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Hasegawa Miyuki

Pockets Full Grown

Characters: Miyuki, NK!Ino, NK!Sai, Dicey!Izumo
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Chance encounters lead to some interesting things. Miyuki might just have made a friend in Ino, but there's certainly little love lost between her and Izumo. Who is a bit concerned about Sai given how he and Miyuki have gotten off on the wrong foot while things between Sai and Miyuki seem to be heating up rather nicely. Of course Sai and Miyuki have yet to actually plan a meeting between them - but then, these accidental meetings certainly are working out well for the two of them.
Warnings: Smex and girl politics

Ino: The dancing was good tonight. Ino had managed to land on of the ANBU rookies as her date tonight, and he could move. She'd spent most of her night out on the dance floor, showing off and being impressed by her partner. He was at least five years older than he was, but Ino didn't see that as a problem. They were only dancing, after all.

Ino finally pulled out of the crowd, heading to the bar to get something to drink. Her dark blue halter top was sticking to her, and her short black skirt swished with every step she took, graceful despite the four inch heels she was wearing.

Ino tapped her fingers on the bar, and ordered her drink, oblivious to the people beside her for now.

Miyuki: Miyuki wasn't quite sure what brought her to the club that night; it just seemed like the place to be. She sipped slowly at the decorative, fruity concoction in front of her, just getting used to the feel and the beat of the place having only arrived a few minutes earlier.

Ino: Ino glanced to the side, catching a look of the woman beside her as she got her drink. Ino took a grateful sip. Dancing was hard work, especially when you had and ANBU boy to keep up with! Ino looked back at the stranger. She didn't recognize the pretty woman at all.

Ino cleared her throat and sat down, leaning on the bar. "Are you here alone?" She asked.

Miyuki: Miyuki nodded to the strange yet familiar woman. "For now, at least," she admitted. Hopefully she wouldn't be spending the whole night alone, like she had many times in the past. Enough so that she had lost the taste for going out like this. After all, it's no fun being all by yourself when everyone else is with someone else.

Ino: Ino looked the woman over, a mischievous smile cracking over her face. "Well, the guy you pick with be a lucky one, won't he?"

Ino took a sip of her drink, glancing back at the dance floor to see where her date was. He was dancing with someone else, but she'd forgive him that. Ino turned back around and put her focus back on the woman. "Sorry, I'm Yamanaka Ino, it's nice to meet you."

Miyuki: Miyuki shrugged "I would not know," she replied honestly, taking a large sip of her own drink with a frown. Even after all that had happened, that subject was still a bit of a sore point with her. Drink thus finished, she signaled the bartender for a refill. "How do you do. I am Hasegawa Miyuki. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Ino: Ino snorted softly. "Of course he'd be, just look at you. Unless he was my date, and then he'd be the unluckiest man alive after I got through with him." Ino rolled her eyes. Men. They couldn't be trusted not to have wandering eyes--well, some of them could, but only when you held a kunai to their throat.
Ino glanced around the bar. There were several single men around, and Ino knew a few of them. she looked back at Miyuki. "Are you just not interested in picking someone up? If you want to be alone I'll buzz off."
Miyuki: "You would be surprised," Miyuki replied dryly to Ino's earlier statement. She could count on one hand the number of men who had shown any interest in her as a woman, and one of them might not even really count. "No, I do not mind the company."

Ino: "Well, I hope you don't mean my company, because I'm taken for the night," Ino winked. She'd tried picking up a girl before for kicks and giggles, but she wasn't very good at it. She was going to fix that one day, but not today.

Ino looked around the club again, and took a long sip of her drink. "Do you have anyone picked out?" Ino asked. "Or are you just going to wait and see who takes the bait. It can be a little intimidating, but picking a guy out and reeling him in is usually the better way to go."

Miyuki: "I am afraid that I have not been here long enough to pick out a likely target. Although I have found that neither approach works very well in my experience."

Ino: "Oh phhht, you just need some pointers and some practice. How about....that guy, over there, with the black hair, if he suits your fancy. If I can help billboard brow pick up men, then I can help you no problem, Miyuki-chan." Ino pointed to her target and grinned.

"What do you say? Are you willing to give it a shot?"

Miyuki: "Billboard brow?" Miyuki asked, not understanding who Ino was talking about.

Ino: Ino blinked. "Huh? Oh, Haruno Sakura, billboard brow is her more than apt nickname," Ino waved a hand dismissively. Sakura wasn't important right now. "So, yeah, if I can help a  hopeless girl like her get a guy, you'll be a piece of cake."

Miyuki: Miyuki just blinked at that. "I see." She had her reservations about Ino, from how abrasive her personality seemed to be, to the almost conceited ease in which she made her promise, and the very preemptive use of a familiar form of address - but that could just be a plain old manners issue and not quite realizing that Miyuki was the elder woman here. Of course Ino's unfamiliarity with her, meant that she didn't know about her lack of luck when it came to men. She would learn, Miyuki supposed. But at least now Miyuki knew that it wasn't some form of divine punishment or complete and total lack of something within her; her time with Sai showed her that.

Ino: "Now, if you want to get a guy, you can't just sit there. No offense, but you look a little intimidating and unapproachable, and most guys are way to shy to make a move without being enticed so...." Ino trailed off and looked thoughtful.

"Can you dance?"

