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Hasegawa Miyuki

When it Rains... Part 1/2

Characters: Rin and kids, Miyuki
Rating: High PG-13 to low R
Warnings: Grossness, a bit of sex talk
Summary: Miyuki goes to help Rin, but instead finds herself being helped by Rin. Also, it turns out that food is not exactly her friend, and today was not exactly her day.

The guards at the outskirts of Sound had been alerted that Miyuki was expected and was a guest of the Otokage's sister. The guards, two of Rin's personal ones, were waiting at the crossroads, waiting for the leaf ninja to appear.

Takashi looked to his partner saying, "I hope she shows soon. The mistress has been looking forward to this visit, I hope she shows."

The other man nodded. "Yeah. Least she's getting along better." Her private guard was small, but they were very loyal to the woman who treated them very well.

Miyuki: A bit travel weary and not quite feeling like herself, Miyuki arrived in Otogakure. Huginn, her surprisingly not overly large raven summons (although he was still of a good size for a bird of his species), rode in his place of honor on her shoulder while his brother Muninn flew overhead. The two had been her constant companions for years as she traveled during her 'exile', but it was only recently since she had come to this world that she had summoned them again. She had missed them in the year or so she had been without them, and now that they were with her again, she felt a bit more whole; even if she was still feeling a bit off. Stupid avocados.

Hiro: Hiro was the first to notice the woman approaching. He waved at her, gesturing that they were going to be her escort. Waiting for her to come withing range, he said, "Miyuki, I assume?" He gestured at his companion, "This is Takashi and I am Hiro. We will be your escort into Oto." Yes, Miyuki was getting the royal treatment, she was the guest of the closet thing that Sound had to royalty after all.

Miyuki: Miyuki nodded in answer indicating that yes she was the woman they were on the look out for, and bowed slightly at the introduction. Huginn bobbed his own polite bow. Together, with Muninn still following from the air, they followed their escort over to wherever it was that Rin was.

Hiro: Nothing was said about the summons or anything else as Hiro led the way. His eyes were on the look out for any other Oto nin that they might have to explain escorting a Konoha nin too. However they reached the entrance to Oto without any difficulty.

Takashi: "I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but we will have to blind fold you and ask that you release your summons before we guide you to Mistress Rin. It is a security measure for the children." He held out a blind fold, and he said nothing about resummoning them once she reached her destination. The younger man seemed genuinely apologetic as he held out the piece of fabric.

Miyuki: Miyuki tilted her head in silent question to Huginn, who shrugged and then launched himself up to his brother. Together the ravens went back to their aerie, and Miyuki put on the blindfold. What needed to be done, needed to be done and Miyuki was no longer so desperate for company that she would be utterly (and almost literally) lost without her two faithful familiars.

Rin: The men led Miyuki through a long maze of underground tunnels until the feel of the place started to change. This part of the underground complex seemed more ... home like. There was a pause as one of the men knocked on the door only to have it opened and Rin sigh, "Really, I don't think you had to blind fold her. Please, you can take that off."

Hitsuki: "Mommy!" The tone was one of tattling, "Arashi is making a mess!"

Rin: Rin hurriedly turned, "Please come in. "Rashi baby, it's a spoon not a kunai." Even as she hurried over to help the littlest Uchiha, her one arm was still tightly bound to her side.

Hiro: "Mistress? Is there anything we can do before we leave?" Surprisingly perhaps, there was honest concern in her voice. Rin's assigned guards were few in number, and she treated them very well, and they held a real fondness for the young woman.

Miyuki: Miyuki was really glad to remove the blindfold. All that twisting and turning in the dark had been rather... disconcerting. It seemed that ever since that stupid Guacamole Incident (and she really had to stop thinking about it even in passing since that still made her feel a bit too queasy), her stomach had been a bit on the touchy, sensitive side. Not enough to really effect her day to day life all that much, but there had been a few missed meals when she just wasn't up for even the thought of food. With care Miyuki toed off her shoes and stepped into Rin's apartment.

Rin: She smiled at her guards and shook her head, "I'm fine. If I need a hand with anything, I am sure Miyuki is more than capable." With a smile ad a wave of her good arm, she shooed the men away, leaving her with only Miyuki and the kids as she tried to get Arashi to hold his spoon like a spoon and ear his cereal instead of just stabbing at it like the utensil was a weapon.

