summary: Lee is on his way back to Konoha after a long solo mission and runs into a different world's Itachi not far from Konohagakure.
Notes: Oto!Sasuke may join.

Lee jumped swiftly from one tree to the next, his eyes determinedly set forward. He was heading back to Konoha after a month long solo escort mission in Tea Country, and he was now only a day away from the village. He had cut down the travel time by a whole two days, and was hopeful that if he kept running all out he would arrive in Konoha no later than midnight that very night. If he did not, he would do a thousand push-ups, followed by 2,000 side-kicks! He raised a determined fist, his mouth drawn down in a serious frown and his brows coming together.

He jumped from one tree to the next, his attention not on where he was going as he was so caught up in his determined challenge, and managed to miss his footing, falling to the forest floor in a gree heap. He sat, up, rubbing his head. "Itai," he mumbled. How embarrassing! He was grateful his Eternal Rival was not there to witness such a disgraceful display! He would have to add another thousand punches to his challenge for his fall. He slowly rose to his feet, glancing up into the trees, and frowning. Just a moment ago, he thought he had felt the smallest of flickers of unfamiliar chakra, but he did not see anyone around. He scanned the surround shrubbery and thick trees, in hopes that he would find whoever was nearby, but had no such luck. He would not shrug it off though, just in case it was an unfriendly shinobi, or perhaps a bandit.

He pulled a kunai out of his weapons pouch, twirling it in his hand for a second before gripping it tightly. He rarely used weapons because his body was in such great physical shape, but he couldn't see his possible opponent and did not want to be taken off guard. He focused on his own chakra, doing his best to mask it. Though he had no ability to mold chakra, he had managed to learn a few important basics such as masking his presence, all through sheer hard work and determination. He then slipped into the shadow of a large tree, looking around warily.
Tags: action thread, character: evil!itachi, character: oto!sasuke, character: youthful!lee
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