Miyuki: "Of course." Such a thing was expected of a kunoichi after all, and even then, the fighting a ninja did was close enough to dancing (especially with the modern dancing where all you really did was move your body to the beat of the  music) that any shinobi worth their hitai-ate could do it. And Miyuki had worked hard to turn her taijutsu into art.

Ino: "All right then, Miyuki-chan, let's dance," Ino grinned slyly, grabbing Miyuki's hand to pull her off the stool, and then leading the way to the dance floor, which was already packed with people. Ino cast her new companion a wink, as she let the music moved her.

Miyuki: Miyuki danced. Fluid, and grace, and that bare hint of danger that any kunoichi (or at least, any kunoichi worth her salt) had.

Ino: Ino closed her eyes for a moment and gave in to the music. She could hear it pounding in her veins--pulsing through her like and extra heart beat. She rocked her body to the pulse, letting it take her away, but remaining concious that she wasn't just dancing for fun. She was trying to attract attention.

She looked over at Miyuki, and she really didn't understand if why the woman didn't have men hanging off her. Unless it was her personality. To Ino, the woman felt a little distant and cold, but Ino wasn't the best judge of character.

"One of them is watching you," Ino shouted over the music to Miyuki, waving a hand towards a possibly interested man. "Give him a look."

Miyuki: Miyuki sent a coy look at the man, her dancing as sinfully sensual as she could make it.

Ino: Ino knew how to get a guy to look. She trailed her hands up her thighs, hips rolling. Two guys detached themselves from the  wall and were walking over. Ino gave them a wink.
"Hey, you free?" One guy asked Ino, eyes raking up her like a physical sensation. Ino smirked.
"Nah, she's not," Ino's date's arms descended around her waist, and she leaned back into his hard body.
"My friend is, though," Ino winked.
The guy glanced over. "Is she?"
Miyuki: Miyuki's head was thrown back, eyes closed as she reveled in the feeling of loosing herself to the music. A twist here, a hip roll there; the line of her bright and colorful doctored kimono (for no kimono was meant to show that much skin) opened up further and began to show even more of her pale, flawless skin as the fabric began a slow slide off of a shoulder.

Ino: Ino made a note to look into getting a kimono like that, though she didn't think she could pull it off like Miyuki did. She lacked the...hmm, the word her dad might use was refinement, which really wasn't fair for someone younger than her to have more of it than she did. Whatever, Ino could get a guy when she wanted, at least.

Ino rocked back into her date. "Yeah, and she seemed really into to you." Ino lied. She had no idea who or what Miyuki was into. Ino winked at the guy. "Give her a try."

The two men exchanged glances, and Ino saw them psyching eachother up. One elbowed the other, and he moved towards Miyuki. He placed his hands on her gyrating hips, leaning down to whisper something by her ear probably 'are you free', 'can I have this dance', or some other corny pick-up line. Ino couldn't hear what.

Miyuki: Miyuki leaned against him, matching her movements to his and all but writing. She nodded yes to whatever question he had asked.

Ino: Ino watched with a satisfied smirk as she danced. She considered this a job well done. Miyuki now had a dance partner, and how could a girl like her lose a guy now that she had one.  Besides, how could any guy tear himself away from her? Ino shuffled her date back, trying to get out of Miyuki's spotlight, but close enough so she could watch the events unfold.

Miyuki was so young looking, Ino would feel bad if she got into trouble.

Miyuki: That song soon passed, as well as the next song and the one after that. Miyuki danced with the guy Ino had sent her way, rubbing up against him almost like a cat in heat. He held her close running his hands over her body, sliding them in under the edge of her kimono; 'inadvertently' opening it up a bit further. After a few more songs of dancing like they were having sex (which, being the current stlye of dance in clubs, garnered no undue attention) he whispered something to her, patted her on the shoulder, and disappeared into the crowd in the direction of the bar and bathrooms.

Ino: The two seemed to be hitting it off. Ino was enjoying her own date, but they had gone dancing before, and Ino knew he could dance. Ino was puzzled as to why Miyuki had insinuated that she couldn't pick up a guy. As far as Ino could tell, she'd done very well. She was attractive, she knew how to move right, and the guy had, in record time, gone after her. Ino smirked, and considered it a job well done.

Miyuki: Time passed, and Miuki's 'date' still hadn't come back. She danced a bit longer before drifting over to the bar for another drink. It wasn't long before she was back in her spot and offering up a beer to Ino and her date of the night.

Ino: Ino lost sight of Miyuki for a bit, getting caught in the dance with her ANBU boy. By the time she got away she was ready to hit the bar for a drink, and was surprised to find Miyuki was still there. Ino frowned. Had that creepo not come back yet? Had be abandoned her? Ino didn't get it. How could a guy leave a girl like Miyuki? She was so sexy....

"Hey!" Ino slid into the bar next to Miyuki. "You throw your catch back already?"

Miyuki: Miyuki shook her head and took a sip of her beer. "He mentioned something about needing the restroom..."

Ino: Ino pouted. "And he's not back yet?" She sighed and took a seat at the bar. "Forget it, some guys are just slime balls who want a quick feel. Finding a decent one takes some work, I guess."

Most slime balls tried for more than a feel than that. Ino was baffled by what had happened with Miyuki. "Hey, not to be rude or anything, does this happen often?"