"It's so nice to see you." She was all smiles at Miyuki, and even though the girl had been badly injured, she always had a smile on when she was around the kids. She was dressed simply, just a comfortable pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt, but around her neck, she wore Sasuke's birthday present to her. It was a heart on a necklace with Rin's birthstone at the top, and two charms hug from it, one for each of their kids with their birthstones.

Miyuki: "It is good to see you too" Miyuki responded with an answering smile. "Arashi sure has grown" And if she sounded wistful at the thought of the boy, well, that was ignorable. It wasn't the first time that particular jealousy had reared it's ugly head, and it wasn't going to be the last.

Rin: She smiled at that, finally getting some cereal in the boy's mouth. "He is. We've been gone from Konoha for so long. He was so little still when we left. I don't think I could have carried him and his sister with how much this little turkey weighs now." Well, she would have still made the middle of the night flight -- it had been to save her family after all.

Whatever had happened to her arm was fully covered although it could be see the shoulder was still bandaged as well as immobilized. For a medic to have an injury still troubling her after this long truly showed how bad it was.

Miyuki: Miyuki resisted the urge to fidget as she tried to figure out what to do next. On one hand, she figured that Rin had to be hurting and it certainly was difficult to do things with only one arm. But on the other, Rin had made it clear that she didn't want any help when her escorts had asked and she didn't have all that much experience dealing with young children. But still, nothing ventured nothing gained... "I realize that you are probably sick and tired of hearing this, but... is there anything I can do to help?"

Rin: She hated to ask for help, but she did need it. "Could you try getting Arashi to eat? He hates the high chair and likes being held on a lap. If he goes for your chest -- well, I would hope you could dodge. I need to get fresh clothes on Hitsuki." Without seeming to even pause, she turned to the girl, "And no you are not wearing a princess dress and you are not wearing your training clothes, just normal ... get in there." She started to shoo the little girl with one arm towards the other room, "I'll just be in the other room getting her changed, I promise this won't take long."

Miyuki: Miyuki nodded "Alright" A bit unsure of herself, she set about doing as Rin had asked. It didn't take her long to settle herself down on a chair with Arashi in her lap and a spoonful of the cereal carefully heading for his mouth.

Arashi: True to word, the little boy with the dark hair and pale skin reached out for Miyuki's kimono. He made a very annoyed noise as he reached for fabric, little fingers surprisingly strong as he showed absolutely no interest in cereal and much more interest in Miyuki's chest. He was an Uchiha. He knew what he wanted, and he was going for it.

Miyuki: It took Miyuki a moment to realize what Arashi was trying to do, but once she did she carefully grabbed his hands and directed them away from her clothes. She then turned him around so that he was facing forward in her lap.

Arashi: The little boy was difficult to remove, but fingers did let go of fabric. He tried to wiggle and twist as he cried, arms flailing around as he tried to get to Miyuki's chest.

Rin: Rin was trying to get a clean shirt on Hitsuki, luckily the girl was nearly capable of getting fully dressed by herself. "Uchiha Arashi!" Even as Rin started to walk towards the boy, a stern look on her face, the boy started to cry louder and managed to get himself worked up that he coughed up some apple juice/cereal that started to run down his little chin.

Miyuki: At first Miyuki had that 'deer caught in the light of a katon jutsu' look, not knowing what to do at all when Arashi started crying. Then the smell hit her; that acrid sourness with the sickly and cloyingly sweet undertone of decay at its most rank. The color drained out of her - somewhat literally as a harmless genjutsu activated automatically, and a hand flew up to her mouth. Completely forgetting about the young boy in her lap, Miyuki leaped out of her seat and made a bee line for the bathroom. She didn't have time to even close the door properly before she fell in front of the toilet and began to heave and retch.

Rin: Even with one arm, she managed to grab the little boy, managing the now dirty child in one arm. "Hitsuki, get that shirt on and then I need you to help me get Arashi out of ..." She sighed, "Oh baby, why now?" She walked over to the door and opened up the door, "Hiro-kun?" Of course her guard were not out of her voice range. He materialized next to her as she handed over the little boy, "Can you change him for me, Miyuki-san isn't feeling well."

