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[Log] Birthday Bash: Chapter 4 - Hillside Sunset

Characters: Evil!Itachi, Oto!Sasuke
Rating: PG-13?
Date: August 1
Summary: For his birthday, Sasuke is given a day of anything he wants with Itachi.
Notes: This is a very long multi-chapter log that will be posted in segments upon their completion. Links will be added below.
This section was never finished, but is posted for completeness.
Chapter 1 - Early Mornings: Part I // Part II
Chapter 2 - Hot Springs and Sealings
Chapter 3 - A Long Ride
Chapter 4 - Hillside Sunset
Chapter 5 - In the Club

Itachi: The sun hung low in the sky, letting orange-pink light filter through the clouds and throwing the shadows of the sturdy oak trees on the hill overlooking the town into sharp relief.

Itachi gave a small, confident smirk to his spare as they paced up the hill side by side, and his kunai and his eyes were sharp and glimmering. "Whenever you are ready," he said.

Sasuke: When his brother stopped, Sasuke smirked faintly and gave no verbal response. The younger brother vanished suddenly, his movements quick as he went right for Itachi's blind spot before taking off to better strategize.

Only seconds later the teen was perched in a tree and analyzing his spare from a distance.

Itachi: All but sure that Sasuke would not attack immediately, Itachi still stood tense and ready. His hands moved in slow signs that would be hidden from his spare by his body, scattering three clones in the woods, suppressing their chakra and switching places with one of them, leaving the younger Uchiha staring at a clone that had a bit of a nasty surprise waiting for him.

He considered strategy from his place behind the forest undergrowth as he waited for Sasuke to make the first move.

Sasuke: Sasuke was aware of the use of a jutsu simply by watching his spare's chakra levels with his eyes, but his brother was correct. An immediate attack wasn't coming. Quickly the young Uchiha set up a spring trap that utilized kunai before quietly moving through branches to another tree to set up a second trap.

He continued on to a third location to repeat the process. Each trap was set to not only attack the visible clone from various directions, but to spring another trap in a different location. The third detonated the first, which would then hit the second once Sasuke triggered them. Naturally he would move away from the third before setting it off, but being a reasonably expected action, he didn't. Remaining at the location of the third trap, it was sprung after a short wait starting the barrage of kunai toward the clone from multiple source points.

Itachi: As Sasuke skidded among the bushes, Itachi had the two hidden clones lace steel wire with a chakra detecting jutsu as well as exploding tags and flares, burying them under the leaves to create two diagonal, virtually invisible trip lines that would detonate if any chakra passed over them, even in the air due to the sensing. One was on each side of the clearing where the other clone was visible.

As the kunai sprung from their traps, the visible clone turned and leaped in the direction that the first trap had been sprung from, racing towards where Sasuke had to be to detonate the trap. Its body was pin cushioned less than halfway there, but a smile was on the clone's face as it ruptured and blew. The air around the clone warbled as it exploded, sending chunks of gray matter that were designed to dampen any chakra flow they touched flying in every direction.

Sasuke: The remainder of the traps had sprung, albeit pointlessly once the clone had detonated, to give the impression that Sasuke was moving amongst the foliage. The intent had been flawed with the destruction of the bunshin, however.

"Tch," faintly muttered Sasuke, easily avoiding the debris from the clone's explosion, but triggering a trip line as he passed over it with his movements. Mentally the young man cursed as his hands whipped through seals to create clones of his own while avoiding damage from the tags. They did not spread out initially as each took a cardinal direction to scan for any signs of Itachi or another clone.

Itachi: Hidden in the woods by the detonated trip line, that clone quickly ran through seals for an earth jutsu. The ground rumbled under the place where Sasuke and his clones had gathered, pointed pillars of earth splitting from the ground in their midst.

Sasuke: The jutsu made for a good distraction for the clones to split off as Sasuke and his copies avoided the earth spikes. As all four 'Sasuke' scattered, shuriken were fired by one clone at the now noticeable clone of Itachi.

One clone vanished into smoke as it set off the rest of Itachi's trap, and a second came in from behind quickly forming the seals for a katon directed at the older Uchiha's other clone. While the distraction went into play, the real Sasuke merged into a nearby tree.

Itachi: The clone formed seals, dodging the shuriken easily and slipping back into the forest. While the Sasukes spread out, frying the other clone, they would fail to realize that pursuit into the forest was impossible. If it was attempted, they would find themselves trapped in an all but endless corridor of empty forest, conjured up by a genjutsu.

Tags: character: evil!itachi, character: oto!sasuke, log
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