Miyuki: "Well," Miyuki began in between sips of her beer, trying to find the right way of putting things. If she was going to be perfectly honest with Ino then her answer would be no, nothing like that had ever happened to her - at least, not the way it played out. Mostly because the guy wouldn't have been dancing like that with her in the first place. Disappearing into thin air, or more likely just dropping dead, was nothing new to her. Hell, she'd actually orchestrated such an effect on a few occasions "When I was younger, I got many invitations from kunoichi of my acquaintance to join them in the onsen when Jiraiya-sama was in town. They seemed to be of an opinion that I made an effective charm against his peeping when I was there."

Ino: Ino blinked. "What, 'cause he's be staring at you? That's a little mean, isn't it, especially using someone who's your age for bait for the old pervert." Ino hadn't met Jiraiya, but his peeping ways were legendary. If Miyuki was insinuating Jiraiya wouldn't peep because she was there, Ino couldn't see how that would work. Miyuki, while not a sexy and beautiful as Ino, had her charm.
Miyuki: "No. Because as I would be on my way to the onsen or was in the changing room, he would decide hat he needed lunch, or he'd be called away by a messenger, or he'd be caught in the act of peeping at the women already there and have to make a hasty retreat, or there'd be no one there and he'll have given up for the day. Or any other of a number of small coincidences that would prevent him from watching. After all, if he's not there he cannot peep."

Ino: Ino sat back. She frowned. No matter how she turned that over in her mind, she couldn't make it make sense. Ino look at Miyuki, and pillowed her chin on her hand.

"Do you have that formidable a reputation for beating up perverts?" Ino asked, face perplexed. "Or is your luck just that good?"

Miyuki: "I believe that it is simply the way my luck runs. Outside of the peculiar issues regarding his... research... Jiraiya-sama had no problem being in my company. In fact, we had something of a good natured rivalry going on in terms of our writing."

Ino: Ino shrugged. "Okay, it's nice to be lucky, I guess." Ino got called a good luck charm by one of her normals boys who liked to gamble, but she'd never seen that her presence was really lucky or not. Ino gave a small sigh, and wished things had worked out for Miyuki. She wondered if the girl would let Ino try to set her up again.

Ino blinked, mind jumping back to what Miyuki had said. "You write? Like novels and stuff?"

Miyuki: "Yes I do. I was quite prolific back on my native world and am working on recreating that success here. Although, perhaps without the... unpleasantness... this time."

Ino: "Oooh," Ino leaned forward."What was it? A scandal? Did someone plagiarize your work? Were you accused of plagiarizing?" Her eyes lit up at the thought of a scandal.

Miyuki: "Nothing of that sort," Miyuki replied, referring the plagiarism charge "Although there were those in the publishing firm I worked through who wished it was as clean and simple as plagiarism. You see, I am - or rather was - one of the top horror writers of my native world; well known for my rich, deep, and often graphic imagery. Unfortunately not everyone who read some of my darker works were able to handle them, and there were a few deaths that those novels were blamed for."

Ino: Ino looked entranced. She didn't read much horror, usually sticking to romance novels and things like that. Still, it was amazing to meet someone who had been a sucessful writer. Writing was such a romantic sounding job. Maybe Ino should look into an author as her next date.

"Really? Was it suicide, or did they re-enact your grisly murder scenes?" Ino asked with a shudder. "That must have been awful for you, to have your works cause that sort of reaction!"

Miyuki: "Mostly it was a case of a heart attack or an asthma attack, but there were a couple of suicides as well as a murder-suicide - however, that particular individual was pretty off balanced to begin with, and it was never conclusively proven that it was my work that sent him over the edge."

Ino: That made Ino wonder how gruesome  story had to be to cause that sort of reaction from a person. Ino had seen some pretty gruesome things in her career as a ninja, and the most she'd ever felt was a little sick. Were ninja just made of sterner stuff, or could Miyuki cook up such evocative images?

"Wow," Ino looked off into the distance. "That's pretty.....distressing? Would you write horror again after those things happened?"

Miyuki: Miyuki shrugged. Of all the deaths her works had caused (including the one where the book in question was used as a weapon quite literally), all the 'victims' were pretty much civilians. After all, how horrific is reading a scene involving death for cannibalism (or at least the consumption of people as meat since demons tended to feature prominently in her works) when you've shoved your hands in someone's gut and felt the weight of their liver. She was a kunoichi; a shinobi. She had first hand knowledge of all the ways men could die; what the exact trajectory of the arterial spray from a slit throat looked like, the sound of a neck snapping cleanly and quickly, the pink color of the froth around the mouth as lungs tried to keep going despite being partially melted by poison or having a hole punched in them, the scent of burning flesh and hair and cloth and paper and whatever else had you as the fires of a kanton devoured a man, the weight of a heart or a head without the rest of the (formerly) attached body. All that and more, she knew it intimately and it showed in her writing. She was Death. Simple as that. "If I were to let such acts dissuade me and weigh down my conscience when I had no true hand in perpetrating them, then I might as well hang up my hitai-ate as well as my pen. They were free to read my book or not knowing their own limits and the boundaries of their own imagination."

Ino: "Well, I guess you've got a point," Ino admitted. "If you don't want to be scared, then you shouldn't read the book." Ino shrugged. She really didn't enjoy horror, unless she had a cute guy to snuggle up to.

Ino smiled. "I wish you luck in your writing, Miyuki-chan, not that is sounds like you need it."

Miyuki: "Thank you. I am beginning to see some modest returns on the novels I have managed to publish here. Although that could change once I publish my highest selling novel to date."