She called out, "Hitsuki, do everything Hiro says." Rin's personal guard were well trusted, and since her injuries, she had found herself relying on them more and more. She could have just ordered Hiro to do what she wanted, but of course she asked, and smiled brightly at him as he moved to the changing table to take care of the boy. She walked into the bathroom though to kneel next to Miyuki, "Are you OK?"

Miyuki: Stomach thoroughly empty (not that there had been much in their to begin with) Miyuki pulled herself slightly more up right and looked at Rin. "You would think" she began, voice a bit hoarse "that one in our profession would have a better constitution when it comes to such unpleasantness"

Rin: She reached out with her good hand, pressing it to Miyuki's forehead. "Have you been feeling sick?" She was smiling softly though. Feeling her friend's head before offering that same hand to help Miyuki up.

Hiro: "Ewww," Yes, even ninja made comments at stinky diapers. But he did exactly what Rin needed of him. "What do you want me to dress him in?"

Miyuki: Miyuki was quite happy to stay where she was; at least for a little while longer. The intense bout of vomiting had taken a bit more out of her than she would've liked, and she felt as washed out as her genjutsu made her look. "Not particularly; at least, not since I ran afoul of that accursed guacamole" And as if mentioning it brought it fresh to mind, Miyuki leaned back over the toilet and gave a few feeble dry heaves.

Rin: She called out, "Just in anything clean. Thank you so much Hiro." She channeled some chakra to her hand, not used to doing medical work with only her left hand, but channeling chakra was not reliable to her injured arm yet. Chakra pathways were difficult to heal. "Is it all day you feel off, or certain times..." The hand started at the head and started to slowly travel along Miyuki's body. "Umm ... Your chakra is a little .. disrupted." She hated only having one hand available, it made things so much harder.

Miyuki: "Umm... both?" The question had thrown her a bit; while it was true that she felt off all day, how off she felt at any one time varied greatly.

Rin: She nodded as she stood up to start dig for something. "Are you well hydrated?" She found what she wanted and set a box down on the counter. She dropped her voice to a whisper, "We'll do that first. Just tell me when you are done, I'll get Hiro out of here." She left a box clearly labeled 'pregnancy test' on the counter as she slipped out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

"Hiro-kun?" She smiled softly, "Miyuki isn't feeling well. Thank you do much, but I think we're OK now." She took the child from him as he nodded and offered anything he could do to be of service before he left.

Miyuki: Miyuki stared at the box as Rin, blinking. The box just sat there... being a box. She didn't quite get why Rin was making her take a pregnancy test (having, even after having had sex with Sai a couple of times, trouble making the mental connection between herself and fertility), but she'd humor her friend. Besides, peeing on a little stick wasn't going to do much beyond wasting a few moments of her time, and if it made Rin feel happy and helpful... She was feeling a bit better, so while the test rested on the counter doing its magic, she left the bathroom.

Hitsuki: Hitsuki was sitting on the floor filling out her 'homework'. After all, Rin was in charge of homeschooling the children as well and it seemed that Hitsuki was working on learning her numbers. The girl looked up and said, "Are you feeling better."

Rin: Rin sat Arashi down, letting him walk towards his sister as Rin walked back to Miyuki, "Can I get you anything to drink?" She walked past Miyuki though to go and pick up the stick from the counter, seeing the little 'waiting' symbol was still blinking.

Miyuki: Guilt began to eat at Miyuki; she should be the one walking around and doing things for Rin; not the other way around. "You don't have to go through any trouble for me..." she called out to Rin. She then turned to answer Hitsuki. "Yes, I am"

Rin: She shook her head. "It's just nice for you to visit." If it was just physical assistance she needed, at least two of he guard would wait on her hand and foot. "I don't have anything alcoholic in the place..." She paused as she glanced at the test before throwing it in a graceful arc to Miyuki, knowing that the test said 'pregnant', "But you couldn't drink that anyways." She wasn't sure how Miyuki was going to react, so she started walking over there to handle whatever the reaction was.

Miyuki: Miyuki was a bit confused at Rin's words as she caught the stick but didn't look at it quite yet. "If you're sure it's not a bother... tea or water would be fine"

Rin: She started a kettle for tea, but looked over at Miyuki, waiting for her to look at the test. "I'll make some tea. Hitsuki?"

Hitsuki: The girl didn't have to hear anything more before she moved to start getting cups.

Miyuki: Miyuki began to fiddle idly with the test as she watched Rin make tea while Hitsuki set out the cups. "So other than the obvious" in reference to the bound up arm, "how have you been?"

Rin: The young woman had a strange smile on her face, "I've been busy. The kids are keeping me busy." She looked at Hitsuki though as she asked, "So how are you though. My love life is the same as always ... how is yours?" She seemed a little more ... meddling than normal.

Miyuki: Miyuki was a bit taken aback by Rin's question, not expecting such a thing especially with the kids around "It's... complicated I guess" Which was pretty much an understatement. She wasn't sure what she and Sai had; mostly it was just random meetings with occasionally sex. Certainly, they weren't dating; at least not in the traditional sense, and she wasn't sure that she'd call them friends quite yet. Toss in Sai's new roommate and his animosity towards her (assuming of course that Izumo had been the one to come up with that snake-monster reference of his summons and not the small mouse itself just being a bit insane), and well, you got a mess.

Rin: "I know absolutely nothing about complicated." She smiled softly as the water started to boil. The electric kettle was so much faster. "Sugar, lemon, honey?" She was still waiting for Miyuki to look.

Miyuki: Miyuki snorted at Rin's dry, somewhat sarcastic tone. "Plain please, if you don't mind" She fidgeted some more as she thought about how to describe the thing she had with Sai, or even if she should. Did this thing with Sai even count as a relationship, and if it didn't, was relationship advice warranted?

Hitsuki: "Honey, please mommy?" There was no hesitation from Hitsuki after all this time now at calling Rin mama or mommy. The precocious three year old had had Rin as her mother for half of her life.

Rin: "I know. I know." She was smiling as she brought over the honey and the hot water to start pouring tea before adding honey to both hers as well as Hitsuki. The little girls cup was picked up by Rin though to be blown on before being handed to the child. Arashi was amusing himself now by drawing on paper, the crayon held firmly in a kunai grip instead of a pencil grip -- but he was only fifteen months old.

Miyuki: Sipping slowly at her tea, Miyuki smiled wistfully as she watched mother and child interact. She refused to allow her irrational jealousy rear it's ugly head and ruin things. It wasn't as bad as it used to be; Sai had proven that he found her quite desirable so it wasn't like she was completely cursed or anything. But it was still an issue - as would anything else that had had years to fester. She really did thank what ever god had pulled her to this strange and yet oddly familiar, new world.

Rin: Once Hitsuki was situated, she asked, "Are you ever going to read that?" She was smiling as she said it, but the smile was as if she knew something that Miyuki didn't.

Miyuki: "Hmm?" Miyuki asked in mild confusion.

Rin: She still had the smile on her face as she asked, "So are you going to tell me about Mr. Complicated?"

Miyuki: "Well..." she began, trying to put her thoughts into order "He's interesting; an artist and a ninja, and native to Konoha. He's also not the most socially apt person, but he's kinda sweet"

Rin: She smiled at that, "How long have you been seeing him?"

Hitsuki: The little girl ruined the gossipyness by saying, "Ewww. Boys are gross."

Rin: Rin replied with, "Even Daddy?"

Hitsuki: "No, both my daddies are Uchiha."

Rin: Rin could only roll her eyes and laugh at Hitsuki already using Sasuke logic, "So is Arashi."

Hitsuki: She just crossed her arms and pouted, "I wanted a sister."

Miyuki: "That's just the thing" she looked down at her hands and the test she still was fidgeting with; seeing it but not really seeing it all the same "I'm not really seeing him; at least not formally. I mean I've bumped into him a couple... of... times, and... we've..." he words began to trail off as her brain finally caught up with what her eyes were seeing and once again the color began to drain from her "I think I need to sit down now..." she said softly, her voice small and a bit distant sounding. If she was a lesser woman, she would've fainted (although as it was, it was a near thing).

Rin: She set her cup down and took a hold of Miyuki's elbow with her good arm being a comforting prescense. Rins voice was soft and gentle. "It's OK." She wasn't sure what else to say. She thought that a baby was a wonderful thing, but she didn't know for sure what Miyuki wanted, she was trying to be supportive.

Hitsuki: "What's wrong?" There was confusion in her little voice.

Miyuki: Miyuki tried to concentrate on remembering to breathe even as the shock of the information rippled through her. Distantly she could hear Rin talking to her, but the sound was muted as if Miyuki was hearing her from under the water of the blood rushing through her ears. It would be oh so easy to just 'turn off'; to let her kekkei genkai take hold and enter into that non-state where she was alive yet not. But she wasn't so sure that that was a good idea anymore.