Ino: Ino crossed her legs, and put her head charmingly to the side--at least she'd always thought it was a charming gesture. "In a good way, I hope." She thought she liked Miyuki, even if she did seem to be hopeless with guys. Of course, Ino was convinced that she could change that.

"Ne, Miyuki-chan, would you be willing to give hooking a guy one more chance? I'm sure you'd get a good one this time."

Miyuki: "I see no reason why that particular novel shouldn't do well." Especially considering that the book was her spin on Jiraiya's Icha Icha series "And I have no objections to trying again."

Ino: Ino's smile lit up with a devious grin. "All right, that's the spirit." Ino had decided she wasn't going to leave until Miyuki managed to get a guy wrapped around her finger. It couldn't be that hard.

"So, you pick the target this time. Maybe if the guy's your type, things'll go better," Ino suggested, her own eyes scanning the room.

Miyuki: Miyuki scanned the crowd, looking to see who if anyone caught her eye. Most of the guys there were already busy dancing with other girls - or in some cases, other guys - which was somewhat disappointing. She sure as hell wasn't gonna poach someone else's guy; aside from the fact that she'd hate it someone did that to her and her (proverbial) guy, any guy she did manage to woo away in that manner was pretty much scum and not worthy of her anyway. After all, if he left one girl for her what's to say that he wouldn't leave her for another girl?

Still scaning the floor, her eye got caught on a somewhat familiar head of short black hair. Her eyes narrowed in concentration as she tried to figure out if he was who she thought he was (or even if he was a he), since she was looking at him (her?) from the back and most of his (her?) body was obscured by the crush of people seperating them.

Sai: Why he had picked this particular club, on this particular he didn't know. He didn't like clubs so much as bars. But then again the people at bars generally tended to wear more clothing and it was harder to draw people's actual physique. Sipping his beer, something most people would assume he'd never do was drink (but he did on occasion), he sketched out yet another couple that looked like they might just do something risque in public. All in all the evening was turning out well, even if the music was starting to get irritating with its constant monotone beat in the back of his head.

Ino: Ino watched Miyuki walk off, and she smiled. Okay, the girl had someone in her sights. That was a good start. Ino couldn't see who exactly Miyuki was going for, but she assumed the woman would have good taste. Ino couldn't imagine someone was pretty as Miyuki picking out an ugly guy.

"Good luck, Miyu-chan," Ino said with a grin, though there was no way the woman could hear her now, before moving away from the bar, keeping her eye out for Miyuki.

Miyuki: Miyuki drifted closer to Sai, still not entirely sure who he was given the issues caused by their relative position to each other. The beat had a firm hold on her, lending a sinuous and almost hypnotic sway to movements. Movements slightly exaggerated and accented by the habitual bells she wore. Soon enough she ended up behind Sai (whom she now recognized even if he still wasn't facing her), and cocking her head to one side as she continued to dance she licked her lips as she thought of what next to do.

Sai: He finished sketching the couple as he felt a very familiar flare of chakra from behind him. Turning he came face to face with Miyuki. A smile came across his face as he saw her in a kimono, as was her usual dress, but it had obviously been tailored exactly for the purpose of clubbing as he took a sip of his beer.

"I didn't think you would be one for clubs Miyuki," he said staring up at her as she danced, the bells she wore chiming in almost perfect rhythm with the song. It took away from how much the bass was giving him a headache. "Would you like to sit down?" He gestured to the empty table, quickly folding up his scroll and pocketing his chakra ink brush.

Miyuki: "Thank you," Miyuki said with a nod in answer to his question and slid gracefully into the offered seat, the sinfully short hem of her modified kimono sliding further up her pale thighs. "Neither do you. But it is little things just like that that make assumptions so interesting - which is an asset in our line of work."

Sai: He nodded taking a sip of his drink. Taking in the sight of her....heightened hem of her kimono. He was still amazed by how shockingly beautiful Miyuki was as he noted that she more than likely wasn't wearing a bra with how the fabric draped around her frame (and the lack of bra strap on her shoulders).

"I could ask you why you're here but I think that is more than obvious," he said leaning back in his chair slightly. "Have you come with anyone this evening?" he asked glancing over at the dance floor where he noticed Ino dancing her heart out with some random guy.

Miyuki: "Originally I came alone, but I managed to make the acquaintance of an interesting young woman." She nodded slightly in Ino's direction. Idly she wondered where Ino's boyfriend of the night had gotten to, or if he had pulled the same disapearing act that the boy Ino had sent her way earlier had.

Sai: He nodded, looking back at Miyuki. He really didnt dance and hopefully she wasnt about to ask him to as he finished off his drink.

"You met Ino. I can imagine that was an interesting conversation between you and her. She's more of the....shallow kind of personality," he stated bluntly looking back at Miyuki wanting to run his hand up her pale leg. "Interesting that you would come along, surely you'd have someone to accompany you Miyuki. But I don't know why you would want to pick up most of the.... dicks from here." He nodded to the couple who he had been drawing over who were now in a heated argument and a cat fight was beginning it seemed. He shifted his weight turning more toward her and keeping his back to Ino. If that girl saw him speaking with Miyuki the entirety of Konoha would assume he and Miyuki were a ticketed item.

Miyuki: "She is young yet; hopefully in time she will grow into the complex and competent kunoichi I know she can be. In addition, for all we know that shallowness could mearly be a mask used to lure others into a false sense of security and underestimate her as nothing more than another dumb blonde. And seeing as I have hardly met a fraction of the men here, I can't say for certain which of them are utter dicks and which are not. Still, the drinks are good, the prices are reasonable, and the music is decent enough to make for a pleasant evening."