Rin: She wrapped her good arm around Miyuki, unsure if it was that it was bad news or just shock, but she was trying to be there for her friend. She knew how much difference it would have made to her to have someone there and just ... there ... when she was pregnant. She was determined to be here now for Miyuki though.

Miyuki: Rin's warmth was slowly helping to ground her; give her a stable point of reference as her world figuratively spun out of control. She had wished for this for so long, but now that it actually was happening she was panicking about not be ready yet.

Rin: She kept that arm around her, whispering, "It's going to be OK. I ... I'm sorry I sprung this on you like that." If it had been Rin taking the test, she would have watched it like a hawk and been screaming in joy -- but everyone wasn't like her.

Miyuki: Miyuki didn't trust her voice to speak; the whirlwind of emotions was still to much for her to process even though the bulk of the shock was wearing off. So she fell back on an old genjutsu trick of hers; speaking without speaking. "It wasn't your fault"

Rin: She wasn't sure how to answer Hitsuki's question, despite the ever increasing worry on the girl's face. "Miyuki, It'll be all right. I promise. You aren't alone." If nothing else, Rin figured Miyuki could stay with her. Sasuke would allow it -- she was almost certain.

Miyuki: Miyuki nodded mutely. She could do this; she had long ago prepared herself to being a single mother on the off chance that she ever got pregnant. It wouldn't be easy - she didn't need anyone to tell her that, but it was doable. Even if it did feel like she was a bit in over her head; there was just so much to do, to set up. She'd have to tell Sai - that was only right after all. Sai... How the hell would he take it? And how much of that reaction would be influenced by Izumo's apparent dislike of her? It wasn't unknown for women to trap men with a pregnancy, after all, even if that wasn't the case here.

Rin: She leaned back a little, her hand moving to Miyuki's cheek as she smiled at her. "You have a lot of time. It's still just a tiny disruption to your chakra still." She didn't know how long Miyuki had been pregnant, but she knew enough to know it wasn't a situation for panic. Then Rin asked the question that was digging at her, "Are you keeping it?"

Miyuki: The panic of the shock and the shock of the panic was starting to recede, and she was becoming able to think again. And the more that time passed, the saner and more stable she became. Miyuki smiled softly, one hand coming to curl across her still flat stomach. There had never been any doubt in her mind as to the answer to that question. "Yes"

Rin: The smile widened as she was finally able to answer the question her daughter had asked, "Miyuki just found out she is going to have a baby." It was obvious that Rin thought of it as good news. Then again, it was obvious what Rin thought of children, being so proud of her own -- whether or not others agreed they were her own.

Miyuki: Miyuki would be celebrating this news later, when she had more energy. Between the bout of what she now knew had been morning sickness, the ever so slight dip in her general energy level from the disruption to her chakra and other effects of the pregnancy on her body, and the shock of the revelation since the idea that this could happen to her hadn't really entered her mind, she was pretty much tapped out.

Rin: She was still calm, although she looked very happy. jealousy had yet to seep into her thoughts, but she had two wonderful children and this would be Miyuki's first -- perhaps she wouldn't get jealous. "Do you think you'd like to lie down? I could help you to the bed?"

Miyuki: Sure she was a bit tired (both emotionally and physically) but she came here to help Rin and keep her company. She could stay up for a while longer. "Maybe later. I'm fine for now"

Rin: The arm wrapped around Miyuki a little tighter, smiling. "This will be a wonderful thing. Don't worry -- I'll be here for you if you ever need anything." She couldn't stop smiling, obviously happy for her friend.

Miyuki: Before Miyuki could do or say anything, the events of the day caught up with her. Again. She hadn't had all that much for breakfast, and then she had vomited up what little she had managed to eat. Add to that it had been hours since she had eaten what little that had passed as breakfast, and well, it shouldn't be a surprise that her stomach decided to growl with hunger. Miyuki blushed and hung her head in this final embarrassment. This really wasn't her day; at least as far as dignity went.

Rin: Rin smiled and leaned back a little. "Do you think you could maybe keep down rice balls?" Her hand went to play at Miyuki's hair, obviously thrilled for the woman. "I can have Hiro-kun pick some up for us, he wouldn't mind at all."

Hitsuki: "Oh, Mommy! I want Rice balls! Please!" The little girl tried to clamber up onto Rin's lap.

Miyuki: "I haven't had much of a problem with them beyond a general lack of appetite, but as long as they're somewhat plain and not spicy or don't have avocado in them I should be alright. Or umeboshi; I never quite cared for that"

Rin: Rin stood up, some how moving the child to her hip and supported by her good arm. She kicked at the door bottom, "Hiro-kun?"

Aritomo: A different man showed up and took Hitsuki from her arms without even being ask and balancing the little girl on his hip. "He had to run an errand, can I get you anything."

Rin: She smiled at Aritomo, "Could you pick up some rice balls? Miyuki isn't feeling well and Hitsuki said she really wanted some too."

Aritomo: "Of course, Rin-san" The fact the man had a little crush on the girl was near obvious to anyone who watched him interact with the girl. He was the latest addition to Rin's squad, taken from Sasuke's squad.

Rin: "Just avoid anything spicy, please?" As he nodded and set Hitsuki back on the floor nodding as he ninjaed off. She turned back to Hitsuki, holding onto Hitsuki's hand, "He'll be back soon."

Miyuki: Miyuki nodded and sipped at her now mostly lukewarm tea. "So..." she began.

Rin: She smiled as she said, "So?" She moved over to pick up her own lukewarm tea, obviously so happy.

Miyuki: Miyuki didn't quite know what to say. There was so much she wanted to know, but she didn't know where to even begin. "It's all a bit overwhelming, don't you think?"

Rin: "It's not that bad. You have months to work things out. People have been having babies for a very long time. You just need to get to a doctor soon and I can give you the name of a good OB in Konoha. I'll get you pre-natal vitamins. I'm still taking them because I don't know when ... or really if ..." She wanted to have a baby so bad, but that was the first time any jealousy sunk into her tone.

Miyuki: "How are they with dealing with kekkei genkai?" It wouldn't do to panic the doctor after all if her kekkei genkai manifested inutero, or at birth; and there was no telling how hers would affect the baby she was carrying.

Rin: She thought for a second. "Each is different. Like Sharingan doesn't effect gestation at all. I don't have any experience with any other one though ... I would recomend not activating yours though at least. The hospital would probably have better information though." She tilted her head as she asked, "At what age does yours normally appear?" That's right. Miyuki had a bloodline limit as well as being pregnant. Two things that were things Rin was inferior at.

Miyuki: "I don't know" she said softly and looking a bit lost. She couldn't quite met Rin's eyes as she bit her lip in the remnants of a nervous gesture she had picked up somewhere.

Rin: She tilted her head again, looking confused, "What's wrong now?" Really she was confused. She wasn't sure why Miyuki wasn't happy.

Miyuki: "As far as I know, I am - or rather was - the first (and so far only) one in my family to possess this kekkei genkai; it doesn't even have a proper name. Hell, I'm not even completely sure that it is a kekkei genkai, but if it isn't than I have absolutly no idea what it is"

Rin: "It'll be all right. The hospital is used to deal with strange things." She sat down closer to her friend, the good arm wrapped around her. "It's natural to worry. Just use your chakra as little as possible while pregnant. Take a desk job. It'll work out. OK?" She leaned over to try and kiss Miyuki on the forehead. She had become much more physical of a person as she got older, knowing how much human touch could help a person.

Miyuki: Miyuki sighed. It wasn't that she didn't think that things wouldn't work out or anything... It was just... It was all too much. Thoughts and emotions whirled through her head, and she was hungry yet not hungry, and tired, and she just needed time and space, and a touchstone of sorts to ground her.

Rin: Rin looked up as there was a knock on the door, just flashing chakra to let Aritomo know to come in. She smiled at him, "Thank you so much." She stood up to take the box from from. "I might need you to get some other things later, Miyuki's going to be here a while." She was going to insist that Miyuki at least stay over night, if not longer. The woman obviously needed some rest. With a smile she turned back to Miyuki, carrying over the box before setting it down as Hitsuki and Arashi clamored over.