Sai: And that was that. Miyuki always had a way of laying out everything just so that it made perfect logical sense.

"Maybe, I haven't spent much time with her, other than what I've been told. It's hard to believe someone as lovely as yourself would come to a club and not have half of the men here wrapped around your finger." He gave her a smile, an almost real warm smile. "The drinks are decent here. But I'm more for pool bars and darts than clubs."

Miyuki: "And who said that they are not doing exactly what I wish them to? Pool and darts can be fun, although most dart bars frown on shinobi such as ourselves playing even when thoroughly drunk. Something about it not being fair to others and somewhat boring with the constant bulls eyes being hit."

Izumo: Izumo didn't often hit up the dance-clubs but tonight he was entertaining a sweet little chick, and she wanted to dance. Izumo had no problems with that (especially given the hints she was dropping about what she'd like to do after dancing) and so they were cruising whatever places she wanted. He knew they made quite the pair tonight; he in his dark tight jeans and boots, sleek close-fitting navy longsleeve shirt--she in her low-cut red blouse and deliciously short black miniskirt and those fantastic fishnet stockings....mmm!
Her name was Chizu, she had the dark sloe eyes and classic moon-faced beauty, and boy oh boy was she stacked. Izumo was delighted with his luck tonight and more than willing to do a little dancing....if only to get good and close to all those lovely generous curves.
"A drink before we hit the floor?" Izumo asked, leaning over to say it right in her ear to be heard despite the music. Chizu smirked and nodded, and they headed over to the bar. Izumo was quite surprised to spot a familiar blonde face, and he led Chizu over that way, intrigued.
"Hey, Ino-chan," he chirped at her, with a little wave. Chizu gave Ino a once-over, decided she might be competition, and stuck her hand in Izumo's back pocket to make sure there was no mistaking her claim. Izumo grinned.
Ino: Ino looked over and her lips curled a little. Man, it was Izumo. Never mind the man looked like sex walking, and he knew it, which was even better. She couldn't keep from checking him out, even though she didn't want to give the man's ego a stroke.

"Oh, it's you," Ino said, face less than impressed. She looked at woman hanging off Izumo. So, was that the man's type? Geeze, the woman had more hanging out of her blouse than Ino had at all! It was obscene. "Well, Miyuki didn't pick the worst loser in the bar, that's for sure," Ino drawled, looking away.

She should probably go see who Miyuki had picked up. She caught Izumo's girl's move to secure him and shook her head. "You can have him. He's a little too quick at the trigger for me." Ino stepped away from the bar, looking for Miyuki.

Izumo: "She's just jealous," Izumo told Chizu, who laughed and agreed. She got herself a drink, but Izumo lounged against the bar, eyes scanning the crowd. He liked the feel of the club, the crowd of people, the beat of the music. He watched the crowd of dancers a moment, smiling, practically feeling the energy and life of it all. He licked his lips, glanced at Chizu, and set a hand on his hip, teasing his fingers over the waist of her skirt. He tossed her a grin, then kept looking around.
Ino, of course, was a familiar head, but there was another and Izumo's grin brightened. Of all the interesting little critters to run into, Sai was definitely not the one Izumo had expected. Though it seemed he was here with a woman...huh...
Izumo squinted a moment, then decided that yes, whoever it was with Sai was, in fact, wearing a skirt. It was just so short that from this distance it wasn't terribly visible.
Sai: "That is why you play against other ninja or purposely loose a few rounds of the game," he stated finishing off his drink and setting the empty bottle on the table. He tucked the brush behind his ear and ran his hand up Miyuki's leg letting it rest at the hem of her kimono.

For a moment he felt a flash of an extremely familiar chakra flare before it was lost once again in the mishmash of flares within the club.

Ino: Ino spotted Miyuki and smiled. So, that's who Miyuki had picked up with. Well, she could certainly do worse. "Nice catch, Miyu-chan," Ino chirped, grinning. Now, Ino could fade out, leaving Sai and Miyuki to have their fun.....

Miyuki: "True, although there are still places that will mind. But then, those places tend to be rather... disapproving... of a shinobi doing something as innocuous as walking in the door." Outwardly she gave no sign that she was aware of Sai's touch, but beneath the table where no one (save perhaps a Hyuuga) could see she let her legs fall open just a little bit to give Sai better access to more of her leg. Ino's comment of course garnered no response since none was really needed - and while Ino just so happened to be correct in her guess that there was something more going on between her and Sai, it was still a rather interesting assumption on Ino's part. After all, it was possible for a man and a woman to have a strictly platonic relationship. And anyway, interesting assumptions could be quite deadly for a shinobi; a point she had proven many times when out on the job.

Sai: He noticed Miyuki's slight shift of her legs as the tips of his fingers snuck under the hem and brushed against her inner thigh almost teasingly.

"That's why ninja don't frequent those bars unless undercover," he stated looking up into her beautiful face. "You know I'm still holding your word on drawing you Miyuki," he stated glancing toward the mob of dancing (more like people having sex with clothes mostly intact) throng.

A familiar face stood out, hand around the front of a rather busty woman, stood Izumo. A smirk came to Sai's face. Of course Izumo would be at the same club he was, they always seemed to have an uncanny ability to know which club the other was at. He turned back to Miyuki his hand resting on her upper thigh as he teased the edge of her kimono.


Miyuki: "Of course," she replied, parting her thighs a bit more. Three answers for the price of one, and all of them true.

Sai: His hand slid over the curve of her thigh and up to where her leg met her torso as he turned to her. There was a faint tingling of warning about someone coming his way as he shifted slightly closer to Miyuki.
Izumo: The songs had changed to one with a beat less intense, and Chizu was indignant about being groped by someone who hadn't been Izumo. With Chizu on his arm, Izumo sauntered up to the very familiar figure. He stopped beside Sai and eyed Miyuki, then turned a cheerful leer to Sai.
"Nice, doll. I didn't know you had such good taste." Hmm, obi tied in front. Was she a prostitute? With a skirt that short, probably. Izumo gave the low neckline a good ogle. "Looks like your evening's booked, huh? Too bad. I was gonna ask if you wanted to have some fun." Izumo grinned and happily skimmed a hand under Chizu's miniskirt, making her giggle and press against him. Gods he loved it when they were stacked like that....
"Whatchya say, Chizu? Think you'd've been willing to play a little with Sai here?" he asked her, grinning.
Chizu leaned over to give Sai a good looking over--also giving him quite the view down her shirt. It was a singularly impressive view and Izumo couldn't wait to get a good close-up later on tonight. "Maybe. He's a pretty one, alright," she reported, and smirked up at Izumo. "Bet he's not as talented as you are. Looks too straight for that."
Izumo's smirk widened, and he winked at her, licking his lips. "Baby, no-one's as talented as I am," he answered smugly. "But don't underestimate doll here. Ain't that right, Sai?"
Sai: "Careful Izumo, if your ego gets any more inflated I doubt you'll be able to get it up for her tonight," he teased, a very slight smirk on his face. He looked at Chizu, her ample cleavage still rather in his face.

"Needless to say Chizu, I'm not one to be underestimated. I suggest going for Izumo's ears. It gets a very positive reaction from him I've heard," he stated giving Miyuki's leg a gentle squeeze letting her know that no, she was most definitely not forgotten in his mind.

"Besides Izumo, what type of fun did you have in mind?" he asked leaning back in his chair and looking up at him. Anyone who didn't know Sai well would think he was emotionless but a faint trace of humour lined his face to those who could read Sai.
Izumo: Izumo snorted, contemplated acting offended, then simply smirked again. "If I have to tell you, clearly you're not up to it. Maybe you're a little too young. You kids play nice, now, while the grown-ups go have some fun."
Chizu was giggling, clutching Izumo's arm to her chest....and nicely between her breasts. Izumo licked his lips, a quick glint betraying his tongue-piercing, and glanced back at Sai. "Too bad. I thought I might teach you a few things, too." He winked. "More dancing, Chizu? Or have we had enough of that tonight?"
"Oh, I was thinking we could go somewhere a little more...private and dance a little there," Chizu purred, dark eyes lustful, and slipped a hand into Izumo's back pocket. She gave Miyuki a disdainful once-over, then looked back up at Izumo with a perfectly fake coy look. Izumo didn't call her on it, or tell her it looked for silly than exciting, and instead laughed.
"Well, the lady has it. I guess I'll see you later, Sai?" Izumo paused as the songs changed, recognizing the beat. "Ah, I love this one. One more, Chizu?"
Chizu's hips were already swaying. "Let's go, sexy."
Izumo turned them back to the dance floor, with one last grin tossed over his shoulder at Sai. He wasn't sure he liked the little pretty creature Sai was feeling up, but hey, to each his own. Sai wasn't talkative, so maybe he liked the silent eerie eat-your-soul-dark-eyes type. He wondered, though, what had happened to the older woman Sai had mentioned. That one wasn't too old, though there was the buzz of genjutsu about her, it wasn't a masking henge like he wore. It was just...there, and he didn't like it much.
Miyuki: Miyuki was thoroughly enjoying Sai's attention and was patiently waiting for the moment when he realized that his hand was encountering only her naked flesh and the silk of her kimono. As it was, she was casually letting the hand closest to him fall bellow the table line so that she could return the favor with no one else being the wiser. That is, unless Sai spilled the bag by being surprisingly vocal as far as a little mutual groping went.

The dislike was entirely mutual, and Miyuki cursed the fact that she couldn't make her true displeasure crystal clear to the condescending duo (and - petty as it would be - maybe kill their mood with her version of a cold shower) with the judicious application of her kekkei genkai. Well, she could she supposed, but doing so would have an adverse effect on Sai and her night. She settled for a rather (not literally) frosty look with a delicate frown and a promise to pay them back later should their paths ever cross in the future. Well... maybe there was one thing she could do to the bimbo; certainly the bint seemed like the perfect candidate for it - if her insecure behavior around her was any indication (and wasn't that a first; a girl being jealous of her around a guy. Maybe she wouldn't be too evil to the chit in thanks for the ego stroke). The fact that she was probably a civilian and wouldn't know a genjutsu if it walked up to her and bit her on the butt was just icing on the cake. And speaking of butts... truly the genjutsu Miyuki placed on Chizu was a work of art; subtle both in its effect and method of execution. So long as the genjutsu held, Chizu would be utterly convinced that she was fat and nothing anyone would say would be able to convince her otherwise; certainly it would serve the little tart well. 'After all' Miyuki thought with a preditory smirk on her face 'it's hypocritical of her to look down on me for what I'm wearing when she looks like a cheap whore'