Miyuki: Miyuki looked through the box for an onigiri to choose. Her hand hovered over a salmon one, only to change direction as her eyes lit up when she caught the sight of a different label; her favorite, how fortuitous! Pure bliss washed over her face as she took that first bite, reveling in the taste of it. The salmon onigiri she had almost chosen got pulled aside for later; it might not have been her absolute favorite, but it was one kind she loved.

Rin:Rin's first priority was picking out the one's the kids would like, ending up with Arashi in her lap with the little boy making a mess of what appeared to be one filled with sweet potato of all the odd and unusual things. Hitsuki was much more traditional and decided that one of the Kombu filled ones was perfect for eating with her cool tea now, and she seemed to be trying to act the part of a proper little lady. If Rin hadn't already forbid it, she probably would have gone and changed into a princess dress as well. Rin didn't grab anything, instead concentrating on gettin Arashi to eat and for once, he seemed more intent on food than going to Rin's chest. With how much work the kids were with the one arm, she was much more willing to accept help these days.

Miyuki: Lunch it seemed was perfect; perking her up and helping her to relax a bit. Of course, she mused, she'd probably have to cut back on one of her favorite foods for the next nine or so months which would really be a shame. Ikura was rather salty after all, being rather large on the scale of fish roe (especially when compared to tobiko). Still she was going to enjoy it's salty goodness as much as she could whenever she could. And as long as she kept it in moderation and wasn't showing any ill effects from it, she should be fine. Right?

Rin: The little boy was making a mess of eating, but a lot of the food was ending up in his mouth. As she stroked some of the dark hair back from his face, she momentarily looked sad. Then she said something in all seriousness. "I have one thing to say though. No matter what happens, enjoy being pregnant. Enjoy every little thing that comes along with it. Enjoy the feeling sick, enjoy the movements, enjoy each and every little thing as it happens. I desperately tried to not ... and that is my only regret in life."

Miyuki: Miyuki looked at Rin, completely confused and with a trace of rice stuck to her chin.

Rin: "I'm sorry ... just savor every moment. Since ... well, Arashi is genetically not mine ... " How she held the child though showed she didn't think of him in any way as not hers. She didn't know how to explain it. It was something that deeply bothered her though. "I was very alone and disconnected from the pregnancy. I don't know if I will ever have a chance to experience being pregnant how it should be ... enjoying it. I don't want you to have those same regrets."

Miyuki: She was still confused "But why did you want to do that?"

Rin: "The original plan was I was just to be Arashi's aunt ... " She kissed the boy on the top of the head again, "I couldn't be happier that I ended up being both of their mother's though." It hadn't happened until after Arashi's birth. "I tried to be a good doctor and stay detached -- I failed horribly."

Miyuki: Miyuki gave into temptation and snagged another ikura onigiri. "I don't think there'd be a way to stay detached..."

Rin: "I wasn't Arashi's mother until he was several months old ... I tried. Sasuke agreed to me being Hitsuki's before he agreed to Arashi." Her tone made it obvious that even though she hadn't carried Hitsuki like she had Arashi, she still loved the girl. "I desperately want to be pregnant again, I just ... right now things are too chaotic." She had no clue when things wouldn't be chaotic though.

Miyuki: Miyuki snorted indelicately "When aren't things chaotic. Do you have a father in mind?" she asked, referring to Rin's wish for another baby.

Rin: She closed her eyes for a second, "Sasuke." It didn't matter that she didn't have a ring on her finger from him and she knew she never would. She loved him. She knew how people disapproved.

Miyuki: "But isn't he married? To another guy?" she asked as she finished off her second onigiri and started on a third one; the salmon one she had put aside earlier.

Rin: "To 'Tachi-kun. Arashi's other father." She wasn't sure if Miyuki knew that ... but here in Sound, it didn't have to be hidden.

Miyuki: "And they're both willing to let Sasuke sleep with you?"

Rin: She shrugged, "Tachi-kun knows Sasuke will never be monogamous and Sasuke ... Sasuke very much loves his little sister." She blushed, not wanting to say much more than that in front of the kids.

Miyuki: "I see" It was... odd... and she really didn't know what to make of it. "And Sasuke's... amendable... to your plan for another baby?"

Rin: She nodded. "Originally the plan was for when Hitsuki was old enough to go to the academy, I could get pregnant. It looks like I'll be on birth control for longer than that though." Maybe not. Maybe once Hitsuki was four and Arashi was almost two ... maybe then Rin would convince Sasuke.