Izumo: The dance was just drawing to the slower end when Chizu started to pull away. Izumo swayed a moment before he caught his balance--he'd been leaning pretty hard against her--and hooked an arm around her waist. "Hey, where ya goin'?"
Chizu glanced up at him and he was surprised at the sudden indecision in her face, the lack of confidence. "I..." she started, and trailed off, glancing acround self-consciously. Izumo blinked, puzzled, and a sudden suspicion leapt up in his mind. It was very unlikely, he wasn't on a mission or anything, but a sudden change in behavior.... Chizu shifted, pushed at his arm. Izumo reached down, fingers catching under her chin, and kissed her solidly, passionately, arms widing around her waist to meet under a fold in her blouse. A few flicks of fingers and a very solid 'kai' that nearly dissolved his own henge, and suddenly Chizu was leaning against him again and kissing him just as eagerly.
Izumo eased them off the dance floor with a few expert side-steps, and gently broke the kiss.He licked his lips to get the traces of her lipgloss off his mouth--hmm, peach, he liked that--and glanced around the room, senses on high alert. Genjutsu wasn't nice at all, specially to a civvie, and he wanted to know what kind of nasty petty jerk would do that. Aside from Ino, who had seemed totally uninterested, the only other ninja he'd recognized in the club was Sai....and he honestly didn't think Sai was that low. Besides, Sai would have gone after him instead, Izumo was pretty sure. "Ready to go?" Izumo asked her, dipping his head to trace his lips along her ear.
Chizu shivered. "If you are," she breathed back, huskily. Izumo grinned, and glanced over her shoulder....
....and looked right into dark eat-your-soul eyes. A shiver ran cold down his back and he tensed, chakra drawing ready. Predator, that gaze said, with purely feminine triumph, and for a moment the only thing in his head was putting as much distance as possible between him and that woman. Unease crystallized into solid dislike and wariness--and then he remembered Sai. With a mental curse, he leaned back and grinned at Chizu. "Lemme just wander by and tell Sai somethin', 'kay? Sneaky business."
Chizu rolled her eyes. "All you men...even you ninja. Gah, fine, but keep it short, huh?"

"Oh, I will," Izumo purred, rolling his hips against hers just once before stepping away, and arm around her waist holding her protectively close. He made a determined beeline right for Sai.
Sai: He wasn't sure if it was really surprising that Miyuki wasnt wearing anything under her silk kimono as he pulled his hand back letting it rest on her hip. His thumb rubbing her hip bone gently through the light fabric as he leaned over and kissed her jawline to her ear.

"You and I both know where this is going... why don't we go somewhere else?" he whispered kissing just under her ear, hand still pressing against her hip. A sudden flare of Izumo's chakra coming toward him had Sai pull backed and look as Izumo crossed from the dance floor. Chizu was still beside him and looking rather miffed at being dragged back over to the duo.

Izumo: Izumo felt another stab of dismay at seeing them already pretty close, and wondered darkly if the woman had genjutsu'd Sai, too. In his opinion, anyone with the lack of morals to genjutsu a civilian would probably stoop to low methods to snare a hot body for the night. Izumo smiled, though, as he came near, and offered the woman a saucy wink. He reached out and put a hand on Sai's shoulder, leaning down to say in a wry tone, "Oh, I forgot to tell you...they want us to re-write that mission report. Something about the bloodstains making it illegible. I tell you, they're getting awful picky these days. I suppose I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe at your place, if you're not still busy."
There was no mission report to be re-written, and Sai knew that too; the lie just allowed him to let Sai know he wanted to meet him tomorrow, without raising any suspicion. He fingers, on the back of Sai's shoulder, tapped out scout-sign, hidden from all view. 'Danger. Genjutsu. Be careful.' It was the best warning he could give, for now, and with another glance at the woman, he straightened. "See you later, doll!"
Hopefully, Sai would be on his toes and wouldn't get into trouble. Having done the best he could to watch out for his new friend, Izumo turned and headed out again, keeping Chizu pulled close to his side.
Sai: "Later Izumo," He turned back to Miyuki. He already knew about the genjutsu, it had always been around Miyuki and he had just accepted it as part of her. Not really knowing when she did it, Sai was always careful to make sure it didn't directly affect him too horribly, after that one time out in the calligraphy shop.

"Seems the missions desk is being more particular about the write ups." He shook his head as looked at Miyuki pulling his hand up along her side. He was going to hear a mouthful from Izumo tomorrow if the mention of the genjutsu was as forced as Izumo had pointed out with digging his fingers into his shoulder.

"So Miyuki... we can stay here or we can go elsewhere. Your choice." He gave a slight smile, ink black eyes staring into hers.

Miyuki: Miyuki raised an eyebrow at the mention of the mission desk; she hadn't been aware of any new pickyness regarding mission write ups, but then again she hadn't gone on a non-SEBU mission in so long that she was probably a little out of touch on the whole matter.

"I think that I would like to go elsewhere. The atmosphere here is currently... lacking"

Sai: He nodded and stood pocketing his brush and scroll holding a hand out to Miyuki to take. She didn't seem to believe anything about the write up but he didn't really care as he flashed her a smile.

Miyuki: Smoothing down the edge of her kimono into something a bit more respectable (or at least something that wouldn't advertise the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties) as she got up, she took Sai's offered hand with a smile of her own.

Sai: Taking Miyuki's hand he led her back to his place. It was on the far side of town in the 'well off' Area of Konoha as he opened the gate and led her up the path to the nice two story house. The inside was decorated simply with hardwood floors, dark furniture and warm solid colours on the walls.

He led Miyuki into the living room and gave her a smile, his hand pulling her gently against him as his hands rested lightly on her hips.

Miyuki: Miyuki followed Sai, trusting him not to lead her wrong. She let him pull her against him; doing her best to forget the unpleasantness from earlier lest it ruin their night.

Sai: He bent slightly running a hand up her side into her hair as he kissed her softly. He knew he'd have to ask Izumo exactly what he meant by genjutsu tomorrow as his other hand slid to the small of her back pressing her against him.

Miyuki: Miyuki kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his back.

Sai: He moved from her lips and kissed along her jawline and down her neck to where the collar of her kimono brushed the side of his face. Taking a step back he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and led her upstairs to the main bedroom. It was decorated in rich blues and dark woods as he let his hands slide over her body enjoying the sleek feeling of silk against her smooth graceful curves.

Miyuki: Miyuki took in the elegant opulence of Sai's home in quick glimpses as she began to melt against Sai; quickly ramping back up to the levels of arousal she had first had in the club.

Sai: Gently he cupped one of her breasts and kneaded it as he kissed her neck, his other hand sliding over the sleek and sheer silk on her back. He rolled his hips against hers and nipped at her ear gently.

Miyuki: Miyuki moaned softly, arching her neck back to give Sai better access to the pale column of her neck. Her hands roamed upwards to knead lightly at his shoulders like a kitten.

Sai: Gently, he walked her back toward the bed the hand on her lower back sliding down to tease the hem of her kimono. He loved the feeling of her hands on his shoulders as he nipped lightly at her neck.

Miyuki: Miyuki pressed herself against Sai, wet and needy.

Sai: Slowly he untied the obi on the front of her kimono letting it fall open and sliding his hands over her curves and pushing her back onto the bed. He unzipped his coat sliding it off of his shoulders as he moved to her chest suckling and kneading her breasts.

Miyuki: It was slightly unfair she supposed, for her to be so exposed while Sai was still very much clothed. But that was just the luck of the draw and a consequence or her decision to wear so little in the first place. Not that such thoughts lasted long once Sai began to work on her breasts.

Sai: He moved back up her body and kissed her, undoing his pants and sliding them off of his hips as his hands moved across her hips. Teasingly he ran his hand over her, sliding his fingers between her folds.

Miyuki: Miyuki moaned, spreading her thighs apart like a flower blooming.

Sai: Gently he teased her entrance as his thumb rubbed his clit. She was already amazingly wet as he smirked and leaned over her nibbling on her ear lobe. His other hand teasing along her side, over her smooth delicate skin.

Miyuki: Miyuki bucked up into his hand, head thrown back. One hand crept up to curl in his short hair while the other wandered it's way south to tease at the hem of his boxers.

Sai: He moaned her name against her neck, kissing her skin softly as he pushed two fingers into her rubbing teasingly as he kissed along her neck and collarbone before scraping his teeth gently along her pale skin.

Miyuki: Miyuki's eyes drifted shut as her breaths started coming in quiet pants. Shivering at the sensations assaulting her body, her wandering hand lightly traced not quite random patterns on the fabric covering Sai's ass.

Sai: He groaned and pulled his hand away from her before kissing her again. His hands rested on her hips before he ground his hips against hers, pulling her closer to him.

Miyuki: Miyuki's hand rose to trace out her compositions on his back and shoulders while her legs wrapped themselves around his waist.

Sai: Pulling off his boxers he moved over her body still grinding his hips against her as his hand returned to kneading breast and laying nips and licks all across her chest and neck.

Miyuki: Miyuki slid sensually against Sai, grinding her wet heat against his heated erection.

Sai: He groaned finally clueing into the patterns being traced across his back and shoulders  were words as he ran his hands along Miyuki's sides.

Miyuki: Miyuki arched her head up to return some of Sai's attention with kisses, nips, and licks of her own; capturing his mouth with hers in a clear sign of her hunger.

Sai: He kissed her back just as hungrily as he slid into her setting a fast heavy pace, each thrust to the hilt.

Miyuki: She gasped as he entered her but quickly matched his pace, her hands abandoning their poetry in favor of just grasping at him and moving against him.

Sai: He ran his hands over the curves of her hips to her legs wrapped around his waist. Slowly he moved her legs to his shoulders, still keeping his hard and fast pace.

Miyuki: Head thrown back in unabashed ecstasy, Miyuki's hands twisted Sai's sheets.

Sai: He was getting so damn close as he moved a hand and played with her clit. Rolling and rubbing it as he kept thrusting.

Miyuki: Miyuki began mewling, tensing as her climax approached.

Sai: He came, still thrusting for Miyuki as he moaned her name into her neck. His hands traced gentle patterns across her hips and stomach.

Miyuki: Miyuki went stock still with a whimper, muscles taunt and straining as her orgasm washed over her, before going utterly limp.

Sai: He pulled out and gently moved her legs off of his shoulders.He moved off to the side lying beside her and pulling her against him, burying his face in her soft hair.

Miyuki: Miyuki cuddled up to Sai, taking comfort in both his embrace and the sound of his heartbeat.

Sai: He fell asleep not soon after. Any thoughts about Izumo barging in in the morning completely forgotten.

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