Miyuki: "Why?" She really wasn't trying to pry into Rin's personal life, really. But if Rin was willing to talk about it... She never really had many female friends to do the whole gossip thing with, so it was interesting to do so now. Even if they had to censor themselves a bit because of the children.

Rin: "Things are a little unstable, and if I was pregnant, I would be slower at evacuating the children, so ... it makes sense to wait a bit. Although, for someplace that had seemed so cold when we first got here, this place is seeming more and more like home. Arashi was so young when he left Konoha ... and I don't think Hitsuki remembers much of it either." Maybe she was answering the wrong 'why'.

Miyuki: Miyuki accepted that, even though it didn't quite answer her question. She wanted to know why Rin felt that she'd be on birth control for longer than she had planed. Although... "Wait. If you're on birth control now, doesn't that mean that you and Sasuke are..." having sex now, which was left implied and unsaid for the sake for the sake of the children. Since she thought (feared) that she'd never have sex, she never went on birth control. Which she could guess was now biting her in the ass seeing as now it was a bit too late for birth control to have any effect. Not that she was going to complain about it; she did want this baby after all.

Hitsuki: The child had been quiet, but as Miyuki's sentence trailed off, she piped up and said, "Fucking!"

Rin: She winced at the child's choice of words. "Sasuke doesn't limit vocabulary around the kids." She gestured at the room situation, with no door between the kids room and Rin's 'room'. "Sasuke stays over often."

Miyuki: Miyuki's face lit up in a brilliantly red blush and she promptly began to choke on a bite of onigiri that went down the wrong pipe at Hitsuki's proclimation. Not only was the profanity shocking, but the fact that the young girl understood the context and meaning of the word. And unfortunatly for Miyuki, the coughing fit found her kneeling in front of the toilet for the second time that day when her stomach decided to switch places with her lungs for the title of defecting organ.

Rin: She moved to sit next to Miyuki, grabbing a cool washcloth that she moistened and placed it on the back of her neck. "I had really bad morning sickness with Arashi." She knew very well how it felt to not be able to keep her food down. "Do you want me to at least braid your hair? And I am insisting you stay at least the night."

Miyuki: Miyuki closed her eyes and slumped tiredly against the linen cabinet. When she had gotten her breath back and spoke, her words were hoarsely soft and slow "I don't think this was morning sickness, but yeah, that'd be nice" She hadn't felt nauseous, well more nauseaous than her very slight baseline any way; she'd just started vomiting during her coughing fit. Which reminded her - she seriously needed to wash her hands since the first indication that she was going to vomit was to sudddenly find herself with a mouthful of it and she had sort of leaked into the hand that had come up to cover her mouth when she was coughing.

Rin: Rin smiled, as she said, "You get cleaned up, and I am going to get the kid's down for their nap." Hitsuki groaned at the fact she had to take a nap -- but she was still so little. "Just come out when you're ready." She smiled and moved to get the children into sleeping clothes and tucked into their beds."

Miyuki: Miyuki just blindly nodded. She sat there for a few minutes before flushing her mess down the toilet and setting about cleaning herself up. She really didn't want to look at her hand before she washed it off, believing that it would just set her off again. Once she was more at rights (and had rinced her mouth out), she staggered out of the bathroom only to colapse onto the nearest seat-like surface she could find.

Rin: She walked back over to Miyuki with a brush and a sheepish look on her face. "I forgot I can't braid ... my arm ... the doctor don't want me to move it outsside of healing sessions." She moved to sit next to Miyuki though, "I can at least brush it out though?"

Miyuki: Miyuki nods, pretty much spent. She'll get around to doing the actual braiding part later, when she had the energy. She was pretty sure she wasn't going to be getting sick again any time soon, so it could wait a while.

Rin: She fell silent as she started to brush Miyuki's hair leaning as much into the other woman as the other woman started to lean against her. Rin was still tired. Healing made one tired after all, and now with the children asleep, Rin often did sleep at this time of the day. She ended up curled up next to her friend, sound asleep on the couch.

Miyuki: Miyuki had ended up falling asleep shortly after Rin started brushing her hair. Between the shock about finding out she was pregnant, and the bouts of vomiting that left her pretty much physically wiped, she just couldn't stay awake all that much longer. And damned with the guilt of falling asleep on her friend who she came here to keep company. Rin was a mom; she'd understand.

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